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Update: It appears that WhatsApp service has been restored for at least some users. I am successfully able to send messages again using the app in Canada. We will wait for official word from WhatsApp to confirm that the downtime has been resolved.

Twitter is lighting up with tweets that popular cross-platform messaging service WhatsApp is experiencing a widespread outage. iDownloadBlog can confirm that the downtime is affecting users in Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and several South American countries, and numerous tweets indicate that other areas are affected as well. The outage has been ongoing since at least 1:30 to 2:00 PM Eastern… 

When a user attempts to send a message on WhatsApp during the outage, the send button is greyed out and a “connecting” status appears at the top of the app. WhatsApp has just confirmed the outage themselves in a tweet from their system status account, indicating that they are “currently experiencing server issues” and “hope to be back up and recovered shortly.”

This downtime comes just days after Facebook announced that it will be acquiring WhatsApp in a landmark deal worth upwards of $19 billion. WhatsApp boasts over 450 million monthly active users, with deep penetration in several international countries. While it is down, affected users can turn to Facebook Messenger, BlackBerry Messenger, iMessage or even good old face-to-face conversation.

Is WhatsApp down for you?

  • Christoph Schulz

    Time to switch to Threema 😉

    • David Villamizar

      Can I really trust Chinese?

      • asdfasdf

        Its based in Switzerland, so I think its one of securest messengers. NSA has no power there;)

      • Guest

        NSA even spies on the Pope, and heads of state in other countries in Europe and elsewhere.

      • David Villamizar

        You’re right, I got the domain name wrong. China is cn.

      • RarestName

        會使 🙂

  • Jeffrey Feuerstein

    i will always use whatsapp! probaly until next friday!

  • Virus

    Facebook just adding the standard NSA spyware

    • Liam Mulcahy


    • DopamineAddicted


  • Whatsdown

    GUYS! IT WAS A GOOD RUN BUT ITS TIME TO LEAVE WHATSAPP! What’s the best alternatives

    • iJailbreaker


    • Matt Collin

      Telegraph or Threema

    • Asti

      BBM! Whatsapp doesn’t even have voice calls. Pathetic.

    • Cool


      • Roboter

        Isn’t even out yet :/ … I switched to Threema meanwhile.

      • Cool

        Yeah… I can’t wait until it’s out!

  • Andy

    Just Facebook downloading all your messages. Nothing to worry about about.

    • Rida Sadaqat

      I really hope so

    • DopamineAddicted

      I hope they like midget porn

  • David Gitman

    “experiencing server issues” – yeah sure.. facebook is taking over already

  • Rida Sadaqat

    i thot deres sumthing wrong with my fone..cz it had happened once before..n i backed up my messages and uninstalled it…nd now its not getting reinstalled…i really hope they fix it soon…..:(
    or else zuckerberg bought it to bring it down…:P

    • Eni

      dat writte

  • izzuanuddin

    Switch to Telegram. Can be used on iPhone & iPad without have to use whatspad whatsoever

  • Quality

    I just want a simple app that let’s you send messages and make calls over 4g and wifi to people you know and isn’t owned by Facebook and also looks nice. Is that too much to ask?

    • Bill Do

      Yes. No such app exists at the moment with those 4 criteria.

    • xaf


      • blist

        It is ugly.. iOS 6 style and so on…

      • Herm

        Viber is not safe. Don’t use it

    • Adeeb


  • Oscar Alaniz

    Mexico, down.

  • Alex

    switched to telegram, haven´t looked back since.

    • blist

      Does it works for you RIGT NOW?

      • Keabsy

        It’s not sending me any SMS nor is it calling me.

      • Alex

        it´s having issues because all the people trying to register, they are working on it.

  • DopamineAddicted

    lets all use Voxer so the owners can sell it to facebook or google for 20 Billion dollars and move on. Spread the word so they can spread the wealth

  • tstsr6

    Facebook haven’t even bought it yet and they’re already killing what’s app!

  • CAS

    Lets use Telgram

  • firerock

    Yeah down for me as well. Hope its not for too long

  • blist

    When I attempt to use a Telegram it shows “Connecting..” Just like WhatsApp does.. Anyone have this issue too?

  • jack

    TPB down.. Whatsapp down.. what am I gonna do now???

  • jack

    man this Telegram app is great

  • blist

    It’s ON AGAIN!!

  • Alvn D. Gzmn

    Threema is the best! 🙂

  • Slim Shady

    hey guys .. everybody hated me when i called myself “Steve Jobs” so that’s me “slim shady” hahaha

  • Steve Jobs

    f… suckerbergs whatsapp and switch to telegram or threema folks!! LETZ GO!!!

  • Tommy

    Instead of Whatsapp why not try WeChat. Pretty reliable app. Does everything Whatsapp does plus more.

    • thecrack101

      same goes for Viber. you can even make phone calls.

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