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A beta build of a new jailbreak tweak with a highly anticipated premise landed in my email inbox late this afternoon, and it’s marvelous. AppLocker is a jailbreak tweak that has existed for quite some time, but its beta build was just recently updated to include Touch ID support for locking individual apps.

After trying the Touch ID implementation on my jailbroken iPhone 5s, I can happily report that it works just as well as I imagined. Unlocking is brisk, and seamless. The Touch ID support works with the fingerprints that you already have assigned during the Touch ID initial setup, so there’s not a lot of cumbersome configuration to be had with AppLocker.

But enough talking. You have to see how AppLocker works for yourself. Check out  our exclusive hands-on video after the break.

If you don’t happen to own an iPhone 5s, don’t worry. AppLocker works perfectly fine with devices not enabled for Touch ID using passwords. Even if you use Touch ID, you still have the option of tying in a password at the prompts instead of using a Touch ID enabled fingerprint. This could be useful for those moments when you need to provide others with access to certain apps or folders on your device.

Once installed on your device, you can configure AppLocker directly from the stock Settings app. Inside the AppLocker preference panel, you will find sections for General, Application Locking, Folder Locking, Reset Password Phrase, and More. The tweak includes checks to prevent secured apps from being accessed via the app switcher, and via other means in order to stay secure. AppLocker is by no means a fail-proof way to secure your phone, but it’s a good intermediate security tool to keep the average Joe out of your device.

AppLocker 2.2

AppLocker is developed by highly esteemed jailbreak developer cjori. He hasn’t provided me with an exact ETA for AppLocker’s release, but rest assured, it’s coming soon. The finished product will have a lot more features that support Touch ID, like folders.

What do you think about this beta build of AppLocker? Are you happy to see this sort of functionality supported for iPhone 5s owners? Would you use AppLocker with Touch ID to secure apps individually on your device? Let me know your thoughts, opinions, and impressions in the comment section below.

Note: cjori just tweeted out that AppLocker 2.2, the build including support for Touch ID, has just been submitted to Cydia’s ModMyi repo. It should therefore be released within 24 hours. The update will be free for current owners of AppLocker, and it will be $0.99 for first time purchasers.

Considering that AppLocker 2.2 features a highly anticipated implementation of Touch ID, it would have been really easy, and frankly justifiable, if cjori would have decided to charge for the update. The fact that he isn’t charging should hopefully convince those of you who have yet to purchase the tweak to go about purchasing it through legitimate channels.

Update: AppLocker 2.2 is now available on the ModMyi repo for $0.99. Once you try it, share your thoughts on it below.

  • Anthony Lara

    That’s awesome.

  • solidsephiroth

    That was one of my favorites from last the iOS generation.

  • Sumit Agnihotri


  • Matheus Lisboa

    I hope it allows us to unable the password and keep only the touchid… Is quite boring having people asking my password so they can use…

    • Chirag

      There’s a tweak called Bioprotect by Elias Limneos which should be released in a couple of days.

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        Oh yes! True! I remember! And it looks nicer.

      • Matheus Lisboa

        This tweak looks better then applock…

      • Matthew Cooper

        Bioprotect is in Cydia right now. Im having trouble paying for it tho. Something wrong with servers

      • iBanks

        I’ve been having troubles trying to make a couple purchases even AppLocker. PayPal keeps saying it can’t send the payment or something like that.

      • Phil Randle

        Just got BioProtect, VERY polished. A lot better then this tweak, the choice of which colour touch ID is a nice touch so you can match it to your device, been using it for an hour, works flawlessly.

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        Can you disable using touch id from the lock screen with bio protect? I feel it’s pointless if I have to use it to unlock too… I’d rather just lock individual apps

  • Bryan Sepkowski

    For anyone wondering, the old applocker works on iOS 7. I’m using it right now on iPhone 4s 7.0.4

    • Raul Flores

      Also works on iOS 7.1 Beta 3

  • dhruva

    making me more lazy 🙂

  • have any one tried to integrate the old post to facebook using activator gestures? 😀 I bet you it’s so cool to find out it’s working on iOS7

    • ConduciveMammal

      I have it assigned. Saves me from being pissed at Apple for removing it

  • Armando Lopez

    Jeff I think you meant “have the option of typing in” and not “tying in” great article as always though.

  • iBanks

    My dream has just about come true. YES!! More hidden tit pix and no more looking over my shoulder for the password for her to see who’s tits.

