Donald trumo (Youre fired)

Following Apple’s record-setting holiday quarter, its stock still dropped eight percent in after-hours trading because the 51 million iPhones sold missed Wall Street consensus by a few million units. American businessman Donald Trump took to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction with Apple losing its vision and momentum, going on a rant over Apple’s “dumb refusal” to give iPhones bigger screens.

Samsung’s sizes are “much better”, Trump said and stressed he sold his Apple stock because iPhones are still four inches. I’m sure Tim Cook immediately called for an emergency meeting with his lieutenants, fearing the wrath of Mr. Trump…

Here’s the tweet.

And another one.

I’m not sure I’m fond of this particular tweet that criticizes Apple over the lack of vision.

The ‘Steve Jobs spinning in his grave’ was in really bad taste – Mr. Trump, you’re fired!

This isn’t the first time Trump urged Apple’s leadership to create an iPhablet. In April 2013, he similarly said Apple must “immediately increase” the iPhone’s screen size.

“It should be slightly larger than the Samsung screen and they better get it right fast because they will lose a lot of business,” he said back then. “I like the larger screen”.

iPhone sales in units (WSJ 001)
Chart via The Wall Street Journal.

He’s right on Apple losing business over the lack of larger-screened iPhone.

In 2012, Apple controlled one-fifth of the world’s smartphone share with the iPhone, or 20 percent. In 2013, it had “only” 15 percent.

Samsung’s favorite research firm Strategy Analytics estimated that 86 million Galaxy smartphones were sold during the holiday quarter, good for a 29.6 percent share versus Apple’s 17.6 percent.

Unlike Apple, Samsung does not divulge tablet and smartphone sales over competitive reasons. Also, the South Korean conglomerate is a client of Strategy Analytics.

According to IDC data, a billion smartphones were sold in 2013.

iPhone 6 concept

The Wall Street Journal thinks Apple will “scrap the plastic exterior used in the iPhone 5c” in favor of a pair of larger-screened iPhones this year, one outfitted with a 4.5-inch screen and the other featuring a five-inch display.

According to our non-scientific poll, 4.7-inches should be the gold standard for iPhones going forward. Would you agree with Trump’s ‘lack of vision’ claim and his rant over the need for jumbo-sized iPhones?

  • johnnydfred

    Trump: Nutjob. ‘Nuff said.

    • Urzo

      Lol he may be, but that money he’s got speaks volumes.

    • I would rather be a rich nut job then a poor nut job. And obviously he knows what he is doing. So….

      • tayloradubose

        i guess thats why Carl Ichan bought up another half billion in shares? Trump is a foolish jerkoff

      • …my point still stands.

    • Your Mother

      he’s made billions of dollars. you probably live pay check to pay check–if you even have a job.

      so when someone like Trumps says and does certain things, people take notice… how shares of apple stock is about to dip below $500 and Google, over $1,000 a share since October 2013 is actually looking to split its stock !!

  • Framboogle

    Apple knows what they’re doing. Trump is just mad the iPhone no longer fits in his chubby hands.

    • Matt Taylor

      Only on an Apple fan boy type blog would a comment this childish be left! Feels like we’re back in the playground!

      • Quinten Janssen

        If you knew that, then why did you come here in the first place?

      • Jeff Maxwell

        I agree that it was a bit childish – but then so is Trump. It’s hard to down-vote a silly comment directed at a truly silly man.

      • M_thoroughbred

        You’re being too sensitive. I think he was just joking, you know having fun. Why does a lot of people take comments so seriously.

      • Rigs101

        Comments are the best part about any site some people are hilarious but some people have no sense of humor

      • Matt Taylor

        I have a very diverse sense of humor but childish and bullying digs at people isn’t part of it!

    • smtp25

      The pathetic 4″ screen is too dam small. Have 2 sizes a lot of people when choosing phones only go the Galaxy S route because of the tiny iPhone screens.

      Works giving me an S4 (I have 4S now) I’d rather stick with the iPhone but because the screen is bigger I’m going to give it a shot.. Sell the 4S and wait hoping for the iPhone 6 to be 4.3-4.7″ screen

  • Hermès Vainstar Chu

    Slightly larger screen would be nice but nothing like the note or galaxy

    • Chetan

      Samsung is trying to compete iPads with their phones. Stupidity..

      • That’s an ignoramus, but expected, conclusion…How about they’re trying to fit everyone’s needs ’cause they understand one size doesn’t fit all?

