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One of the downsides to using complex passcodes, outside of the fact that they generally take more time to enter than the standard 4-digit passcode, is that complex passcodes aren’t auto-submitted upon entry. Unlike the standard passcode, which automatically unlocks your device upon correct entry, complex passcodes force you to tap the ‘Done’ button once you’re finished typing.

AutoOK7 is an updated version of the original AutoOK tweak that we reviewed several months back, and it serves to eliminate the need to manually submit complex passcodes after typing them. It’s not a tweak that will save you loads of time, but as the saying goes, every little second helps. Have a look at our full video walkthrough inside for a demonstration of how it works.

Once you install AutoOK7, you’ll find a new preference panel in the stock Settings. From the tweak’s preferences, you can enable the kill switch to turn it on. You’ll also need to type in your complex passcode in the password box.

After you’ve configured AutoOK, all you need to do is head to the Lock screen and type in your passcode. Instead of having to tap the ‘Done’ button to unlock your device, the passcode should be automatically submitted, thus allowing you to skip the step of tapping the ‘Done’ button altogether.

Some of you may be wondering why the tweak is called AutoOK instead of AutoDone. Previous firmwares contained an OK button next to the complex passcode entry box, and tapping that OK button submitted the passcode and unlocked your device. iOS 7 has removed the OK button, but the name of the tweak is a legacy name that has remained. That’s my history lesson for the day.

If you’re someone who uses complex passcodes, AutoOK7 is a jailbreak tweak that will save you some time when unlocking your device. Granted, it’s not going to save you tons of time, but it certainly won’t hurt.

You can find AutoOK for $0.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

Do you use complex passcodes? If so, let me know whether or not you’d consider using AutoOK7 on your daily driver.

  • Marcus

    I downloaded this like 2 minutes ago after I saw your video on it on YouTube, so far it’s awesome. Thanks Jeff!

    • Jonathan

      Such tweak.

    • iiAtlas

      Glad you like it, thanks for the support!

  • Tim smith

    Got this a month ago

  • illK†Δ

    Had this back in iOS 6. Now use an android pattern thing or my TouchID. Never really use my complex password enough to justify downloading again. But this is a good tweak. Especially if your complex password is all numbers

    • Cool

      What was the tweak for iOS 6, do you remember?

      • illK†Δ

        It was AutoOK. They’ve updated the tweak to iOS 7, as mentioned in the article

      • Cool

        Oh, ok

    • iiAtlas

      Thanks for the support! If you ever feel you need it again let me know you’re Cydia ID and I’ll slip you a free version 🙂

  • ConduciveMammal

    I don’t get this. $0.99 just to save you less than a second to press the OK/Done button?

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Even if you only saved one second over a period of 365 days you’d still be saving 6 minutes (based on an approximation of 1*365/60)

      • iiAtlas

        Haha cool! The more you know 🙂

      • Romeo Thái Tử

        I will take this as a joke 🙂

  • This is the thing that I hated most when I had my Android phone, there was no “auto OK” every password I had to press the damn button.

    I don’t miss my Android at all…

  • iiAtlas

    Thanks for another great video/post Jeff, glad you all like the tweak! I kept the “Ok” as a throwback to previous users of the tweak – thanks for letting it slide 😛

  • obada

    Even if it was free i wouldn’t install this shit

  • Scientific Black