One of the prime reasons why Apple-sanctioned Lightning accessories, cables and adapters have been so pricey are high costs and allegedly exorbitant fees attached to the company’s ‘Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod’ (MFi) program. Established in 2005, the MFi initiative requires third-parties to use Apple-approved authentication chips and certified cables and adhere to Apple’s rigorous testing.

All of the products that pass testing bear an Apple-approved ‘Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad’ label. By lowering the program fees, Apple has enabled vendors to produce cheaper Lightning cables, adapters and other accessories for the iPhone and iPad…

The Japanese blog Macotakara reported Friday that the licensing costs reduction not only applies to Lightning cables, but to other MFi accessories as well.

Though the exact amount of the cost reduction was unknown at press time, Macotakara suggested it should pave the way to more affordable accessories.

As these changes take time to trickle down to all of the suppliers and vendors, the effects in the form of cheaper accessories should be expected in the coming weeks.

AppleInsider says that MFi originally used to charge fees “rumored to have been in the realm of $10 per device, or 10 percent of the total retail cost of the accessory — whichever was greater,” though the fees got reduced over the years.

High royalties are also said to plague MFi iOS game controllers.

After initially launching their respective game controllers at $100 only to see them universally panned as overpriced, both Logitech and Stratus slashed their price points in an effort to revitalize sluggish sales.

  • diggitydang

    Not sure if this will be enough to sway me from the cheap 5-10 lightning cables for $10 on eBay…

    • Virus

      Thought they blocked cheap 3rd party charging cables in iOS7 from working. I know there’s tweaks that can bypass it

      • abdullah575

        LOL for your user name ..!!

      • diggitydang

        I was able to get a bunch of them, but searched for ones that were iOS 7 compliant… most were good…

  • Franklin Richards

    Yay more cheap cables that’ll break every 2 weeks whilst having a huge potential of electrocuting you during those 2 weeks it’s “working”

    • NOLA_Darling

      You mean like the charging adapter that Apple includes with its iPhones and that gets super hot whenever you use it and that they’ve already had one recall on?

  • Rowan09

    The standard all around is the same so it won’t matter.

  • ridonkulous

    The lightning cable is primarily why I got a 4s instead of a 5. I didn’t want to spend another $150 in cables to replace all my old style cables in my cars,house,garage, at my work and also having to use the adapter for all my idevices.

    • blastingbigairs

      $150??? I have had great success with Sharper Image brand cables I’ve purchased at a discount from stores like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Ross, etc. The most I’ve ever paid for Lightening cables was $12 at one of these stores. Check me out 🙂

      • ridonkulous

        That may be true now, but not when the 5 first came out. Lightning cables were only offered by apple for $20 each. I would have had to purchase 7 cables at $20 each to replace all my existing cables through out my house and vehicles……Just my personal story. Still rockin my jailbroken 4s.

  • Xee

    Anyone know of a longer than 0.2m Lightning to 30-pin Adapter cable? Such a useless length by Apple.

  • When I was on iOS 6 I used my fake lightning cable with my original iPhone 3g charger to charge my iPod touch. It lasted until iOS 7 where it wouldn’t charge. 🙁