      • Jiří Málek

        “How about they’re trying to fit everyone’s needs ’cause they understand one size doesn’t fit all?” So if My need is 4″ smartphone with high-end hardware, what Samsung phone should I buy?

      • Your Mother

        wait til the S5 drops.

      • The S4 Mini is for small hand users like you…

      • Jiří Málek

        S4 mini has high-end hardware? Please don’t make me laugh.

      • No it doesn’t have the latest hardware, but that’s off the point of Samsung knowing one size doesn’t fit all.

      • Jiří Málek

        That’s why I’d love Apple to release 2 phones with same specs & features but different screen size (like iPad Air and iPad mini with retina).

        I don’t want to be punished because I’d rather have 4″ screen size. And I don’t have small hands but I want to be able to use the phone with one hand.

      • Your Mother

        seems they’ve done a damn good job seeing how they are the number one manufacturer beating out the next 4 competitors combined.

    • smtp25

      Galaxy S3 with a 4.8″ screen is not overly big in my opinion

    • N&LH

      why nothing like Galaxy or Note ?

      • Hermès Vainstar Chu

        to big for my liking

    • Your Mother

      If you dont want Note size you dont have to buy it–choice is what you get when you choose Samsung over apple.

  • Steve Brea

    Its kinda true :/ I think Apple would of sold more this quarter if iPhone screens were larger… Many of my friends switched because of the iPhone’s screen.

    • There’s a huge percentage of users wanting a bigger screen.
      We can’t deny that. But switching for a worst OS, where apps fail most of the time, the security is always compromised and the apps can do whatever they wan’t, or to be more specific, you can’t chose what permissions those apps have…you just have two options: accept everything or refuse everything, plus the problems of having an update that depend on the brands and carriers, plus malware everywhere even trusted apps can be infected very easily… seriously, can’t understand that people. apple is not perfect, but if they gonna switch every time they complain for such details than they will came back to iOS really soon…because using Android every day it’s really frustrating, specially the lack of a good support.

      Ad: Buy this galaxy phone with 16gb.
      Reality: You can only use 8GB because the rest we use it for the OS and all the bloatware.

      • ⚡️Æ TߣØR⚡️®

        Like you really need an award for what you just said….

      • JustinCLI18

        I don’t know what kind of benchmarks did you run to say that, but my tests (and even on youtube) the results are very different, while testing apps and games.

        For example I couldn’t find a single game that run faster and smooth on the LG G2 compared to the iPhone. Even my old 4S run the GTA faster and smoother. Obviously it’s not hardware related, but again… the OS.

        youtube com/watch?v=vt3fJ5B8D3o

      • tocsin

        More of the typical IOS fanboy nonsense. 1 “where apps fail most of the time” maybe 3 years ago this might’ve been true but now absouletly not, by fail i assume you mean crash and i can tell hardly any apps crash, less than a percent definetly less that 50% as you implied when you said most. 2 About the permissions: The same thing happens on IOS too the only difference is you have no idea what information the app is taking (except if its using location) at least with the permissions on android its obvious what parts of the system that app can access and if the permissions are dodgy you simply dont have to install it. 3 Yeah you are kinda right about the updates although nexus and Motorola devices, and now recently HTC devices have been seeing updates almost instantly so maybe in the future it wont be a problem on android at all. Also it’s really annoying that youre grouping all android devices together when each manufacturers are so different. Where you say “using android is really frustrating” You can’t make such a generic statement it’s shows your ignorence. I agree some OEM’s experience’s do suck to use (Samsung) but many are also grest , IMO better than IOS, like stock (Nexus,Moto) or HTC sense .

      • Here it cames the so expected butt hurt fandroids…

        Its 100% accurate everything I said. I (unfortunately because of my job) have to use and test Android all days.

        Now what I can say is that you know nothing about iOS, that’s why you praise Android.

        iOS asks you;
        “can this app use your location”?
        “can this app use your microphone”?
        “can this app access you gallery”?

        and many other questions and you can select each one individually, a thing you cant do on Android..

        By the way, off course we can make generic statements about Android. Just like most of fandroids like you do… specially when you talk about marketshare…

        Android is pure garbage. Java is garbage. Consumes a lot of ram and cpu usage for the same tasks that a single f king core iphone do without any problem. And about security, even on desktops (macs and pcs) we can blame almost all security breaches to JAVA. Pure fact. Now deal with it.

