SleekSleep is a recently released jailbreak tweak that allows you to emulate a press of the sleep button by means of the iPhone’s proximity sensor. This basically means that you can sleep or wake your iPhone using a wave or swiping motion in front of the device.

As we always like to do here at iDB, we’ve taken the liberty to record a walkthrough of SleekSleep so that you can see exactly how it works. Take a look past the break to see this interesting tweak in action.

After installing SleekSleep, you can start using it, or head over to the stock Settings app to perform further configuration. The tweak’s preference panel is basically made up of a group of sliders used to adjust the sensitivity of the tweak. SleekSleep also features a Flipswitch toggle to quickly disable its effects via Control Center or other areas.

Sure enough, after installing SleekSleep, I was able to wave my hand in front of my device to turn it off and turn it on. Obviously, since this tweak is requiring that the proximity sensor stay active, it will have some negative consequences for your iPhone’s battery; it’s just part of the territory for a tweak like this.

SleekSleep is a neat tweak, if not a bit unnecessary. It’s something cool to show off to your friends, but even I have to question its practicality, especially when you throw in the potential battery issues. Keep in mind that SleekSleep only works with iPhones due to the proximity sensor requirement, but it does play nice with either iOS 6 or iOS 7.

If you want to give it a shot then you can purchase SleekSleep for $0.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. If you’ve already done so, then please let us know what your experience has been like in the comment section below.

  • Nihas Nebas

    love to try out these type of tweaks but the only fact holding me back is the battery issue after installing them

    • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

      wait for that guy in that uses the m7 chip to run task like that. battery saver!

      • Ricky

        I think the proximity is the one taking up the battery?

      • Maxim∑

        M7 co-processor monitors accelerometer,gyroscope,magnetometer and GPS. It wont track the ambient light sensor or proximity sensor

      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

        do you think the m7 next gen, would include ambient light sensor/ prox sensor?

  • joshhami

    funny thing is. the proximity sensor is always on anyways especially if you have raise to speak in siri on.

    • iOops

      It’s only enabled when you lift your phone, and is off most other times.

      • sambuzzlight

        but sometimes i notice its on at midnight in the pitch black when i am ‘buying gifts for mom’ …. kinda creeps me out sometimes

      • iOops

        Yep, it will be when the phone is in your hand, but the sensor should be off when the phone is asleep or laying on a desk, turned on.

  • coejam

    Good tweak for those who has broken sleep button.

    • Jason Duong

      I actually have a broken sleep button. Thank F**k for this tweak.

      • RyanFoley

        I too have a broken sleep button. Me and you are really tempting fate if we ever have to DFU…

      • Jason Duong

        My sleep button used to work normally, then it only worked on the left side, then it completely stopped working.

        DFU mode… T-T

        Thank god though, if our phones run out of battery, it automatically turns on when we charge it.

      • RyanFoley

        I find I have to “massage” it. If I roll my finger around the button, eventually I’ll find the sweet spot. That’s fine for normal usage because I can SEE that I pressed it. DFU mode and powering the device on is much harder because I don’t have any visual cues for if I’m pressing the button or not.

        I dread the day I need to DFU mode. I’m due for an upgrade in July, but plan on waiting for the iPhone 6. That’s 9-10 months living on the edge haha

      • Jason Duong

        I’m definitely getting the iPhone 6 as well. :D.

        I can’t even roll the sleep button. It’s completely dead lols.

  • Wale

    Nice tweak though but would prefer a tweak like samsungs swipe to answer a call. I do job that involves oils and grease ( u need to see my white iphone 5). Could use a swipe above the proximity sensor to recieve a call. Cos that i find very cool on Sammy

  • Carter

    what about if its in your pocket.

    • Vishnu GR

      It’s an efficient code. It can cancel many false positives

      • Jason Duong

        It has never turned my phone on while being in my pocket.

        Just have it in 2 swipes or more.

    • werlay

      when am working its never in my pocket.

  • Justin

    I just tried it out. I find it much easier to tap the home button to wake from sleep then swipe to unlock, instead of swipe twice to wake then swipe again to unlock. If it also unlocked, then it might be worthy. Not to mention the extra battery drain.

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Nice idea, but the battery drain is a problem

  • Waiting for the old trusty “Dim Delay” tweak to become compatible with 7; so a docked iphone can function as an always on clock on the lockscreen.

    • 0ʇılouɐɯ

      “Dim Delay” and the great/awesome DimToBlackScreen will never be in iOS7, saddly,,,

  • yhussy

    it not useful i cant unlock the phone.

  • ExRoot

    Off topic: Any one having database load issues in cydia. For the last 24 hours I cannot load any. Before the cydia welcome page I get database warning saying 1) problem with merge list /var/lib/apt/lists/apt.modmyi.com_dists_stable_main_binary-iPhones-arm_pacakages 2) exceeded number of package names apt is capable of 3)The first welcome Cydia page loads but sections, changes, installed are all blank. Sources are there. Nothing in search.

    Both errors in iPad and I phone. Only tweaks I have in this brand new Ipad air are movie box and activator. The last downloads were updates from cydia regarding Cydia so I think that’s where the problem is.

    • thvanderwal

      Try removing some sources you don’t use

      • ExRoot

        Lol. Came back here to say I fixed it when I saw your response. Your right. I just deleted a repo and all was fine. Thanks anyway.

  • Abdl

    I normally get about 6 hrs of usage with battery about 40% remaining. I prefer my phone un-jailbroken

    • RyanFoley

      And here we have someone else trying to tell everyone who jailbreaks that all they’re doing is wasting battery.

    • Sandy Cook

      Not exactly exclusive to jailbreaked phones, fill your shit with Apple store crap and it’s no better

  • J™

    or i can just press the sleep button and save a dollar

  • Raisul Rajib

    Can i get the tweak free

  • Vishnu GR

    I have an iPhone 4S and it doesn’t seem to work.

    • Chris Akers

      sleek sleep works on my 4 my 5 is getting repaired not because it broke just because it was close to.

  • Sandy Cook

    Currently using this as a HOME BUTTON EMULATOR on my iPhone 4, via the Activator Event option. The home button is the most commonly-failing physical button and this is a great alternative for users of older devices to the fingerprint scanner home button emulator only the 5S can use. I have the Insomnia option off and just use the physical power/sleep button, which is more robust than the home button

  • dropthepuck28 .

    tried this out a few weeks ago…real cool…but really drains your battery. Fix the battery issue and everyone will be all over it.

  • Michael

    Hey guys,
    Can someone tell me how to fix all Zeppelin icon on statusbar showing black & white

  • Al

    Anyone know what the small icon on the top right between the bluetooth and the moon icon.

    Or is that even out yet.

    • Dri

      pebble wacht icon

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    I prefer using virtual homes double tap gesture / action…

  • Raashid

    Uhm, why not just press the damn sleep (or home) button? Worrying that’ll break it eventually speaks a lot about the “quality” of your iPhone…

    • Jason Duong

      Well my power button is broken, I’ve ran out of warranty, and it costs a lot to get it fixed.

  • Aurelio Bautista

    I use activator, just one single tap on the status bar and I lock my i5. Also you can try wave off, nice tweak.

  • Mads Teland

    I remember another tweak that uses promixity sensor when you call someone, but don’t remember name of the tweak. I know it was on idownloadblog when iOS 6 jailbreak time 😉

  • DSPT

    Absolutely pointless!