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There has been a landslide of new themes released on Cydia in the past few weeks, some of which we covered in our recent roundup of the 10 best Winterboard themes for iOS 7. In an effort to continue that coverage, we are introducing a new series called Theme Thursday to showcase some of our favorite releases each week.

If you know of a good theme that isn’t covered here, please leave your recommendations in the comments for inclusion in a future roundup. In the first edition, we take a look at Acies, Carla, Radiance and more… 


iOS 7 Carla

Winfis Design has redesigned its signature Carla theme for iOS 7 with a flat yet detailed appearance. The designers attempted to remove all unnecessary elements from the theme, while preserving the look of what made it popular in the first place. Carla is a universal theme for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, with over 200 custom icons that are colorful with contoured edges. Existing users of the theme are able to upgrade to the iOS 7 version for free. Carla iOS 7 is $1.99 on the Cydia Store.


iOS 7 Radiance

One of my favorite themes that I’ve used since jailbreaking iOS 7 is Soft Remix by Mexican graphic designer Eduardo Lane López, who has since followed up with the release of Radiance. Inspired by the Newport theme, Radiance provides custom glyph icons for all stock apps and a growing number of third-party ones. The icons in this theme have a bright, glossy appearance with a thin outline, and I think it looks great. Radiance for iOS 7 is free on Cydia in the default BigBoss repository.


iOS 7 Acies

Floridian graphic designer Decke, the creator of Accendo and Flaterize, has returned to the scene with the release of Acies. With a carefully considered color palette, this icon set theme provides a fresh alternative to the stock iOS 7 icons. The designer is currently fulfilling icon requests to be included in future updates. Acies, compatible with iPhones, iPads and iPods running iOS 7 or later, will set you back $1.29 on the Cydia Store from the default MacCiti repository.


iOS 7 Transparency

With simplicity being at the heart of iOS 7 design, this new iPhone theme by Mike Birkey uses transparency to achieve a similar look to Control Center. Just be prepared for non-themed icons to stick out like huge eyesores, until more requests are fulfilled. 7ransparency comes with nine different color hues that can be enabled through Winterboard: yellow, white, violet, red, pink, orange, green, blue and black. I’m using white in the screenshots above, which I think goes well with my baby blue wallpaper and ClassicDock. 7ransparency is free on Cydia in the BigBoss repo.

Mojo for iOS 7

iOS 7 Mojo

Last, but certainly not least, is Mojo for iOS 7 designed by Kubilay Sapayer from the Netherlands. This theme actually bears some resemblance to Acies above, and is another one of my personal favorites. Mojo for iOS 7 uses a combination of flat colors and shadows to achieve a design that I think fits with iOS 7 overall. Some designers face criticism for simply slapping glyphs on a flat icon, but I still think this looks nice. Better yet, it’s in the BigBoss repo for free on Cydia.

Here’s the wallpaper used throughout.

That wraps up this week’s edition of Theme Thursday. As each roundup will typically feature five themes, there will inevitably be some ones that don’t get covered each week. But we’re all ears to your theme recommendations, and will certainly look to include ones that look good in a future roundup. You can make your recommendations in the comments, and I encourage all theme designers to get in touch with me on Twitter (@rsgnl) too.

Which themes do you recommend for next week?

  • Malay Mody

    Elite7 definitely deserves a mention over some of these in my opinion, but all these themes are definitely the cream of the crop in Cydia

    • Thanks, I’m looking into it.

    • You’re probably right. Fact of the matter is, next week, when we do another Theme Thursday post including Elite7, people will tell us that we should have included the new “XYZ theme.” You can never satisfy everybody. We’ll always miss a point in the eyes of some readers. If you think it’s frustrating as a reader to not see one of your favorite themes in there, imagine how we feel when we get messages from a dozen people telling us we didn’t do our job right 🙂

      • Malay Mody

        Hey Sebastien,
        I didn’t mean it as an insult because as i said, these are some of the best themes that I’ve seen for iOS 7 (and are a refreshing change from some of those awful themes i see on Cydia nowadays). I was just making a comment about a theme that seemed to take the community by storm and that i personally really like. Again, didn’t mean to make it sound like an attack on the article here, because I’m a huge theme fan and love the idea of Theme Thursday. Thanks!

      • I know you are a big fan, and I know you didn’t mean that as an attack. I didn’t mean for my reply to you to be an attack either.

        Hopefully you didn’t take it as such.

        I just wanted to bring a bit of clarification. Maybe I should have just shut up, as always 🙂

      • Jonathan

        the “as always” reminded me of “as always, thanks for watching.” (Vsauce)


      Elite7 is still in beta.

    • I just wish it didn’t have the ugly Dynamic Wallpapers. I love the one I use and don’t need the branding. Anyway to change that in ifile?

    • Adam Bowman

      I’m having a hard time finding Elite 7 on Cydia. I can find Elite 6, but no 7. Can you help me out?