      • tocsin

        Hardly “butt hurt” i calmly stated my argument but you’re the one who seems all touchy and sensitive. And yes iOS asks you somethings but what about contacts or messages you just don’t know what apps can access because of how locked down iOS is.

        I never said you couldn’t make generic statements about android i said you couldn’t make generic statement about the android expericence, and i stand by that, as it varies so much from different manufacturers.

        JAVA may not be the most effeicent software but it along with android using a virtual machine for apps allows android to be extremely versatile and in my mind it makes up for it, and you don’t notice it anyway as most high end devices have specs that comepletey negate any negative effect that java causes.

      • You get what you ask.. “typical fanboy nonsense..” but lets move forward.

        On iOS apps cannot simply do whatever they want. It’s one of Apple policy. You should read more their DEV documents. Apps can only use the provided frameworks and API’s and not a single one allows apps to access parts of the system without the user knowledge and only a very few parts of the system that not compromise the system or his security. It’s one of the beneficts of being a proprietary system.

        That’s why there’s no file manager either. Because apps cannot even move files from a app to another.

        On iOS some apps can crash (specially when they are outdated compared to the iOS version) but you cannot see apps crashing the whole system forcing to a reboot, unless you have a jailbroken device.

        The whole architecture was designed to keep the system secure and stable as much as they can.

        And even apps that somehow collect data (inside the app) without the user permission, an crazy example: they ask you to access your microphone, you accept, and then they record everything you say without your permission and store it somewhere, apple simple ban them from the app store. Now on Android even 3rd party keyboard can log everything you write and collect that data and Google does nothing… that’s a huge security breach because they can even log the passwords that you write…

      • Actually, iOS does inform you when an app wants to access your contacts. All of that is possible on Android, except, you’ll have to get an app (http://bit ly/1fu4THP) on the PlayStore to accomplish that…

      • I don’t use Android yet, but a simple googling (http://bit ly/1fu4THP) revealed this (http://bit ly/1mTqwDW). You sure have room for improvement in your job…not the same on-demand setting as iOS, but the exact same end result. Hopefully Google fixes that soon (or maybe Apple has patent on it)…

      • Permission Managers seems to be a good attempt to fix this big issue on Android.

        But how accurate it is? Does this really work? It’s kind of strange that a App can manage other apps permissions, a thing that the OS itself can’t…

        And all things get even more interesting reading the reviews…

        Doesn’t work in all apps.
        Doesn’t work in all Android devices.
        Does work sometimes only temporary.

        And some people say that this work flawlessly. but how they conclude that..? they really do a “under the hood” test? Interesting stuff, indeed.

      • Regarding being a fix, after further reading (http://cnet co/1f9CZ3p), it appears this was actually a part of Android before KitKat…looks Google just made Android more prone to malware 😐

        Regarding an app changing the permission/functions of another, that’s one of the stuff I actually like about android (and is fixed on iOS with jailbreak); like on my Windows PC, there can be apps that interact with one-another OR extensions for my apps that enhance it’s capabilities…permission changing could be part of that extension process.

        Regarding it’s accuracy, I honestly don’t know (’cause I don’t use Android yet). However, keep in mind that there are alternatives like this (http://bit ly/1f9ELkU) which seem to be getting a lot more good reviews. Like every app on the appstore, it works for some, it doesn’t work for others.

      • apps that interact with one-another is being implemented on iOS since the latest versions of 6 and now with 7. Some apps can now “talk” to each other.

        But they are using some API’s/Frameworks provided by Apple and it’s everything in the same sandbox between them and not using the file manager from the system itself. I don’t know the deep details about this but seems to be some kind of a tunnel that work in a level that don’t compromise iOS security.

        For more details, you should Google about “UIDocumentInteractionController”

    • I personally am totally against a bigger screen. Most of my use is one handed and will always be that way, all a larger screen means is I can’t reach the whole screen with my thumb. Why are we so obsessed with bigger again anyway? We’ll just want smaller again soon enough…

  • Jeffrey Feuerstein

    like he didn’t read about the 4.8 inch rumored iphone 6. dickface

  • Guest

    Need someone like Steve Jobs, Tim Cook is just a spreadsheet guy knows nothing about innovation

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      Ya, for certain. He’s more vanilla than vanilla.

