iBooks for OS X Mavericks (Multiple books)

Apple has seeded the fifth OS X 10.9.2 beta to registered Mac developers this evening. The last few beta releases have each come about a week apart, suggesting that they’re nearing a final version.

The new build is available to registered Mac developers through the Software Update tab in the Mac App Store, or as a full download via the Mac section of Apple’s online developer portal


There’s no word so far on what specific changes are coming in the update, but Apple has asked developers to focus on Mail, Messages, graphics drivers, VoiceOver feature support, VPN and SMB2.

The first beta, released in December, added support for FaceTime Audio in Messages and FaceTime apps. Today’s build is labeled as 13C53, and we’ll be sure to let you know if it offers anything new.

  • Justin

    Downloading… Can’t wait.

  • David Gitman

    That was fast

  • kaveh

    sounds like apple want to move from afp to smb2 … can’t tell anything until the final release

    • Shawn

      No they haven’t.

      • Justin

        They did in Mavericks.

      • Johannes Mertens

        Mavericks uses SMB2.

  • Shawn

    Strange. Im not seeing it yet.

  • amazingrugs

    I hope they fix the trackpad sensitivity. Any time I’m scrolling up or down in Safari, the page is always inching left or right. Its really frustrating.

    • Justin

      I’m not getting that any more than in 10.9.1. Which Mac are you running it on?

      • amazingrugs

        Oh sorry if I was unclear! I don’t have the beta installed, I’m also on Mavericks 10.9.1. Was something I’m hoping they fix in 10.9.2.

        I liked the way scrolling worked better in Mountain Lion. In Mavericks you have to be too precise with the scrolling gestures. They made a few other changes in Mavericks too, like the pinch spread to view the desktop and pinch to view launchpad that feel off as well.

        I guess one could argue they are more “fluid,” but they seem to work better on a tablet or phone than on a desktop OS.

      • Justin

        Oh ok sorry I was a bit forward, but I do agree with you that some of the trackpad gestures are a little odd in Mavericks….

  • Andranik Sahakyan

    Can someone help me?!!! I always get these updates from the mac app store since i already have installed the seed configuration utility, but this time it won’t show up and when i check the beta website to download it directly it doesn’t show up!