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As rumors regarding Apple’s iWatch project continue to bounce about the web, Samsung introduced its second generation smartwatch tonight. The announcement came at Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, and actually includes two separate products: the Gear 2 and the Gear 2 Neo.

Perhaps the most notable difference between these smartwatches and the one Samsung released 6 months ago is that these run the company’s open source operating system called ‘Tizen,’ not Android. Samsung says that the switch in OSes results in easier use and much better battery life…

On the hardware side, both watches are equipped with a 1.63-inch 320 x 320-pixel Super AMOLED display, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of flash storage and a 1GHz dual-core processor. They also both feature a heart rate sensor and a gyroscope, for monitoring vital signs and tracking movement.

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Additionally, the watches have built-in IR-LED sensors, which allow you to control your TV set-top box with Samsung’s pre-installed Watch-ON app. And speaking of apps, a number of Tizen apps will be available at launch including BMW, CNN, Evernote, Feedly, Paypal and Under Armour.

As for differences between the two watches, there appears to only be two of them: camera and colorways. The Gear 2 sports a 2-megapixel camera, with auto-focus, embedded into the watch face, and the Neo is camera-less. Also, the two come in different colors, which we’ll go over in a minute.

The last big thing is battery life, but Samsung hasn’t offered any specifics yet. The first Galaxy Gear was panned by reviewers for only lasting a day/charge, but word has it the move to the low-powered Tizen will push that out 2-3 days. Performance is also questionable, as no one has used one yet.

gear 2 2

Finally, the move from Android to Tizen is worth noting. In addition to the disappearance of the Galaxy branding (is this Android-only?), this marks one of Samsung’s largest, non-Google OS rollouts for a mobile product in recent years. It’ll be interesting to see how this experiment plays out.

For those interested, the Gear 2 will come in charcoal black, gold brown and wild orange, and the Gear 2 Neo in charcoal black, mocha grey and wild orange. Both devices, which will each support more than a dozen Samsung devices out-of-the-box, are set to launch in April. No word on pricing yet.

We should get more details later this week.

So, what do you think of Samsung’s new smartwatches?

  • Anmol Malhotra

    That camera difference paragraph has one typo mistake : The Zeo doesn’t have a camera.
    It should be Neo not Zeo. 🙂

  • Rot Kelfer

    God that’s ugly

    • Osama Muhammed

      Beter than old design ofc. Not gonna lie its not that bad but man its fat and 90’s as hell

    • Mozaik

      That’s what she said 😉

  • Adnan Mosali

    Look I don’t like Samsung , but they released the second ” iWatch ” while apple is probably still thinking about it lol .. I am an apple fan but for future refernce , apple really need to be quicker with realeasing its innovative products , They already have the quailty , they should just have the speed ! 😛

    • Carlos Gomes

      Yup, samsung was a lot quicker. That’s why the watch was a massive flop.

    • Anmol Malhotra

      Have patience bro! iWatch will blow your mind and innovative products requires time to get done… Apple is not Samsung releasing ugly products..!!

    • Litchy

      You did not just say that xD I mean… really? You see the Samsung Gear and say: “apple really need to be quicker with realeasing its innovative products” !?

      Sorry but the Samsung Gear is the perfect example why you should NOT release a product to fast. Apple is watching Gear fail and if they really make the iWatch happen – make everyone forget the Gear.

      Unfortunately, nothing has leaked so far so maybe we’re all wrong and iWatch is never going to happen^^

    • Matthew Cleveland

      Microsoft rushed the 360 to beat the PS3 and it had tons of problems with the red ring of death. Patience, young grasshopper.

  • hkgsulphate

    still thinking whats the point of a smartwatch

    • Carlos Gomes

      If that rock-tied-to-wrist design and the limited features is the norm, I share the same opinion.

  • 2 to 3 days on a charge? No thanks. Apple is going to have to release something so dramatic and classy to get me to even think of replacing my Rolex. And this ain’t it.

    • Taf Khan

      I think many people feel the same. Too many devices to charge, phone and tablet is more than enough, hopefully Apple can prove different.

