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Developer Steven Troughton-Smith posted several images on Twitter this afternoon of what looks like Apple’s iOS in the Car project. The screenshots don’t show the entirety of the feature, but if legit, they do offer some insight on what the Maps app will look like when in use.

For those unfamiliar with iOS in the Car, it’s an interface that deepens the integration between iOS devices and cars far beyond playing music. First introduced at WWDC, the feature will allow users to view and manage many iOS applications using their in-vehicle hardware…

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Troughton-Smith didn’t give any indication as to where he obtained the images, but it’s possible they were bundled in with the just-released version of iOS 7.1 or an earlier beta. The feature is expected to be one of the many changes and improvements made in the next iOS update.

Also worth noting is how different these screenshots look compared to the ones Apple showed off last summer, or even those on the company’s website right now. So it’s unclear if this iteration is set to be the final release version, or if it’s a barebones interface built for testing purposes.

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Tim Cook has stressed the significance of iOS in the Car in the past, calling it a “key focus” and an “important part” of Apple’s ecosystem. And many automakers have pledged to support the new feature in future car models with custom hardware including Audi, Honda, Acura and BMW.

Apple’s website lists iOS in the Car as ‘Coming soon.’

  • Framboogle

    I like it! Too bad I will need to buy a whole new car just to use these features.

    • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

      we need on screen display. not in the center of dashboard where it is distracting avoiding view from driving. and it is possible for on screen display on windshield to not be distracting.

    • Tom

      Atleast you’re not those countries which don’t even support navigation at this moment.

  • dnice

    BMW was posted twice.

    • Melvco

      thanks! The error has been corrected!

  • MHCsk

    But can we jailbreak it?

  • Abdl

    Home button?? I could just use my phone!!

  • Alexander Reimann

    Since it uses Apple Maps we would all be driving aimlessly to wrong addresses. I don’t know how many times Apple Maps messed up my destination while Google Maps always got it right. Personally I use Navigon though since the Maps are the best and offline.

  • Aditya Tuli

    We already let them(NSA) in our homes, now time to let them in our cars too!!! Yay!!!

  • Hyr3m

    Eeeeewww fugleyy !
    I’d get stopped by cops suspecting me to be drunk because I’d be puking on the screen if I had this ugly interface in front of me.

  • Chetan

    Audi, Honda, Acura and BMW now we want Retina screens in our cars 😀
    Just amazed to think if it was android in the car people would have asked for another fragmented 1080p display 😛