    • La Cucaracha

      I feel you bro! I love tit pics and my wife is always checking my phone

      • Dan

        I lol’d, same with my wife, but replace phone with PC and pics with videos

    • Ashish Maheshwari

      for that you can also use an app store app named “KeepSafe”. keeps pictures away from camera roll too so you dont have to protect your camera roll which may contain all other snaps.

      • iBanks

        I was only joking for the most part. But I have other means of keeping such pix hidden on my device without them actually being on my device. Simple log in and log outs using cloud services works wonders.

      • Raul Flores

        iZip then Upload to Dropbox does the charm.

      • Ashish Maheshwari

        the dropbox folder on PC (windows) is unsecure. any guest using my PC can access it 🙁

  • Guest

    when I jailbreak should I be connected on itunes or disconnect my iPhone from iTunes

    • James Gunn

      You should always have iTunes closed when jail breaking.

  • Ana Paula

    Wow! I liked it.
    Shit. I don’t have Iphone 5s.
    Now I will have to wait for a tweak to add touch id capability to my iPhone 4s

    • What?

      …No tweak can add touch id. Touch ID is hardware.

      • Ana Paula

        I was kidding… But assuming that you didn’t know, It’s incredible how you explained without calling me dumb

      • Micaiah Martin

        Just develop one that plugs into the the lightning port 🙂

      • BananaAnna

        blablabla of course you can do it!! with a little hope and belief everything is possible… 😛

  • Matthew Cooper

    Would be better if u could switch off the password popup and make an unregistered finger just seem like it cannot open the app. Rather tell someone “oh idk why that app doesnt work” instead of explaining why i have it password locked.

    • Ashish Maheshwari

      yeah it would be a nice addition 🙂

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    Yet another basic feature that should have been introduced by Apple on iOS 7 on iPhone 5s. Apple is doing this on purpose as they know Cydia developers would do it for them. 🙂
    Thank You!

    • James Gunn

      It’s great for Apple to save $Millions on development when the jailbreak dev’s do it all for them! Every new feature is straight copied from Cydia and nothing can be done about it coz it shouldn’t be done in the first place! Win win for Apple. That’s why although they don’t like it they don’t clamp down as hard and fast as they could! They then claim how innovative it all is without any credit to the actual brains behind it!

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        I suppose that’s how most software works however the mobile software industry has been more impacted by this as it’s been a tendency for the last years.

  • William Melendez

    Sweet ! I like how all these nice tweaks are coming out for our iphone 5s.

  • M L

    Well 2.2 is out and it’s not working at all on my 5s….. when I set to wiggle mode, the locks are there. So I set it for red (locked) and when I go back to normal mode…everything opens up as normal 🙁

    • RarestName

      Working fine for me.

      • M L

        Hmmmm interesting. Bioprotect works for me.

  • Bennett Newsome

    Tried both, its all about BioProtect!

    • Warren Skipper

      How are the two different?

    • Matthew Cooper

      Did u have any problems purchasing BioProtect? This is all i get!!!

  • Eikast

    Amazing. Great timing too. I saw this right before BioProtect was up on BigBoss.
    Saved me $1.99

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    For some reason this tweak refuses to work for me. I continually get “Wrong Password” weirdly bioprotect works fine though. I initially had a greyed out settings page but fixed that by uninstalling cydia substrate (there must have been a conflict somewhere) and then reinstalling it along with bioprotect.

  • Likii111

    Bad thing is that my TouchID never worked 🙁

    • iBanks

      Need new fingers and thumbs 😉

      • Likii111

        My problem is with TouchID, when i want to add it says “operation failed…”

      • Matthew Cooper

        Bad sensor probably

    • James Gunn

      Keep your hands a lot cleaner and it works fine! In most cases. Dirt and grease is a big hindrance to it. Apologies if you do!

  • Julian

    This is great. I’d like to use it along with Virtual Home (great too). But them seems to be conflictual, obviously may be. Any idea or solution for this (keep both of them working together)?

    • Fernando Bravo

      For me too and conflict too in Activator fingerprint sensor!!!

  • Milad

    It’s working fine with touch id , only it’s weird since I have Virtual Home touch id app , it’s a little confusing, had to remove Virtual Home App 🙁
    I really liked that Virtual Home App 🙁

    • I’m in the same boat with ya!

  • Oxil Novo

    I love it but Virtual Home too! Is there any workaround to have them working together properly?

