Flex 2: create your own jailbreak tweaks for iOS 7

By , Jan 29, 2014

Resized Flex 2 patch

When a jailbreak app inspires the creation of its very own subreddit, you know it’s something special. Flex 2 is the follow up to one of the most popular apps of last year, and like its predecessor, it allows you to change the way your favorite apps look and feel without having to know the intricacies of iOS development.

To be sure, it doesn’t hurt to have some knowledge of development in general, and the logic behind the way things work, but it’s not a requirement. Flex features a well-designed and intuitive interface to help you easily modify the way your favorite apps work.

Flex 2 is a much-improved version of its predecessor, and has been re-built from the ground up for iOS 7. But even if you don’t run iOS 7, Flex has maintained its compatibility with both iOS 5, and iOS 6, a remarkable feat for a jailbreak app of this nature.

For those of you new to Flex, you should watch our video walkthrough inside for a demonstration of how it works. If you’re already a Flex user, then check inside for some of the vital upgrade details that make Flex 2 a worthy successor.

Once you install Flex 2, you’ll notice the Flex app icon on your Home screen. There are no separate settings to be configured via the stock Settings app, as all settings are adjusted by means of the app itself.

At the bottom of Flex 2’s screen, you’ll see three tabs: patches, cloud, and info. The info tab contains some sparse information from the app’s creator, John Coates, but not much else at the moment.

Resized Flex 2 tabsThe patches, cloud, and info tabs

The two tabs you’ll want to focus on most are patches and cloud. From the patches tab, you can create new tweaks or patches for any of the apps currently installed on your iOS device. By tapping the plus sign in the upper right-hand corner, and selecting an app, you can easily modify specific characteristics of the app’s library in order to make it look different or do different things. You’re basically creating your own jailbreak tweak without getting your hands dirty.

Resized Flex 2 patch editor
The patch editor lets you create your own tweaks

The cloud tab is the place to go if you’d rather download someone else’s pre-created patches and apply them to your apps. The cloud section features three sections: installed, recent, and popular. The installed section will display patches for every app on your device. The recent and popular tabs will show recently uploaded and the most popular patches for the apps your have installed on your device.

Resized Flex 2 cloud
Tons of pre-made patches are available via the cloud tab

Downloading and enabling the patches is extremely easy; just tap the patch, tap the cloud button in the upper right-hand corner, and go to the patches tab to enable the patch. Most patches should work without a respring, and at most, you’ll have to kill and restart an app for the desired effects to take place.

Resized FLex 2 Tweetbot 3 patch
The Tweetbot 3 white keyboard patch

Previous users of Flex may be wondering what new features Flex 2 brings to the table besides iOS 7 compatibility. You’ll be happy to find that you can now modify any argument passed to a function, instead of just modifying return values. The ability to do this opens up a whole new way to tweak apps on your device.

You’ll also find a redesigned and refined cloud experience, more power, more patches, and a better way to go about discovering new patches. I highly recommend Flex 2 for anyone who’s the slightest bit curious about what makes jailbreak tweaks tick.

You can find Flex 2 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $3.99. Let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

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  • Brandon Miranda

    Hmm.. I wonder if I can tweak Clash of Clans for unlimited or tons of gems..

    • Abdl


      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

        is that ios7 compatible now?

      • Abdl

        100% compatible

      • Andrew


      • Aden Bauer

        Much better than iAPFree

      • James 施孟霖

        I don’t think clash of clans is hackable.. it can?

      • TechPro

        Everything is hackable. If people can hack the iOS, they can hack a free game that earns money from iAds.

      • Ashish Maheshwari

        From which repo?

      • mnilsson77


      • RedDevil

        that site closed down for good 2 days ago

      • Brandon Miranda

        I have local inAppstore. Also, none of the IAPfree type tweaks work on Clash of Clans..

      • Leon Wilkins

        iapfree or localiapstore wont work. calsh of the clans is multiplatform and server based. if you want to hack your gems you need to send a server packet witch “tricks” the server into thinking you did something else. its like changing “free gems” to “free 100000 gems”

    • tocsin

      Nope clash is entirely server base you would have to hack supercells servers

      • Brandon Miranda

        Exactly. But maybe someone can make a tweak that sends false purchase information to the server so you can get free gems!

      • Brandon Miranda

        This is why I’m looking into development. Also maybe we will get lucky/unlucky and someone will hack there servers and gives us all an exponential amount of gems.

      • James 施孟霖

        we could create our own server and run clash of clans on it with unlimited stuffs

      • Brandon Miranda

        So true but that would involve messing with the host files, I believe they are called, in order to get the app itself to connect to our server. But if we did manage to do that, we would have to find a way to enable multiplayer seeing as our server only stores the information of the account. So we would have to make a server tweak or whatever it may be, to be able to host our apps on it AND keep multiplayer working at the same time. Or we can tweak the apps iAP system to where instead of the purchase being server side it would be device side so that way iAPfree types tweaks have an easy way to do there thing. I have so many ideas for this..

      • James 施孟霖

        lol nice:)

      • Brandon Miranda

        Yes I got it all in my noodle ;)

      • James 施孟霖

        you fully demonstrate my thought :)

      • Brandon Miranda

        Yes I am a very busy person. Mental wise that is ;)

      • robertestx

        You guys have WAAAAAYYYY too much Clash on the Brain goin’ on!! LOL This whole thread had me cracking up!!! Loved it!!! :-D

      • Brandon Miranda

        Yes lol I particularly enjoy these types of discussions. I have so many ides but not the the skill and power to execute them. I think sometimes of going up to developers and asking they make it but I know they are to busy to deal with my shenanigans. I’m in the position where I can chose to learn this but I’m debating whether or not I should develop my own custom Android ROM instead.

