Hot on the heels of another Touch ID enabled jailbreak tweak comes BioProtect—a tweak exclusively dedicated to protecting individual apps with Touch ID. Unlike the previous tweak we covered, AppLocker, BioProtect’s entire goal is solely based on securing individual apps by means of Touch ID.

The singular focus is immediately noticeable while using BioProtect. Its graphics, design, and preferences are all orientated towards the single goal. This makes BioProtect the best choice for those of you who are only interested in Touch ID-based app security. Have a look at our full video walkthrough, which breaks down the tweak, inside.

BioProtect, available for $2.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, is the creation of Elias Limneos. Elias is responsible for one of the better jailbreak tweaks called CallBar, and when you see his name associated with a particular release, you can pretty much assure that its quality will be decent, if not spectacular.

In order to use BioProtect, you must have an iPhone 5s, the only Touch ID enabled device available at the moment. Before you can use BioProtect, Touch ID must be configured with at least one fingerprint. In order to access the tweak’s preference panel, you’ll need to verify your fingerprint via a scan on the Touch ID sensor.


Some have expressed concern over potential security issues stemming from the use of Touch ID within jailbreak tweaks. But the only thing that tweaks like BioProtect do is ask iOS whether or not the fingerprint submitted is a valid. No actual fingerprint data gets passed anywhere, so there’s no need to worry about these tweaks intercepting or stealing your fingerprint data.

Once in BioProtect’s settings, you’ll notice an overall kill switch, a toggle to turn on app switcher protection, vibrate on error, and a section for establishing the animation circle color.

BioProtect Settings

The protect app switcher toggle will literally ask you to verify your fingerprint any time you invoke the app switcher. It won’t actually display the contents of the app switcher until your fingerprint is verified. This not only keeps users from being able to switch to a potentially locked app, but it keeps users from seeing the contents of the running apps in the switcher as well.

The circle color section allows users to select between three color overlays for the animation that pops up when trying to launch a protected app. The colors correspond to the three different iPhone 5s colors available—white, black, and gold.

BioProtect Circle Color

Below the global settings is a shortcut to the Touch ID section of the stock Settings app. On iOS 7.0.4 and below, this is available at Settings > General > Touch ID & Passcode > Touch ID. You’ll be asked to enter your passcode any time you wish to take advantage of this shortcut.

Below the Touch ID shortcut lies a list of all of the applications installed on your device. Next to each application is a toggle that can be switched on to enable BioProtect security for that individual app. Once an app is toggled on, that app is subjected to BioProtect’s security immediately.

As of now, BioProtect has been plagued by a bug that keeps the overlay animation running in the background even when it disappears from view. Because of this, some users have complained their devices have become excessively warm, and that its battery life depletes rapidly. Limneos has acknowledged this bug on Twitter and is working on a fix.

Although BioProtect is much better looking, and easier to configure than AppLocker, it doesn’t have nearly as many features and costs substantially more. If you’re a power user, I’m most inclined to recommend AppLocker, even though it pales in comparison from a presentation standpoint. If you’re someone who wants something that “just works” or you’d like to impress your friends with your cool biometric security, BioProtect is definitely the way to go.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

  • GorGorWoeWoe

    Applocker or Bioprotect? Which one is better?

    • Keir Dicus

      I got both and I prefer Bioprotect because it just looks better with the animation

    • Alex Ranes

      App locker foresure. It’s way cheaper and bioprotect is buggy as hell

    • jgr627

      Niether, if your that sensitive about the info on your idevice, just put a secure password and never lend your device to anybody and your good

      • MikeOxlong


    • RarestName


    • Quang Anh Phạm

      i prefer Applocker because of usefulness. You can use Passcode to unlock app in case of can not use touch id when your finger wet. and one thing is it cheaper

      • Ғасәвӧок Цѕєг

        I am more concern about ease of using my phone so i got applocker coz it have sesson lock thing which is awesome ;3

      • hack_nug

        I’d go with AppLocker because you can let other people input the password in case you want them to use your locked apps.

  • Phil Randle

    love BioProtect, thanks for the information iDownloadblog, was wondering about the heading issue!

    • Ímřãń Şäîf

      Sir plz send Bioprotect link
      Sir plz. Send me

  • Moises Espinoza

    My iphone 5s battery depletes quickly without any tweaks. 5 hours usage.

    • DMCK

      Full Restore …

      • Moises Espinoza

        Have tried that. I even got a replacement. Exact same results.

