RightX 02

RightX is a jailbreak tweak for Safari that allows you to reposition the close button for Safari tabs. Once installed, it moves the ‘x’ button used for closing tabs from the upper left-hand corner of the tab to the upper right-hand corner. RightX is handy if you’re left handed and tend to use the iPhone single-handed with your dominant hand.

Of course, there may be other usage benefits to RightX depending on the way you hold your iPhone. Have a look at our full video walkthrough inside for further details on the tweak.

Once installed, RightX just starts working; there are no settings or options to configure. You can find RightX on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for free. It does require iOS 7, and only works with the stock Safari browser.

What do you think about RightX?

  • Ben

    Pointless in my eyes.

    • Juana David


      ☆☆☆�☆ ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆ ☆☆�☆☆☆ RightX is handy if you’re left handed and tend to use the iPhone single-handed with your dominant hand.

      • abdullah575

        stop spamming!!!

  • David Buenrostro

    I’d rather remove the X entirely seeing that the swipe left gesture is sufficient regardless of how you hold your phone.

    • Diego Gastón Milano

      Yes and when that tweak comes out there will be yet another video on it here.

  • Patrick Ochoa

    Hey Jeff, just wanted to point out that there’s been a few good tweaks out lately and I feel like your not using your time correctly. Not to say this tweak won’t be useful for anyone but this is tiny compared to other apps or tweaks that have come out lately that have not even been mentioned on here. Just as an example I want to use Classic switcher. You prewied that tweak and it’s been out for I think over a week now. Just giving my two cents, love your work still though.

    • Zod

      if hes previewed it already why would you want another video on it?

      • Patrick Ochoa

        That was just an example, and the preview was before the release, where he said he would make another video once it came out. I don’t really care about that one, just saying that there’s been more interesting tweaks or apps than this one.

      • Zod

        I agree with you but Jeff does plenty of videos on tweaks daily! He reviews a lot of tweaks whether they are groundbreaking or not.

      • Patrick Ochoa


  • Abdl

    Who uses the ‘x’ button to close tabs? ….with the swipe gesture gesture available

    • Barry

      I do. :/

  • Aimon

    Jeff bro seriously !!

  • abdullah575

    can you make a Section for tweaks and theme comfortable with iOS 7

    • Abdl