    • Franklin Richards

      It certainly does feel like Apple died with Steve Jobs. Ever since his passing nothing Apple has done is really surprising or innovative. It feels as though Tim Cook is making products to cater demands. Which is something Apple doesn’t do. Apple creates demand.

      • Rowan09

        I wouldn’t completely agree because after the iPod it took Apple years to release the iPhone. Innovation takes time and this year seems like it might be the year of innovation for tech companies. No one released anything innovative since the first iPhone and touch id, everything thing else was evolutionary. I include touch id because it’s a huge improvement over all the other fingerprint scanners I’ve used before.

      • jasak99

        so you’re calling improvement on the fingerprint scanner an innovation?
        in that sense, androids with 13MP or Nokia with 43MP cameras are innovations too, buddy.
        and so are bigger screens.
        your logic collapsed on itself 😉

      • Too bad that isn’t a 43MP phone as advertised by Nokia. So sick of that argument!

      • What it is then? If you think it’s an 8MP phone, you probably made up your mind based on one of Christian’s articles…why am I not surprised…It takes a 41MP image and shrinks it down if you intend on keeping the entire image. If you intend on zooming into the image (e.g. a Clock tower) and cropping out something else (e.g. a Statue on the Clock tower), that’s where the 41MP is used to avoid loss of quality on distant images.

      • Rowan09

        MPs doesn’t account for being an innovation, the camera would have to do something new to be considered innovative. In regards to bigger screens, what exactly makes them innovative the size? If the screen is using new tech like 4k, etc then it would be an innovation. In regards to touch id, it’s a drastic improvement over any consumer fingerprint scanner I’ve ever used and that’s way it’s innovative.

      • Uhm, bigger number of pixels fitted in the same size phone, more far-away-details you can capture in the same size phone…that is as new as a better fingerprint scanner on a phone.

      • Rowan09

        A bigger number of mps alone doesn’t constitute for being innovative. I never used the Nokia camera but to say because it’s 41MPs it’s innovative wouldn’t be fully accurate. I would also need to compare it to other phones and I haven’t. The sensors on the camera would be in my opinion something that could be innovative but I never used it for myself.

      • Uhm, that is a camera sensor (http://bit ly/1f9Cd6n), the better sensor gives bigger MP count. They don’t advertise like Apple, but the MP isn’t something just magically done by the lens…

      • Rowan09

        I understand but just increasing the mps doesn’t mean you’ll have a better quality picture.

      • Mongoose333

        Yep totally agree with that, MP is really just a marketing tool. I’m a professional photographer and the most important things for me are the sensor DMax (the amount of detail a chip can capture in the shadow areas), the quality of the optics and the compression used when creating the file. I have a 3 MP Nikon compact camera that is about 8 years old but has all of the above and still out does a lot of today’s cameras and phones. I have printed images from that camera upto 24 inches wide with no noticeable loss in quality.

      • Rowan09

        Thank you.

    • Cool

      Apple just sold the most iPhones, ever. In the last quarter

  • Eric

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he sold yesterday so he could buy back tomorrow. He’s spreading propaganda to make money. Same as always.

    • 4p0c4lyps3


    • Just like Ichan!

      • Eric

        I understand the comparison but it’s different. Ichan has been saying to buy apple for years and has been actively buying it, from a business standpoint, in his belief in the company. He’s not selling it and tweeting it to millions of people because he’s an angry consumer that can’t get his way.

        For what it’s worth, I drought about this comparison before my original post.

  • Jeff Ramirez

    If Trump doesn’t get a larger iPhone, he says there will be hell toupee!

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      Great stuff^^^^^

    • Lance Baker

      Funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Thanks!

    • Mongoose333

      Oh dear, here wig go with the hair jokes hehe

  • Eric

    Also, just because The Don wants something larger (i.e. his buildings) everyone has to follow suit.

  • Guilherme

    I dont understand whats so good about large screens

    • Don Walker II

      Well, as the hand size of the general population increases, the screen size must also increase to accommodate such a change. In the near future, they predict a 78.2% increase in average hand size, and plan to release 13 inch phones. Only then will the consumers be satisfied.

      • jasak99


    • More room for multiple stuff, more room for true multitasking, etc. None of that works on iOS (one task at time), so, there is nothing good about bigger screen on iOS.

  • Lordrootman

    Mr Trump don’t worry iphone 6 will fit your needs no more crying

  • Eric

    Also (again, I know), wasn’t this the most iPhones sold in a quarter, ever? The hounds of wall street are never satisfied.

