Assistant Unrestrictor Screenshots

I don’t use Siri nearly as much as I used to, so maybe I’m in the minority when I state that I rarely have problems with Siri not working; I simply don’t use it enough to encounter any problems. But for those of you who use Siri day in and day out, you’re more likely to experience the issues that Assistant Unrestrictor—a new jailbreak tweak available on Cydia’s BigBoss repo—tries to solve.

Assistant Unrestrictor is a tweak that forces the old-school Voice Control to come into play in the instances where Siri is unavailable. For example, when Siri is down due to the lack of a network connection, Voice Control can step in and handle some of the light load. Obviously, Voice Control is nowhere near as robust as Siri, but for light duty, it’s adequate in a pinch. Have a look at our full video walkthrough inside to see how it works.

After installing Assistant Unrestrictor, you won’t notice any new options, settings, or app icons. Once the tweak is installed, it just starts working.

To test Assistant Unrestrictor, I disabled the Wi-Fi connection on my device by means of Control Center. I then invoked Siri using a press and hold on the Home button, and after a slight delay, Voice Control appeared instead.

Without Assistant Unrestrictor installed, users are normally met with an error message stating that Siri is unavailable. While not as useful as Siri, Voice Control is a nice backup to have when you just want to switch songs, or dial a contact.

You can find Assistant Unrestrictor free of charge on Cydia. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

  • Barry

    You guys should really take a look at the updated ProTube extension. :/

  • Shane Fela

    You can do this without a jailbreak
    Just turn Siri off. It Is the same interface

    • Shawn

      not the point. this does it if siri in unavailable

    • deepdvd

      That’s like telling a one-legged man to not get an automatic transmission.

  • good one

  • Brandon Weidema

    this is going to be an extremely handy tweak for ipod touch users

    • iPT MSTR


  • johndhynes

    Never understood why this function is not standard. Voice control worked fine, until I got Siri, which would fail, often as not…

  • Camui

    Very cool! There have been many instances where I needed a tweak like this!

    That reminds me…Does anyone (or do you Jeff) know of any iOS 7 tweaks to increase the amount of icons per folder page? 9 is just so pitiful compared to the 16 allowed in iOS 6.
    I have not had any success searching. Any help would be greatly apprecaited.

    • Christian Mejía

      You can definitely put more than 9 apps in a folder in iOS 7 just put more in and It makes a new page. I don’t know the limit but I’ve made 2 pages full.

      • Kamran Mackey

        No, I think he means increase the number of apps PER folder page, instead of just the default 9 apps that shows on each page.

      • Camui

        Kamran is correct. I am talking about PER page.
        Having only 9 per page is such an insufficient use of space, especially on an iPad.

    • mav3rick

      Wait for FolderEnhancer to be updated for iOS7. Or new tweak 7folderX in the making will do it

  • Kenrick Fernandes

    I’m in a bit of a dilemma. I have jailbroken before plenty of times. Before i jailbreak i always restore my phone to factory so that the jailbreak goes smoothly. This time i have too much of data. Is it ok if i jailbreak without restoring? Or can i restore – jailbreak – backup. My icloud is also run out of space. So confused.

    • Divesh

      If u have updated from ios 6 to ios 7 OTA (via settings), you will surely get stuck on boot, so if u are jail breaking ios 7, u need to restore, if ur on ios 6, yes you can go ahead and jailbreak without restore. You really didn’t need to restore all the time before, only ios 7 needs restore cause evasion 7 has problems. Enjoy.

    • mav3rick

      Best method tried to Jailbreak when phone is full:
      – backup on iTunes;
      – restore in iTunes to clean install iOS;
      – Jailbreak; it will Jailbreak and respring fast;
      – restore in iTunes.
      All from experience, use at your discretion.

      • Adan

        Your last point, ‘restore data from latest back up in iTunes’, will kill the jailbreak… surely that’s not how you have done it, in your ‘experience’…

      • mav3rick

        No, it will not. Read again: restore data from backup, not the iOS on the phone. It will restore apps with data and all phone settings. Even with settings from Jailbreak tweaks. Obviously tried it couple times.
        If you did not check it, do not make false affirmations and accusations. You don’t know much about Jaibreaking.

  • deepdvd

    That means it’s a pain in the leg to have to do it that way. =]