  • Taf Khan

    Be honest Samsung and admit the reason for Tizen is getting more profit from Apps.

    Samsung wants to be Apple and have its own POS system. More profit.

    The real apple became popular is by linking to Android platform whilst trying to copy Apples design (at least in the days it started becoming successful)

    Not sure Samsung products with Android will work, people who purchase Android apps would want them working across devices, not an option if Samsung adopt tizen??

  • Sputnik09

    Wow! amazing design!….. That is… if you lived in 1989

    • Taf Khan

      Back in the 80’s…

      • mrgerbik

        i had one 😉 didnt wear it much because even back then most people thought it was nerdy/goofy

      • Sputnik09

        Endless hours playing the game that came with it!

  • jack

    They are clueless without Apple’s guidance

  • Taf Khan

    Not sure I would want to take of my watch to use the camera on the back. Seems a bit dumb. Put the camera on the front or allow the watch to clip off from the strap..

    • Carlos Gomes

      I think that’s the thingy to measure your heart rate.

  • Eni

    i wold love to use a gear with my iphone, but that’s not posible 🙂

  • Kartik Dhawan

    To be honest this one does look quite nice.

  • Zeus

    Can’t wait to see what kind of awkward/creepy commercial(s) Samsung has in store for this one.

  • Najib El Majjaoui

    They have to wait that Apple launch their rumored iWatch to take some idea from them 🙂

  • Ariel

    512mb RAM? 1ghz processor? Man, this is faster than my 4S!
    Still useless tho, id rather buy a fitbit over this.
    Apple, come on!

  • jack

    screw watches

  • BozzyB

    I’m not too convinced about this watch either, but it’s foolish to claim that it’s junk compared to the iWatch. The reason is – there is no iWatch. And what are you waiting for Apple to do? Use a curved display? Is it comfortable to use your finger on a curved display? Do you think Samsung did not think about that before they decided to use this design? What “innovating” functions should an iWatch have? Apple is preparing their health stuff for months now – this one has already a heart rate sensor at the back. Nah.. I’ll wait till I can do my own hands on…

  • Jay Burgandy

    if it supports IOS 7 i buy..If not i pass.

  • Eddie Leonard

    Who says that a smart watch will have a wrist strap? The definition of a watch is a time keep piece, usually kept on the wrist… Apple might be planning wearable tech… Might resemble a watch, It might not.

  • Sokrates

    Again they’re flooding the market with inferior products, just to be “the first”.

    • Taf Khan

      The number of products Samsung intend to flood the market in the coming months is truly astounding. At WMC Samesung will probably show of new inferior variations of the old model just as the new model launches.. Tut tut

  • Carlos Reyes

    People here are funny…OMG if it’s not apple ugghhh it’s so ugly and it sucks compared to the iwatch which doesn’t even exist. I have the original gear and I must tell you that it does not suck like mostly every apple fan says. I have apple products too but damn don’t knock on a company just because you dislike them. Like it or not all these companies just want our money period and do not care about us bashing each other over their products. Just try something before saying it sucks.

    • felixtaf

      Just because you like it doesnt mean its great. Also, you cant try everything to say it sucks. Go check some honest reviews online, you will know why people bashing it. Up-to date only Pebble is ok IMO. its OK, not great.

      Personally I dislike these smartwatches and am not in favour of iWatch either. Thats my personal opinion.

      • Carlos Reyes

        I don’t need to check reviews…I own one. I just don’t understand why people knock it without even trying it. If you can’t try everything like you said then don’t bash it. I thought the same thing before I bought it because of the “honest reviews” but once I got my hands on it, I liked it. It’s the “if it’s not apple I don’t like it” mentality that I don’t understand. If apple ever puts one out and it works like it is supposed to, then I wouldn’t mind buying it too because I own an iPhone as well.

  • Taf Khan

    That’s the new Galaxy S5 in the background apparently…

  • Chindavon

    Hardly indistinguishable from the first watch. Rush product remix.

  • What’s with all the ignoramus and blatant hatred? This looks a lot better than all those fuelband rumors IMO. Still wouldn’t pay over $150 for it…