  • James Gunn

    BioProtect is the biggest battery killer ever! More so than when Auxo, NC Settings etc first came out. They killed/drained your battery. My i5 battery got so hot all the time that it swelled up and bent the screen in the middle. Took to Apple shop and they replaced w/o question. After restoring and unjailbreaking. Of course! There was a massive mound in the middle of screen with loads of light coming from it. This was with the ios6 jb not this one!

  • silvelix

    My phone started to heat up while testing bioprotect? Did you guys try applocker does it kill your battery too?

    • DMCK

      It’s perfect . App-locker has been there before … Go with the devil u know …. 1 hour 30 of continues use only used 8% of my battery with Applocker installed

  • 3xE

    Does anyone have the issue where the apps open and then its asks for the password? It lets the app load and see what its about before its asks for the password

  • Lots of tweaks installed; smooth running; except for a spotlight crash on search….

  • Alberto Espinal

    Hey Jeff! What happens with the tweak Virtual Home and the Activador? Do they still work? It would be a shame to lose those!

  • al7oot

    Awesome tweak..

  • Vishal Jain

    How do I enable it??

  • Rifano

    Hi, I just upgraded applocker to version 2.2.2 and have an issue with the session locking. It didn’t work. i.e if I lock photos and enable the session locking it didn’t request passcode after I lock and unlock my device. After I unlocked it the other apps that I locked also didn’t request a passcode.

    However if I turn off session locking it works normally after I lock and unlock my device. So session locking is not working. Anyone have the same problem?

    I’m using jailbroken iOS 7.0.4 evasiOn

    • Raymond

      I am looking through the comments and hoping someone will encountered the same problem as me and finally saw your comment. I remember previously session locking is working correctly on my old iOS device.

      Hopefully the developer is aware of this problem and issue a fix soonest. Thanks.

      • Rifano

        I already emailed the author twice on the 2.2 and 2.2.2 version. But no upgrade until I post this comment.

      • Raymond

        The developer has acknowledged this issue as per his twitter and are going to launch 2.2.3 soon.

      • Rifano

        Great. Can’t wait for it. Thanks for the info.

    • Dan

      yeah same here, right now I turned off session locking, will have to wait for an update I guess

  • Chaly José Perez

    nothing that i download works 🙁 and i got cydia substrate 🙁 why is that? i got iphone 5S

  • Dan

    I have an iPad air, so no touch sensor for me (thanks Apple). Love this tweak, been using it for over a year, happy it’s finally IOS 7 compatible.

  • Rifano

    Just update to 2.2.3 and the problem with session locking still exist. After relock and unlock it didn’t ask for a passcode.

    • Raymond

      I just did a upgrade and the session locking bug is resolved. Not sure why your case is different. Maybe you can try uninstall and reinstall again?

      • Rifano

        I’ve just updated to 2.2.4 and the problem solved! Session locking working perfeclty in this version. Don’t know why 2.2.3 was not working. But never mind it’s good to go now 🙂

  • Raymond

    2.2.3 is out which fixed the session bug.

    • Rifano

      Did you enable the passcode lock on version 2.2.3? It appears session locking only works when the passcode lock is enabled. I don’t use passcode lock maybe that’s why the session locking on 2.2.3 didn’t worked. Version 2.2.4 fixed this.

      • Raymond

        You are right, my passcode lock was enabled. I tried to disable my passcode lock and session locking was not working on 2.2.3. Thumbs up for the developer who fix all the bugs promptly.

      • Rifano

        Thumbs up indeed. I almost restore and rejailbreak my iPhone because this issue. But thank God I didn’t 🙂

  • Shuyu Zheng

    i locked my apps without setting up passwords. cant open any apps anymore…..

  • Oskars Krasnikovs

    Please help! I was accidentally lock settings and cydia without set up password and now I can’t get in.

  • Jason Mauai

    Breaks on safe mode 🙁 plus stores passcode in plain text. Not secure especially for non-touchID devices.

  • seenivasan

    Hi Friends,

    I bought new iphone 5s recently.
    Can any one tell me how to install “applocker” in iphone. I have searched in app store but i am unable to find out.

    mail me at :

    If any one knows answer for this please mail me.
    Thanks .

  • Anup Chhabra

    Whenever i enable Applocker, My Iphone6 keep crashing evry now and then, Since i really like this tweak, any other suggestion other than disabling it??

  • Kürsat Özgül

    I have found a flaw. Maker, Pm me if u’re interested!

    Any help?