    • Rico Haze

      I see no such theme in cydia bro.

  • Windy Joseph

    AURA definitely need to be on that list.

    • Malay Mody

      Pretty sure Aura has already been featured on iDB…

    • And as it turned out, Aura is the creation of people who completely ripped off another theme. We found that out the hard way. When we confronted the designer, they ignored us. We don’t recommend you use Aura at all.

      • Jonathan

        Can this be reported to Bigboss? Because you’re buying it for something they didn’t make.

      • Very good idea.

      • John Herthop

        What theme was copied? I’d like to see the original work, and pay for that instead.

      • Todd Sorensen

        I don’t see that much similarity.

      • This is Aura when we first had a look at it. Have a look at the icons I highlighted, and compare them to the one on iMiui

      • Todd Sorensen

        Hmmm…. you may be right. Assuming that the iMiui were created first. I know they were released first.

      • babiloe

        iOS7 is ripped at Google play months is ok. now the android interface ripped of at non official store, maybe we just it let it green light too

      • Windy Joseph

        really oh my God! I feel disgusted, and I’ve purchased it, because I thought their themes was superb. I apologize to everyone I referred to those thieves.

      • Cameron Chao

        which theme did they rip off exactly?

      • Mohammed Sahib

        iMiui, which the developer abandoned and won’t get an update for iOS 7. Let them rip it off, at least it is viable for ppl looking for miui-like icons.

      • But still, theft, but if IMUI creators discontinued it the other people should at least ask the creators for permission, plus credit AND make it free! As they do not deserve the money.

      • Mohammed Sahib


      • Prasoon Singh

        Dang it. I wasted my money on that theme then. Won’t be using Aura ever again now,

      • Maxim∑

        yeah I removed it and installed elite7

      • Where was the article on that?? I have been back and forth with their scum bag “developers” every step of the way and I’m less and less impressed everyday. Now this? I hadn’t mentioned it or seen it mentioned in any of the comments or a follow up to your giant praise of Aura. Man either I somehow dropped the ball here or you guys did. I assume I missed reading about it somehow but either way it is disappointing to just find this out.

  • Jonathan

    I’m currently working on a theme. Would you be able to put it on iDB once I release it?

    • It’s possible. Please contact me on Twitter at @rsgnl when it is finished.

      • Jonathan

        Okay! THanks! 😀

    • Cool

      Dude that is awesome, making your own theme! I’m gonna check it out when it’s released

      • Jonathan

        Look for Sleek7 in a few weeks 🙂

      • Cool


      • Jonathan

        Or….email me for the beta repo 🙂

      • Cool

        just curious… will it work with iOS 6?

      • Jonathan

        Not sure. Depends if the icon names are the same or not. I’d have to test it.

      • Cool

        ok cool

      • Jonathan

        It’s released now on BigBoss.

      • Cool

        Ok I’ll check it out

  • charliez

    Do these themes drain a lot of battery?

    • Jonathan

      None really do. It’s basically replacing the icons with another icon.

      • charliez

        Thank you. I was a bit worried about using any theme because of the possible burden on the battery life.

      • Jonathan

        Nope. 🙂

  • Joel Bean

    I want the white in the background of stock app gone or toned down…

  • Gerlanderson L.

    Whats the best iPad Theme?

    • Aaron

      my favourite ipad themes are ayecon for iPad, Flat7Pro, 0xygen for iPad

  • Zac

    Elite 7? Really Jeff, why omit the most popular theme? Why didn’t you review it when bars asked you?

    • I am not Jeff, but thanks for the theme recommendation. I’m looking!

    • Merman123

      This article wasn’t written by Jeff…

      • Joe/Jeff, who cares :p

        Joe should change his name to Jeff anyway, just to avoid confusion. jk

  • Amp

    What source is Carla under? It’s not showing up when I search for it

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      It’s in the ZodTTD & MacCiti repository. If it isn’t showing up go to the changes tab in Cydia and tap ‘Refresh’ in the top-left corner and wait for Cydia to do it’s thing. Once it’s done you should then be able to see it…

      • Amp

        I actually deleted it, can you tell me what it is please?

      • iPhone Gruru


        I deleted it too, so I had to look it up

    • It’s in the default ZodTTD/MacCiti repository. Search for Carla iOS 7.

  • truong

    Hi can I request that when you do this every Thursday to maybe add in 1 ipad theme with it. I think alot of people with ipads would definitely be interested.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      If there were some iPad themes worth mentioning maybe. So far I haven’t found any except the Ayecon theme for iPad 🙁

      • Aaron

        Flat7Pro and 0xygen are some of nice iPad themes

      • felixtaf

        Soft remix for iOS 7 has an iPad version too. Working fine in iPad air and its free.

      • Aaron

        Yeah! Forgot about that. Its a nice theme too

  • Todd Sorensen

    Carla is pretty decent. A lot of apps are represented. Strange looking phone though.

