ClassicDock for iOS 7

For whatever reason — we’re not judging — you simply don’t like the blurred and translucent dock on iOS 7. We understand. A new jailbreak tweak by the name of ClassicDock is all you need, bringing the reflected iOS 6 dock right back to your Home screen on the newer version. It’s that simple.

This is a fully plug-and-play extension that works its magic immediately after being installed in Cydia, with no options to configure in the Settings app. Read ahead for a few more details… 

ClassicDock by iOS developer CoolStar is available now as a free download on Cydia from the default BigBoss repository. The tweak is compatible with most iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices running iOS 7 or later, with iPhone 4 support coming soon.

If you like simple tweaks like this one, be sure to take a look at today’s earlier mention of DynamicText. Or, share your own in the comments. We might just cover a few of our favorites.

  • Zachary Pasha


    • Jenny Nolan


      ❒❒❒᜙❒ ❒❒❒ ❒❒❒❒ ᜛❒❒❒❒ ❒❒❒❒bringing the reflected iOS 6 dock right back to your Home screen on the newer version. It’s that simple.

  • John Wickham

    I’m really looking for a Mavericks/Mountain Lion style dock — That would look great!

    • CoolStar Org

      ClassicDock does support WinterBoard so it is possible with just a theme 🙂

      • fernando

        its a great tweak but i really liked the way it was without the reflection, is there a way back

      • Martin

        I too wonder this. Not too fond of the reflection.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Like ActiveDock (assuming Filippobiga updates it)?

    • Siddharth Desai

      Ayecon’s iOS 7 update has that dock. If you don’t like ayecon’s icons, then you can just activate the dock by itself.

  • Prasoon Singh

    I’ve been having this tweak for a while and it’s amazing. I don’t really like the iOS 7 dock.

    • John Wickham

      The iOS 7 dock wouldn’t look so bad if that top 15 or so pixels were blurred consistently. it seems like the blur fades out!

      • Maxim∑

        Yeah it looks a bit weird on some wallpapers. I use “dockshift” it lets you change that

  • Ryan W

    1I like the new iOS 7 dock better than the old one

    2.I Was so close for this comment being the first or second comment

  • Sound_Mind24

    I like this new tweak. Looks way better.

  • tim

    iDB needs more developer recognition in these tweak reviews. A simple ‘created by @coolstarorg’ anywhere in the article would suffice

    • You’re absolutely right. I usually make an effort to mention the developer behind the tweaks I cover, although sometimes I overlook it. I’ll be sure to edit this post when I’m back at my desk. Thanks!

    • I’ve been focused on school work since this post, but I’ve now got around to crediting the developer in the story.

  • abc

    ios 7 dock looks way better

  • fernando

    since they added the reflection in the new version of the tweak it doesnt fit anymore with ios 7


      Looks perfect with ayecon

      • fernando

        cool, thanks bud

  • filter351

    I use transparentDock, looks great with themes. Check it out below.

    • 123bob


  • Sam Khan

    doesn’t really work on the ipad

  • 123bob

    This is very cool.

  • 123bob

    5 000 emails! lol I’m glad I only get 2 emails per day!

  • Sam Khan

    looks great on iphones. makes the screen look bigger. specially on iphones 4, 4s

  • Jonathan

    I thought I loved everything about iOS 7. Guess not.
    1. Too large of icons on small screens
    2. I’m starting to find the iOS 7 icons ugly (never thought I’d say that)
    3. The dock is large, this one is not. 😀

  • Ali Majid

    Hey guys
    What is the best app to get cracked apps im on ios 7 and jailbroken ..
    Vshare does not work idk why . Share your info with me 🙂

    • DroidDoesnt_2

      How about you just PAY for them…

    • Poo

      Idiot, support the devs that spent countless hours/days/months (depending on the tweak) making this and your not gonna give them thanks for them creating this tweak available for you to use with a small a very small donation..

  • Matin Moghaddas

    What is the name of the theme he has??

    • aladin395 .

      Yeh dude, I like this theme too,
      Any body knows this theme’s name?

      • Rick

        Soft Remix for iOS 7

      • aladin395 .

        Really nice theme,
        Thnx a lot bro 🙂

      • Matin Moghaddas

        Thanks, I didn’t recognize it as the SMS logo had changed from when I had softremix.

  • aladin395 .

    Whats is this Theme?

  • Apple need to wake up and bring back the old dock or a translucent dock just like the example here. What they can’t keep is this garbage released in the iOS7.

    Plus a little glossy icons would be great too. Flat design it’s really good but in the user interface. Now Flat icons makes everything look boring after a while…

    I bet that Steve Job would never allowed this because iOS7 looks childish. And if we see all Apple design before, was very “pro” like and mature. Just the opposite. And again, im talking about the iconography.

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    Offtopic, Springtomize 3 will probably be released next week. 😉

  • Jonathan

    It looks great.

    • Quang

      i think you should hide the page dot 🙂

    • Damian W

      how did you shrink the icons?

      • Abdl


    • prem jariwala

      how did you get an app of idownload blog and from where???

  • DroidDoesnt_2

    Thank God for the jailbreak community. I have themed away all of the ugliness of iOS 7 while maintaining its functionality. It’s a win-win for me…

  • Damian W

    hey guys is there a way to shrink resize icons?

    • Noaaahh

      Bigify for free, or Bigify+ costs some money with iOS 7 support

  • iOops

    This tweak works well on my 5s, however I noticed a small gotcha with it. If you respring, it looks great. The moment you go into an app, then back to the springboard, then the background on the dock is missing while the reflection remains. No way to get it back without another respring. So close, but not usable quite yet.


      Same for me on my 5s the dock disappears if i open any app(including folder opening) this seems to be a small glitch but it greatly affects the good looks what i want to keep up on my springboard, does any one here know how can i contact the creator for patch of the glitch

      • iOops

        Latest update fixes everything.


        oh great, thanks for the info @iOops:disqus
        updating now,
        all the bugs in this tweak are gone for 5s, nice
        P.S: hope this good tweak wont drain battery :p.

  • ShawnTXDFW

    Is there a way to keep folded names with Ayecon installed? I can’t seem to figure out how.

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    I’ll stick with no dock background at all.

  • Imran Ar

    DockShift tweak does not work with this tweak 🙁

  • Rodolpho Rodriguez

    My 5s went into safe mode right after downloading it. 🙁 Uninstalled it.

  • LocalH

    iPad Air on 7.0.3, when coming out of an app back to the home screen I lose the dock background image, but the icon reflection is still present. 64-bit issue or is anyone on a 32-bit device suffering from this too?

  • Dj Redbull

    Wow man! This is awesome! I really like it, actually you see more of your wallpaper and the screen looks bigger. 😉

  • fernando

    how do i install it ?

    • cc62

      I think there are more ways but this what i did. Download on iPhone, Open in … iFile and use the option Installer.

  • Tre Scaggs

    Everything from iOS 6 should come back.
    In fact they need to give us iOS 6 back!

    • Damian W


  • Mattia Meloni

    Joe what theme is that one in the picture you use to show us the dock tweak?

  • Darth Kai

    No, it’s not just you… Did you figure out by chance why that is?

  • Nano Insertlastnamehere

    Is their anything that’s vice-versa (iOS7 dock to iOS6)?