Resized BlueBoard 01

BlueBoard is a recently released tweak that does just as its name implies—it allows you to add a blue tinted keyboard to iOS. As with most tweaks of this sort, BlueBoard doesn’t rely on WinterBoard or any other outside theming systems to work. Once you install it, you can enable the tweak via its own dedicated preference panel.

Look past the break for a video walkthrough of BlueBoard in action…

Once you install BlueBoard, you may be surprised to find that the blue tint only applies to the actual keyboard keys, and not the entire keyboard overlay as a whole. Instead, the blue keys are flanked by the standard light grey background present in iOS 7.

The light keyboard can be changed by visit BlueBoard’s preferences. The tweaks preferences contain a kill switch, a respring shortcut, and an option for a dark keyboard background.

Resized BlueBoard Settings

As I mentioned above, BlueBoard only tints the actual keys, but enabling the dark keyboard mode will tint the keyboard background. If you decide to use BlueBoard, I definitely recommend using the dark mode, as the combination looks very pleasing to the eyes.

Resized BlueBoard 02

BlueBoard is a free download on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, and while it’s not a game changing tweak, it’s easy to recommend if you’re looking for a way to customize the look of iOS’ keyboard. Let me know what you think down below.

  • Omar Wright

    This is pretty cool

  • on3simpleclick

    Pro tip: Don’t install this tweak if you don’t like blue.

    • Cool

      Thanks for the tip.

  • Adham

    This is pretty cool. Just don’t like how when you select keys on the keyboard they still pop up in the standard iOS colour and not blue. Hoping that this is something that can be fixed in a later update.

  • onebyone_

    too much blue for my eyes

  • M_AlO

    i really don’t get why you (Jeff) would make video for this simple tweak that really doesn’t need it (screenshots are enough, i mean it’s just a blue keyboard for gods sake) and not do it for the other tweaks that you skipped.

  • yader

    I can’t read these comments anymore. they’re too tiny. I gave up.

  • Cesar D

    Why is there a lot of useless tweaks? …

  • sam445

    any tweak that we can change iphone keyboard click sound

    • florin

      I use nux sounds ios 7 from the nux themes, instal that theme and use only sounds from winterboard.

    • Jonathan

      Yeah. any good tweak?

  • momerathe

    nice to have some extra contrast between the keys and the background.