  • Rowan09

    So the 5s is suppose to now be skipped to the 6? Come on Mr. Trump your smarter than that and Samsung is also having problems selling those larger luxury phones, a lot of their phones being sold are the low to mid-end phones. The 6 is going to be a larger screen, we are practically sure of the rumors, but Wall Street is a joke. I predicted this in December, Apple is going to sell millions of phones and still have their stock decline.

    • Eric

      Samsung is in trouble and that’s my honest opinion. If the only thing they had was a bigger screen then if and when apple launches a larger screened iPhone they won’t have any advantage.

  • All he wants it’s an iWig

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Same scared Apple.

  • Mr Observant

    Trump is in fact a nut job and i feel for someone with such a mind for business, he and those on wallstreet have no idea what they are talking about. My OPINION, apple stock goes down regardless, as most stocks do. You have loyal iphone users who loved the 3.5 inch screen, and the .5 inch jump wasnt drastic for those, which meant it was excepted. Then you have those who jump ship and want a larger screen, 4.8, 5 inches etc. I stick with apple for multiple reasons, but one is, they have a PHONE with the size screen i care for, i dont want to be walking around with a iPad mini mini im supposed to call my phone. And i feel if the next round of iphones have a substantially larger screen, they will in fact provoke apple users to not upgrade, and hold on to there current models. So my point in this is, if bigger is what you want, then you have options. But i dont believe apple should take a route in force. Because they have plenty of people who love a phone that fits in there hands and pockets.

  • Franklin Richards

    Says the guy who has famously declared himself bankrupted more times than I can remember.

  • Jerry

    Slightly larger then samsung screen and they better get it right. WHAT?

    • JustinCLI18

      iPhones could be a couple point inches bigger but that’s too big. He is neurotic and controlling. He thinks he fsn tell a company what to do just because he runs a few. That is what happens when spoiled bratted kids grow up, and get what they want handed to them on a silver platter.

      • M_thoroughbred

        Trump is a scam artist that hides behind bankruptcy. Simple as that. Who cares what he says.

  • Sandy Cook

    Trump is a loon but Apple’s stubbornness has held them back too

    • Rowan09

      What stubbornness? The 6 which is on the same 2 year upgrade cycle is suppose to have a bigger screen and the 5 screen size increased from the 4S.

      • Sandy Cook

        More to it than screen size lol

    • JustinCLI18

      No It is actually very simple. They are cheap. They have enough sales to make them role in dough, and don’t feel like spending more money with the possibility of losing money so they stay neutral. They use cheap parts and add something new each year but know 20 million will be sold on average a year during the holidays. So they’re hwppy and content..people just need to accept the buisness standpoint. They have their idea and their ideal product that they want to sell so, that’s really It. They are scared of repurcussioms and the risk but also they are just cheap. Two reasons*

      • Sandy Cook

        Not even close sorry m8

  • Matt Taylor

    Completely agree! Apple is in dangerous waters… Will the get eaten…

    • Rowan09

      How are they in dangerous water when they sold more than they ever did before?

      • Jason Baroni

        True. More than 51 million iPhones sold last quarter. Apple is keeping on their records. It is not about screen sizes. It is about experience.

      • Rowan09

        Donald mentions Samsung and they are having problems selling those ever so popular large screen phones. How big does he want an iPhone? Just buy the Mini with LTE or a Galaxy Tab 7.0.

      • Jason Baroni

        An iPhablet would only fit me for editing documents. Only. I don’t like Phablets to use as a phone, that’s why I would like a bigger iPod touch or a note taking from Apple. No need for this desire with huge screens on phones! Gosh…

    • Tony

      I agree, they’ve shown nothing new. Ios 7 is nice but nothing ground breaking. Iphone 5s didn’t add a ton to help them either. They need a brand new product, something shocking to up their game. You can only stay flat-comfortable for so long before others catch up and pass you by.

      • Jason Baroni

        How many years were there between the Macintosh in 1984 and the iMac in 1997? Then the iPod in 2001 and the iPhone in 2007. Revolution takes a while.

      • Eric

        Good point. Since 1997, Apple has innovated a new product category or defined an old one every three to four years. OSX, iPod, iTunes on Windows, iPhone 2007, iPad 2010, 2014? Tim has only been at the reigns for three years. I think he’s doing fine. Nothing different than before except for the lack of flair Steve Jobs brought to the public.

