Rovio has started teasing a new Angry Birds game, tweeting the above image out from its official Twitter account yesterday. Along with the photo, the game-maker says that a “big adventure with new birds” is coming soon and added the hashtag #NewAngryBirds.

The consensus here is that Rovio is finally going to introduce new characters to its franchise, after using the same birds and pigs in many of its popular Angry Birds titles. The ‘big adventure’ comment also suggests that this isn’t going to be its typical bird-slinger…

Here’s the tweet (via MacRumors):

Rovio released a handful of new Angry Birds game last year, including the kart-racer Angry Birds Go! and Angry Birds Star Wars II. It also enhanced its franchise by introducing interactive TELEPODS! action figures and its very own Accounts cloud-syncing service.

There’s no word yet on when this new Birds title will be available, but we’ll be sure to let you know when we have more info. I know a lot of people are probably rolling their eyes at yet another Angry Birds game, but I’m interested to see if Rovio can strike gold again.

  • Lionelle

    Angry Birds is so 2009.

    • Still selling pretty well with new generations…for now.

      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

        very play. much time.

  • NaSty

    When are they going to stop it with the Angry Birds games? -_-

  • Jason Baroni

    Who needs more and more Angry Birds one you have one Flappy Bird? Just kidding. Rovio is just trapped in a big box. They can’t innovate anymore.

  • on3simpleclick

    Coming this Summer..

    Angry Flappy Birds HD Remix 2.0 in Space

  • Jazz

    Forget Angey Birds. Make Tiny Theif 2.

    • Question

      That game was great!

  • Andy

    I’m surprised they haven’t trademarked “Birds” yet, but I guess Rovio aren’t as evil as King who trademarked “Candy” and “Saga”

  • Angry Birds Stella?

  • Mads Teland

    It’s Angry Birds Stella, check on Redmond Pie site 😉

  • Jared

    Rovio = one trick pony

  • Angry Birds Star Wars II was/is incredible. Angry Birds GO was OK, but a nice change in direction for the franchise. I’m interested to hear more about this new title and if it is an adventure based game I’ll give it a shot too.

    And for the naysayers of the franchise..I realize there have been a lot of AB games over the last 5 years…but it’s a FRANCHISE. You aren’t about to tell Nintendo to stop making Mario or Zelda games, are you? I mean, come on, those birds are adorable.

  • Sandy Cook

    I like how people say ‘another Angry Birds game :<'. Might be shit, or might be shit hot, who knows right nao. But you can tell they didn't look past the name.