    • That is the one thing that has turned me off of it since iOS 6. So ugly looking and I know it is detailed and took his some time but I so keep hoping he’ll replace it..

  • Alberto Espinal

    Check out Toy0

    • onebyone_

      “solstice-effect” what? anyway good theme!

  • onebyone_

    oh man 7transparency looks really good, thanks for posting this Joe

    • onebyone_

      if someone want the first wallpaper.
      here is 🙂

  • on3simpleclick

    Can you please include iPad compatible themes? thanks!

  • Harald Tan

    Laguna 3 for iOS 7

  • Ali Ali

    Thanks man! I’m gonna go with 7ransparency!

  • Green7 🙂

  • Yeah, Green7 🙂

  • Zod

    How do I get the old reflective dock back on iOS 7 I have an iPhone 4

    • Sleetui

      Classicdock from Cydia 😀

  • Tobias9413

    Yay you guys listened to my suggestion!

  • onebyone_

    got it!

  • prem jariwala

    plz anyone tell that how to download idownloadblog app to iphone and from where?i searched app store and cydia but not found….

    • There is no iDownloadBlog app, Prem. You can create a Home screen shortcut.

  • Bladimir Slavik

    I’m very happy with this ones 🙂

    • trekka3311

      whats the wallpaper in that last screenshot? the one with the mountain

      • Bladimir Slavik


      • trekka3311

        No link.

      • Garrett

        Click it, you dumb.

      • trekka3311

        First time I checked on my phone picture didn’t show guy. Relax.

      • trekka3311

        THANK You

    • Youngthegiant

      What beautiful theme is this sir?

      • Bladimir Slavik

        Elite 7 beta and ZTicons

  • Alexander

    For me is Carla the best Theme for iOS 7 at this time!

  • Rifat Mohammed

    I made a theme called LIMINAL – iOS 7 and released it on Cydia (Modmyi Repo).Its very flat and simple theme.Please can you review it?

  • Martynet

    love the soft remix most so far…

  • Noaaahh

    I like “UltraFlat for iOS 7”, it’s what Apple ‘should’ have made iOS 7 icons…

    • Ciaran O’Brien

      Thanks! I’ve got an update coming out any moment now…

      (UltraFlat theme designer)

  • Russ

    StyleHD for iOS 7

  • mav3rick

    Looking at what even some single designers can create it’s once again really mind blowing what unfinished, sketchy, lacking of any coherence UI an army of thousands of devs. and billions in funding could throw on users of this neonOS7.

  • Albert

    What say you?

    • John Tremendol

      Whoa homie cool down, i nearly died under hype train, now what is that theme?

      • Albert

        It’a called Clarity. The developer’s name is Smuys. He’s a couple of comments above me and has asked iDB to review/feature his theme. I highly recommend this theme.

  • Guest

    think all new themes are very much alike….. just saying, I’m rocking Jaku now :-),,, looking forward to se Flite man danzadisco new many upcoming circle theme.

  • Dante Arellano

    7ransparency looks futuristic like ios10 I love this theme!!!!

  • Alain Vasquez

    “Blanco” looks pretty good and clean

  • Rifat Mohammed

    I made a theme called LIMINAL – iOS 7 and released it on Cydia (Modmyi Repo).Its very flat and simple theme.Please can you review it?

    • Todd Sorensen

      How many times are you going to ask? 🙂

      • Rifat Mohammed

        as looooong as he reviews 🙂

    • Ciaran O’Brien

      So is it an iPod or an iPhone? 😀

    • TheDude

      What is the typeface for Liminal in that picture? Out of curiosity.

  • Smuys

    I just released a theme as well, I’d love your opinion on it, it’s called Clarity. 😀

    • Albert

      Are you releasing an update with additional icon support?

      • Smuys

        I keep adding new ones, an update has been submitted and should be available in the next 2 days. 😉

      • Albert

        Good stuff! I really love your work. Keep it up!

  • TheDude

    I think that all the flat themes are great, and they look really clean; but to me they all look so alike with minor differences within the icon images. I really like jailbreaking because when someone looks at my phone they get that wow-factor and are curious. Most of these themes just don’t do it for me because I don’t really care if the Winterboard icon has two snowflakes or one. It’s themes like 7ransparancy, Oil7, and M’flat that really are interesting.

  • John Tremendol

    Aura all the way

    • John Tremendol

      Take a look here

  • Jaw7765

    I like this one I found called jarvIOS. Clear buttons and it happens to reference Iron Man. Though I don’t see how, it just looks neon to me.

  • camelwalk

    Hey does anyone know where I can find the wood dock in this pic?

  • Mike B

    How about “i7cons” theme coupled with the circular Icon Mask theme? I have it on mine and it’s pretty slick.

  • Mike B

    How about “i7cons” theme coupled with the circular Icon Mask theme? I have it on mine and it’s pretty slick.