There are several ways you can emulate the Home button without actually pressing the Home button on your iPhone. You can use Activator gestures, or even tweaks such as Virtual Home.

SPTouch, a new tweak by Paolo Smedile is yet another option. This tweak brings a small Home button anywhere on your screen that you can tap at any time to go back to your Home screen…

If the idea sounds familiar, it is because SPTouch kind of replicates what you can already do by setting up AssistiveTouch from the Accessibility settings of your device.

SPTouch is a fairly simple and straightforward tweak. After downloading it from Cydia, you will notice a small button on your screen, somewhat similar to the Home button icon. If you’re into an application, tap the button once to go back to the Springboard, tap it twice to launch the app switcher, or tap and hold to lock the device.

You can easily move the button around by tapping and dragging it where it works best for you.

The tweak comes with a few custom options that you can find in the Settings app. You can turn the tweak On and Off. You can also resize the button, adjust the transparency, and change the color of the button and its border.

From my experience, this tweak works really well and behaves exactly as advertised. I still wish the developer would give us a little more options. For example, I would like the ability to disable the tweak when I am in specific applications, or when the keyboard is active. I also would like to be able to completely remove the border of the button so it blends in better on my screen. These are just details that could definitely make this tweak better.

SPTouch is perfect for people with malfunctioning Home buttons or with physical disabilities. It could be improved on with a few extra options as described above, but overall, this is a solid tweak, if that’s what you’re looking for.

It is available for free in the BigBoss repo in Cydia. Let us know your comments about SPTouch below.

  • Justin

    I don’t get it. Isn’t pretty much the same thing in accessibility?

    • Ishaan Malhotra

      This is a one step process.

      • Justin

        Oh yeah!! I just remembered that you need to go through like two screens to go home… OK now this tweak has value in my mind.

      • Jonathan

        And probably doesn’t use as much of RAM.

      • Paolo Smedile

        Sure 😉

  • Inseltraeumer

    Menu Button Emulator from the Bigboss repo is quite a bit older and does about the same. It doesn’t allow you to change the Burton’s color though.

  • Dan

    imo I don’t see the point of this.

    • Jonathan

      Go break your home button and you will.

  • Jonathan

    I wish holding it down would have Siri pop up instead of lock my device. Most of us have just one button broke, not both.

    • Paolo Smedile

      I will add this feature in one of the future releases.

      • Jonathan

        Really??? Thank you!!! :DDDDDD

  • mav3rick

    What the setting “Initial SPTouch Position Side” does? Is the screen position saved?

    • Paolo Smedile

      It is the position that SPTouch will take every time you open your phone. I will add the option for a custom position in one of the next versions.

  • Aimon

    Jef again u come up with something nice like this i may need to look for a better website

  • Alberto Espinal

    If you have “Virtual Home” Tweak i think you dont need this, only for IPhone 5 & C users.

  • Mohsin

    It would have been so useful if activator didn’t exist. Assigning an activator gesture you can perform same thing without that irritating icon which keeps showing inside the apps or video players all the time.

  • tocsin

    I would like to see a nav bar like android devices have.

  • norberto dominguez

    stop using it because it caused me to reboot every time my iPhone, all these problems came when it passes, I prefer “home botton Flipswitch”

  • Reyas Mohammed

    I am using “Menu button Emulator”, I feel comfortable with that…
    Is there anything more this can offer?

    • Paolo Smedile

      SPTouch is more customizable and it can emulate also the LockScreen Button.

      • Reyas Mohammed

        Thanks for your response, now Menu button emulator is out and SPTouch is in 😉

  • Nice little tweak; but it killed my activator actions so I had to remove it until it gets a fix

    • Paolo Smedile

      Already fixed in one of the early releases. Try it if you want.

  • Jeremiah Miller

    What’s wrong with the built in accessibility home button?

  • Moses

    Only for ios 7, please make it for ios 6 also!

  • Paolo Smedile

    Thank you so much 🙂

  • Fastosh21

    make it circular please, i like it anyway, great tweak !