Apple font (Mac models)

We’re still discovering the many ways Apple has celebrated the Mac’s 30th anniversary. The multi-faceted festivities include a prominent section on Apple’s homepage providing a visual timeline of all Mac models since 1984, a nice ‘Happy Birthday, Mac’ section on the Mac App Store highlighting apps and games that capture the spirit of what makes the Mac a Mac, aptly-themed Apple Store window displays and commemorative posters at Apple’s HQ listing all former and current Apple employees, to name a few (bonus: MacWorld and ABC interviews).

This one tidbit comes from iOS developer Greg Barbosa who discovered a charming font on Apple’s servers which contains pictograms of various Mac models. I suggest installing the font ASAP as Apple could pull it at a moment’s notice…

According to Greg (via TechCrunch), this is Apple’s custom-made font as it can only be downloaded from Apple’s servers via this link. The tiny 135KB font package will get saved to your Downloads folder as a .TTF file.

Double-clicking it launches a font preview window, as seen top of post.

To permanently install the font on your Mac, hit the Install Font button in the lower right. This is a vector font so the icons are crisp regardless of your screen resolution, output device or font size.

Here’s a screenshoted example of the icons at the font size of 228 points.

Apple font (Mac models 001)

Note that Apple stored the icons as special private characters so you can’t just select the newly installed font in your word processor application and type to use the characters as you would a normal font.

This is where copy-paste comes into play.

Locate the stock Font Book application in your Applications folder and launch it (you could also Spotlight-search it). Next, locate the ‘mac-icon-standard’ font, select a desired Mac model icon from the font, copy to clipboard (Command-C) and then paste into other application (Command-V) as you normally would.

Again, this is a non-standard font so avoid using these icons in email messages, instant messaging communication or elsewhere on the web.

Hope you enjoy these beautifully designed line drawings of Macs throughout the years.

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  • abdullah575

    when iOS 7.0.5 / iOS 7.1 realse i hate jailbreak !!??

    • Jonathan

      First of all, you need to retake English 101
      *When is iOS 7.0.5/7.1 going to be released? I hate jailbreaking.

      Now for my reply.
      You and a handful of others hate jailbreak (not including Apple). Besides, how could we know. Do you expect us to hack into Apple’s servers, and hopefully be lucky enough to find the alpha version of 7.0.5/7.1 and hopefully it will have a planned release date for it? I don’t think so.

      Besides, it’s said beta 4 of 7.1 patched the kernel, breaking the jailbreak.

      Also, no one here likes ranting.
      Have a good day sir.

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      If you hate jailbreaking, you should never have been on this site. Why not join the forum on the Apple’s website with your awful grammer. We love it here and that’s why we’re here! Beat it!!

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      No one’s forcing you to jailbreak dude.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      So instead of making a random derogatory statement how about backing it up with facts or opinions as to why you hate jailbreak or at least be more specific than ‘jailbreak’. Do you hate every jailbreak or is it just the evasi0n jailbreak you dislike? Are you also against the jailbreaking of other devices and the rooting of Android devices? Just throwing around the loose term jailbreak without any specifics really isn’t helping anyone…

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      um kaaaayyy what does this have to do with the celebration of mac you troll… If you don’t like jailbreak, than why did you do it? and furthermore, what are you expecting from ios 7.1? nothing has been improved upon visually besides slight tinting of colors and ios in the car stuff. this is why i dont like foreigners……

    • Well, do you have to jailbreak? No. Should you jailbreak? Most likely not. If you hate jailbreaking, then don’t jailbreak. It’s that simple. No need to get upset over it.

      Now, regarding iOS 7.0.5 and iOS 7.1, nobody can confirm when they will be released, however there are rumors that point to March for the release of iOS 7.1. Apple has mentioned that a fix for some rebooting problems are coming soon. That could be a 7.0.5 update, though it’s not clear. Also, in case you have not heard, iOS 7.1 beta 4 does patch the evasi0n7 jailbreak.

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        Exactly — “If you don’t like gay marriage, don’t get gay married!” 😉

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      Did your jailbreak come pre-installed from Apple? NO!! So if you jailbroke your device and you didn’t like it, all you have to do is connect to Itunes and restore, that will wipe it off

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      do you really hate the jailbreak or are you just saying it because it’s in the room?

  • Kevin Osborne

    Shows up in Character Map in Windows, but when I paste the copied characters into Word they just show up as boxes.

    • Jonathan

      You could do it the weird way.
      Print Screen
      Open paint and crop.
      Select all (Ctrl + A)
      Head over to word

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      How about using a better word processor. I hear Pages is good 😉

      • Timothy

        For Windows?

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        I was being sarcastic 😉

        There are alternatives though such as Open Office, Libre Office, AbiWord, Google Docs, etc…

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    • Timothy

      Are you using the Mac Icon font? Pasting the characters won’t do any good if the font you use doesn’t include those glyphs.

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    It’s Dump Ass to talk about grammar!

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      I laughed.

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        It supposed too!

  • Mee

    Does this work on a PC?

  • GaugePrower

    Works on PC. Opened in illustrator and saved as EPS after pasting from Character map.

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    you guys overuse the word “beautiful” a lot