      • Jason Baroni

        You got it. In my point of view Tim is also doing great. He has the pressure of not being Steve Jobs and people who even kmow what marketing is sucking him to new categories of products.

        The guy is just doing great. Even with no big changes since when he got up sales are just growing and records are shown every quarter.

        Neither Jobs could do such a thing.

      • Rowan09

        What has anyone since the inception of Android add with Kit Kat? As stated by Jason innovation takes time and it appears this might be the year when we see tech companies release new products.

  • JustinCLI18

    He is not a dickface. Didn’t you cwtch that Apple’s sales plumeted and stock went down. He lost money, and part of that was because of size, battery, and function. I have an LG G2 but need a smaller phone, It is 5.2 inches. It is the “King Kong of the World” of phones. Lol. It beats the Note 3, iPhone 5S, Bladkberries, Galaxy S line, and every single phone you can memtion with specs, battery life, and screen display. It bothers my hands, though. I switched from iPhone for not being impressed with the 5S after my t was stolen..I kind of felt like It was a waste of money. You would have to had a 5 to understand. But I had the Note 3 which is way too big and I realized this is too, as well. I need a tri-band phone so I havento keep this.

    • Rowan09

      This story is old anytime Apple release sales figures for the past 2-3 years now it’s always a doomsday story. Apple sold more phones than they ever did before and yet they are in trouble. I guess Samsung, LG, HTC and Motorola must be in serous trouble then.

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    The man is a financial and economic genius. U can b guaranteed whatever he says or does is nothing more than a strategic ploy tht in the end will only add to his worth. Whether his words and actions are only semantics or market posturing, u can be certain tht he and his advisors kno exactly what they r doing. Have any of u been as successful as him on random luck alone? Thot not.

    • Rowan09

      Yes he’s painting a doomsday picture to purchase the stock at a cheaper price.

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        Proly u are correct.

  • Susie

    He’s just tired of his phone being the same size as his dick.

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      Wow. Shallow much? Yep!

  • ed

    dumb!! to be honest i dont want a bigger screen i want an iphone that i can use with one hand!!! People think bigger screen is better but to me i preferer being able to use it with one hand & that it can fit pefectly in my pocket!

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      I believe ur hand will have very little trouble adapting to a .8″ larger display which will proly b housed in a chassis close to the exact size of the 5/5S.

      • ed

        that would be cool, as long as i can used with one hand i have no problem, just not be like others that you need to hands.

  • The One

    Well, first of all, Donald Trump is an idiot. However, he is correct about this. I for one, don’t need a larger screen, than the current 4″ screen, but I wouldn’t mind a 4.8″ screen at the very largest. The thing is though, it has been very obvious that the market has shifted to larger screens, and the demand has been there for a few years now. There have been so many people that either left Apple, or who won’t consider the iPhone, simply because of screen size. In my opinion, Apple should have already increased the size to closer to 5″, so that they could rake in more sales.

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      And shld have implemented said change 3 yrs ago also.

  • firerock

    Mr Trump was right. For me, The ideal screen size is around 4.5 inch

  • JS3

    ppl who say they dont want a bigger screen then 4 inches is an idiot and have no idea how much better 4.5-5 inches would be. i hope and pray they make it at least 4.5 this time around. now at the same time i dont want anything bigger than 5, that would be overkill. i have to agree with pretty much everything ol trump said….

  • Dante Arellano

    Da apple make a iphone pro for people needs bigger screen 2-give to the new iPod bigger screen iPod is multimedia player no a cell phone

  • Who? Is this idiot even relevant?

  • M L

    Trump should be ‘fired’ because he spoke correctly and the truth? Love this site…but let’s leave the business comments to the people who know business….just sayin’

  • Adan

    I’m sorry, but I couldn’t possibly take anyone with such a shockingly awful comb-over seriously. Just who the hell does he think he is fooling? Just him, that’s who 🙂

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Should’ve just waited until September you rich asshole. lol smh he never ceases to amaze me.

  • Chetan

    “Breaking news!! Dumb guy selling off shares in loss, unaware of apple going to launch bigger iPhone soon because of not being an iDB reader..”

  • Byron C Mayes

    Maybe if he’s stop saying it they’d do it. I mean who wants to buy something that Donald Trump said to build?

  • Darryl Barnes

    I did switch from iphone to andriod for a few months. Although I liked the large screens, I owned a Note 2, I switched back to iphone because of the ios and the iPhone’s usability. Apple products just work well together with iPads and iPods and macs and so on, and with other media such as bluetooth in my car.