      • Burge

        Did you restore from a back up ? If so don’t. Restoring from a back could be putting back on what is causing the battery drain in the first place. I get a full day out of my 5s, sometimes more.

      • Moises Espinoza

        Is restoring from an iCloud backup okay?

      • Burge

        Do not restore from any back up.. When you have manually put your info back on it and you sync that with iTunes , can you rejailbreak .. Now you you have a clean restore on iTunes that you can use if something goes wrong again. If you sync a device with a error on it and you restore a device you will put that error back on the device .

        Delete the old restores you got in iTunes one of them has a bug in it that is causing this battery drain..

      • MikeOxlong

        Bad backup. Period.

    • RarestName

      I’d be really happy with 5 hours of usage to be honest, since I have everything switched on.

      • Rowan09

        Damn something is wrong then because I got 8:30 hours while shoveling snow yesterday with it playing the radio the whole time. Is the brightness on high?

      • RarestName

        No. Actually I think it’s region-affected due to different temperatures.

      • Moises Espinoza

        Most I’ve gotten is 6 hours

      • MikeOxlong

        I get 9-10 hours on screen usage with everything turned on. Your clearly doing something wrong

      • RarestName

        There is no way for iOS users to check their on screen usage. Also, I don’t listen to music or download stuff in the background with the screen off. I browse the web the most.

      • MikeOxlong

        Yes there is a view point to usage. It’s under settings, under USAGE. While it lacks info like android it does show how long the phone has been off charger, and we’ll as usage (screen on) time. Point being, under normal use (web,email,txt,video) I ALWAYS get 9-10 hours screen on time, and always have since the 4.

      • RarestName

        That is not screen on time. That shows the time it has been used. Try playing music for 6 hours with the screen locked. Or getting push emails for a few hours. That will increase even if the screen is off. I doubt you can continuously browse the web on Safari on 4G for 9-10 hours.

      • MikeOxlong

        God, you’re ignorant. I don’t listen to music unless its in the car and plugged in. I told you what my use consist of, and how many hours it reflects. In MY case, usage time IS SCREEN ON TIME. I don’t care what you doubt, I’ve attained the same use on every iphone since the 4.

      • RarestName

        I’m ignorant for giving you the right information?

        I never said that you’re listening to music all the time. I merely told you to try it. What I’m trying to say is that the timing in the usage tab is not purely for on screen time.

        I’m not saying that it’s impossible for you to achieve such a great usage time, but the way you’re phrasing your reply makes it easy for people to misinterpret it. Like it or not, your phone does things in the background when locked, and that is also included with your so-called “on screen time” section of the page.

        I’m sure that I’m not doing something wrong, as ever other iPhone user complain about battery life issues, and they pretty much turn everything off.

      • MikeOxlong

        I still get 9-10 hours of on screen time (calculated by my massive cranium) in my iphone, and every iphone I’ve owned before going back to the 4. Your ranting and yapping changes nothing. Sorry.

      • RarestName

        My “ranting and yapping” was only induced by your sense of superiority. Most people don’t get 9-10 hours, so I’m clearly not doing something wrong. Sorry.

    • David Horbach

      Maybe regularly closing apps? And keeping the brightness at 50%

  • suttonmontreal

    Yay BioProtect is really a nice tweak, easy to use, practical but as you said it has this heating bug on first version .
    I have to uninstall it and wait as Limeus is working to fix that.
    But over all I will consider this as one of the best reasons to Jailbreak

  • a phone 007 would be proud of…..

  • Alberto Espinal

    I said this in another post, but what happens with the tweak “Virtual Home and the Activator one? Do they still work!

    • Sergio Dominguez

      If you keep your finger on the touch id for too long it will open the app and immediately close it.
      You only have to put your finger long enough for the security pass

    • vvvlad

      Virtual home stopped working for me as soon as I’ve installed BioProtect.
      Guess they are using the same command and have conflict.

      • Shahan

        Same issue with me :/ ..

      • vvvlad

        do you have an issue unlocking your device with TouchId?

  • Mike Colacone Saal

    So, I still have to see how I like using this with virtual home, I would much rather have this working with zephyr… However… I like using this to protect a few apps and not having to use my fingerprint just to unlock my device. I used activator to unlock my device by tapping the TouchID sensor and now I can just lock down the specific apps I want. Great combination right there! The single tap activator shortcut is much faster than sliding to unlock!

    • Pranav Shankar

      I’m not sure if chpwn wants to update zephyr:(

  • Sripradha Ravi

    does this work for iPhone 4 gsm?