      • tocsin

        Yeah if you were running on your own server you wouldn’t be able to play online with others so qhat s the point

      • Brandon Miranda

        That’s the thing I was discussing earlier. Make a server that would allow me to bypass iAP’s but still let me play multiplayer.

      • tocsin

        What. If you make you’re own server its independent of supercells so you won’t be able to play multiplayer… And you can’t just bypass the laps as supercells servers check them all…

      • Brandon Miranda

        That’s the thing. I need a Dev to help me do my devious ideas ;)

      • https://twitter.com/MrElectrifyer MrElectrifyer

        So is Bubble Galaxy, but someone successfully made a patch for all it’s IAPs.

    • MayhemLobbiez

      Cannot be done :, It’s server based and they check EVERYTHING you do online to see if it is acceptable

      • Brandon Miranda

        Yes, no disrespect intended but, look at the above comments for my ideas to how it would be possible. Of course I think it could all just be a load of rubbish seeing as I don’t know much about this. (That might be an understatement. I know a lot just don’t know how to do it. How ironic isn’t?) But you know, ideas.

  • f1ght3r

    Just get the Beta, it’s essentially the same as the Flex 2.0 release. I’m a little disappointed by the $2 upgrade fee, since there wasn’t much of a rewrite for ios7.

    • Matt

      Where and how do you get the beta?

      • f1ght3r

        well idb deleted my comment, but just google the beta repo for flex.

    • Matthew Ball

      The Flex 2 beta expired when the official package was released. You can still download the beta, but in order to download patches you must buy.

  • Barry

    Great, beautiful and wonderful jailbreak app that contains nifty, application-specific tweaks that Cydia never could offer me.

    €3.99 is absolutely worth it (IMO).

  • CAS

    I won’t pay again for this tweak.
    Great tweak but the update won’t make me pay again.
    Beside is not a must have tweak for me.

    • RedDevil

      the beta version from the developer is free

      • CAS

        I know, but I won’t install it, I don’t feel good using it if I don’t pay for it.

      • Matthew Ball

        you sir, are a good person

      • Ich2222

        Maybe even too good.

      • DJMannyD

        The beta now does not let you install anymore patches. It asks you to now buy it and he also thanks us for being a beta tester.

      • Matt

        How do you get the beta.
        Is there like a specific source for it?

  • Jeremy

    Off topic of course but here’s a little news that’s hopefully true

    • f1ght3r

      That guy’s a troll. I wouldn’t trust a word he says.

      • http://www.bearsstillsuck.com/ Simon

        He doesn’t mean the poster he means Stefan who is definitely a Twitter troll that has nothing good to do with his time.

    • Adan

      Who cares? iOS 7.0.5 is only available in China…

      • https://twitter.com/MrElectrifyer MrElectrifyer

        Well the recent update on the iDB post disagrees with you; it’s also available in other European nations, like U.K.

      • Adan

        Ah ok. The ‘initial’ report said it was limited to China.

  • DJMannyD

    Is there a site that touches on a rough guide to make patches on Flex 2?

    • Matthew Ball

      Doubt it, but good idea though.

    • http://www.bearsstillsuck.com/ Simon

      This is why I never used Flex after I bought it. Not enough people are on board and there rarely were ever any new tweaks added. I don’t know how to tweak apps and it just ended up being a waste of time for me.
      Those with more knowledge of what they are doing musts love this though because it really does a lot.

  • dc7007

    Is there a way to make notifications sound only one or two times in 1 minute? It´s annoying to receive multiple notifications alerts every few seconds when I chat with someone. Maybe with Flex can I do that? I need to know before buy.

  • Matthew Ball

    Dude, the Flex 2 beta expired when the official package was released. You can still download the beta, but in order to download patches you must buy.

    • f1ght3r

      oh really, i had no idea… damn. thanks man

  • Allen Greathouse

    How does NDS4IOS work on the 5s?

  • Paul Williams

    How are the chances to “messed up big time” with some iOS native apps?is it safe to play around?

    • http://www.datpiff.com/profile/Nuff_Saidd Nuff Said

      It is 100% safe. All changes can be immediately undone/deleted.

  • Sterling Gentry

    Can Flex2 let me tweak my status bar since Open Notifier isn’t compatible with iOS7 jailbreak?

    • http://www.datpiff.com/profile/Nuff_Saidd Nuff Said


  • Adan

    Would this work to make a game use widescreen? The game in question is ‘Carrot Fantasy’, which somehow fools ‘FullForce for iPhone’ into thinking it is a tall app.

  • Sinistry

    Does this work for apps only or could one use it to alter ios system properties, I.e. Change the appearance (color AND opacity) of those ugly f**king ios 7 folders?

    • http://www.datpiff.com/profile/Nuff_Saidd Nuff Said

      It can do a lot. Change carrier name, day lockscreen dim, folder nesting and lots more. Not sure about actual theming though.

  • anti flex2

    i’ll wait till it’s free there are tons of games that are 4 dollars and just for a stupid hack no thank you flex2 is a waste of money

    • pacman4484

      It won’t go free…

  • Immad Khalid

    does anyone know of a patch that makes beats music trail last forever (and it actually works?) all the ones on there right now dont work and on the 7th day it says get a subscription.

  • Poken1ninja9 .

    How do I get an account so I can hack clash of clans

  • Ryan J Roderick

    LMAO! All these f’n pirates are gonna end up losing their jailbreaks cuz they’re cheapskates

  • josh

    hi is there a patch that will allow me to play music the same time as recording? thanks