  • Antzboogie

    Bigger screens agreed, but choose your words carefully Trump!! They shouldnt release two iPhones a year its overwhelming. One a year will keep the fans guessing. People will have more money to spend I see no glamorous difference besides the chip; iPhone 5 and 5s.

  • ic0dex

    I’m with Mr Trump, I see more and more people dump their iPhones for bigger phones like the Galaxy, Note 3, Nexus 5. I myself got sick and tired of my iPhone 5 and that small screen, I dumped it for a Note 3. I don’t want to carrie my iPhone as a cell phone and my iPad mini as a tablet to work or any other place that I go. I want it to be all in one and the Note 3 does it for me. I don’t war to zoom in 200% just to read an article like this that the comments don’t even fit on the iPhone 5/5S. If you’re on your iPhone now you know what I’m talking about. I’m an Apple Fan Boy and I love iOS and the iPhone but its time to leave these stupid small phone behind.

    Apple needs to step up and make a 4.7″ iPhone for the every day joe and a 5-5.4″ Phablet for the working man. I hate the Andriod OS but I’m in love with the Note 3 its an awesome device. I work for a major retailer in the computer department and I see more and more people trade their iPhone for these bigger phones. APPLE STEP UP AND CREAT SOMETHING NEW!!!!

  • Adan

    I’m sorry, but how could anyone take seriously someone with such a shocking comb-over?
    Apple obviously doesn’t.

  • jasak99

    “I’m sure Tim Cook immediately called for an emergency meeting with his lieutenants, fearing the wrath of Mr. Trump…”

    i think so too, Christian.

    p.s. i usually think you reek of $hit from having your head too far up Apple’s a$$ for too long. but i’ll agree with you on the above quote 🙂

  • Micky Ganon

    I use the iPhone for several years and I am very pleased, but 3 months ago I decided to try an Android device .. LG G2
    After two months of using Android, I came to one conclusion .. a big disappointment.!
    Games – The Games on iPhone running smoother.
    OS – iPhone user experience have more convenient and easier.
    Very quickly I sold my Android device
    I bought an iPhone 5 S. I stayed with the iPhone because that is the best in every way.

  • Don Walker II

    Lol I was joking

  • Worldboss

    Only an iPhone can kill an iPhone Samsungs are garb ,Donald Trumph is an Idiot with money which makes him an even bigger idiot. Apple will come out with a Larger Screen iPhone when they are dam well ready. Apple don’t do thing jus because everyone els is doing it, they do it when they know its gonna be the best.

  • mickey

    Trump is truly a nut. But the more public whining about a larger screen is fine by me. I want a larger screen and the sooner the better.

  • Royce Otero

    Apple do have to start competing. I love apple and would not give it up but not everyone will do the same. Give the people what they want. Not what apple wants.

  • DopamineAddicted

    You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.
    Steve Jobs

    Trump is a big baby with lots of money

  • Ted Forbes

    Larger screens is where we are at, we are there already, this is the reality and Apple must except this. I shouted for bigger screens all through 2013. They (Apple) didn’t hear me. Now I think the time has come, a little late but better late than never.

    Samsung is doing good, not only because they have a phones with larger screens than Apple, but also because they give options. Options is important.

    I know many people with Samsung phone (fans) and they would not own a large screen if you were giving it away, they like the smaller screens. So larger screens are not everything, but it sure does help when you let people make up their own mind and not make it up for them all the time.

    So I conclude, Apple should keep the 4inch and add two more larger screens.

  • Allen Greathouse

    We’ll if they do go bigger I would want to have a near nonexistent bezel with as big a screen on as small a phone as possible.

  • GL1

    Look at samsung. Every year they come up with a bigger screen just to have bigger numbers. Soon we’ll reach 6 inches with phone which is not practical at all. Ok let’s say the next iPhone is 5 inches, then what in a couple years we’ll say it’s too small. Remember when the first iPhone came out everyone thought the screen was massive. Phones are getting too big it’s ridiculous, aren’t they supposed to be portable?

    Anyway no phone is perfect. You either choose a superior os (imo) with a smaller screen or a bigger screen and make compromises on other things. It’s all about what each user prioritizes. For me personally I don’t really care about the bigger screen. I only wanted 16:9 ratio since the first iPhone and the 5 accomplished that so I’m good.