    • HamptonWalley

      Yes, with 3GS too.

      • ConduciveMammal

        Don’t forget the original iPhone. Not the first released, but the prototype with a crystal display, handset and stylus

  • Stephan Chery

    This is why I jailbreak

  • Paul Lopez

    fix for heating issue is out on cydia. update now

  • HamptonWalley

    So far I have not seen anything to make me Jailbrake my 5S. All is garbage.

    • Rowan09

      Then you must have not jail broken your phone before. Moviebox, iFile, Bridge, MyWi are a few good reasons to jailbreak.

  • Mustang5Oh

    I love VirtualHome but this is way better. They don’t seem to play nicely together unfortunately. I’ll take BioProtect over VH though for sure.

    • Stephane Lang

      There’s a conflict between the two tweaks.

  • hkgsulphate


  • jack

    Jeff I love your articles but please do some basic tweak testing on the videos. Examples for this case: opening a protected app from task switcher asks for a pw? Unlocking your phone and landing on a protected app asks for pw? If I protect the Camera app and open LS camera what happens? Opening a protected app from within other app asks for pw? Basic stuff like that

  • Andrè A.T

    Can i use this tweak without enable touchID?

  • Matthew Cooper

    This tweak is awesome except it makes my phone really hot and the battery drains because of it. I uninstalled and will wait for an update

  • Kidz Sheridan

    Sadly, it conflicted with virtualhome 🙁

  • Matt Taylor

    Jeff, you have to remember that this was just released! More features will more than likely come in future updates! Several have already been promised such as locking folders…

  • abhi

    i install bioprotect its looks nice but
    veitual jome is not working when i using bioprotect why

  • amazingrugs

    Tried BioProtect. Works pretty good. Would be really nice if there was a way for developers to store specific app passwords in the TouchID. For example being able to log in to your banking app or credit card app with the touchID.

    Right now, BioProtect only controls the actual opening of an app, not actually logging in.

  • Noah Mospan

    Anyone getting the problem of virtual home and bio protect not working together? With bio protect on virtual home won’t work.

  • Bomie Meneses

    My messages app is protected by bioapp but whenever i received messages then ill press open it does not ask for my fingrprint.. Why is that?

    • John Glenn

      It’s a bug. The developer is aware of the issue and will probably push an update out some time tomorrow.

  • Zaw Win Htun

    this one Doesn’t work with virtualhome

  • Tawshy

    Bio protect dies the battery faster

  • srikar

    My Phone is respringing in safe mode after using the app…when I uninstall it the phone works fine…I have reinstalled it several times with no luck…any help appreciated

  • Bella Paz

    Virtual Home doesn’t work with BioProtect. please fix it

  • Bella Paz

    Virtual Home doesn’t work with BioProtect

  • redjazon

    Here’s a flaw, the tweak can be bypassed thru taking a screenshot. );

  • Bomie Meneses

    When going to the bioprotect setting for the second time, the app stops working and it needs for my phone to be restarted again. Is that a new bug?

  • La Cucaracha

    The update is out. Does the update fix the battery drain issue?

    • Gurpreen

      exactly my concern, i feel like my battery is still very bad.

  • Elias Limneos

    Thank you all , I value all the comments. You may check the latest update v1.0-84, it has all previous issues fixed and has added a ton of new features!

  • Amir Hossein

    it’s too bad for battery life

  • James

    pls help me i downloaded this tweak used it and and enabled it on cydia and settings and now its not reading my fingerprint for some reason so i cant do anythig anymore! PLS HELP ME!

    • bdone

      Turn on iPad from OFF holding down volume up til you see lock screen. Ipad should have booted without jailbreak (temporarily). Open cydia and uninstall tweak. Find prefs file in file and delete to reinstall. Reboot iPad and voila.

  • Lisa Schmidt

    I can’t seem to get into the bioprotect setup or settings menu, what am I doing wrong?

  • Waster

    I have a problem with BioProtect. I set up the apps that I want it to secure, but when I open the apps, it never asks for my print. It just opens the app like normal. When I go to the multitask screen, it says “BioProtected” but never asks for a print…

    • SaOud

      the same …. any help please !!!

  • Nagi H

    It is easy to bypass by just spotlight searching the app in IOS 9

  • Nagi H

    Bioprotect is easily bypassed by opening the app from spotlight search.

  • Tony Poch

    Can this be used to prevent app deleting