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I’m a bit embarrassed to admit it, but I never got around to posting a Windows jailbreak video tutorial for Evasi0n 7. Usually, I’m on such a tutorial like white on rice, and I take pride in helping our faithful readers through the entire jailbreak process, regardless of their platform of choice. This time, however, things were a bit different.

Although we were able to post our Mac video tutorial in a short turnaround time, the Windows video tutorial was nowhere to be found. Why? Well, to be frank, it’s because I couldn’t get it working.

I could start the jailbreak perfectly fine, and I never ran into any error messages, but I just could not for the life of me get past the Configuring System 2/2 step during Evasi0n’s jailbreak process. It’s like everything would just come to a screeching halt as soon as it got to this step.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, I was finally able to work past this issue. The headline kind of gives it away, but the solution isn’t something I can take credit for at all. The solution is actually thanks, at least in part, to someone very close to Saurik. Check inside for my explanation and video walkthrough showcasing how to jailbreak iOS 7 on Windows.

How to jailbreak iOS 7 on Windows with Evasi0n 7

The solution came from Saurik’s right-hand woman Britta. Britta is well-known in the jailbreak community and she helps out with Cydia, managing the JailbreakQA help site, and the official Reddit page for jailbreaking among other things. She’s a ridiculously nice person, and also very intelligent.

Anyway, while on IRC, she noted that the fix for the Configuring System 2/2 issue may be due to having a slow machine. Initially, I dismissed this notion, but after thinking about it a bit, I began to understand that the explanation was totally feasible. You see, I run Windows in a virtual environment using Parallels and/or VirtualBox. I actually just started using VirtualBox, because I couldn’t get the jailbreak working with Parallels.

My problems stemmed from the fact that I wasn’t allocating enough system resources to the virtual instances. For example, my Windows 8 instance had a paltry 512MB of RAM available to it, and only 1 CPU. After bumping that up to 2GB of RAM and 4 CPU’s, Evasi0n ran without a hitch. It immediately blazed through the Configuring System 2/2, with no issues. That was my problem. I wasted numerous hours trying to figure out this issue only to find out that the “error” was simply a lack of resources. The race condition required to jailbreak iOS 7 were beyond the scope of the resources given to it.

The fact that the “fix” was so simple is a little humbling, and the fact that I couldn’t figure it out myself is even more humbling.

The moral to this story is that even though you may think you’re good at something, there’s always another solution or another way to do it. Perhaps I would have eventually figured out the issue, but I doubt I would have. No matter how good we think we may be at something, we’re never too good or to big to listen to suggestions or ask for help.

Thanks to the entire jailbreak community for making this such a fun ride. I know there has been a lot of controversy and so-called drama over the last few weeks, but it’s time to move forward and remember the reason we got involved with jailbreaking in the first place. It’s the people and the community; it’s the helping hand that so many are willing to give. Thank you.

  • Shoeb Diwan

    i have an amd fx 8150 octa core processor and 8 gb ram.
    and yet im stuck….
    if that is slow then i dont know what is fast………

  • Edward

    I have done it with my hp intel atom which is 4yrs old, all you have to do is reboot the device and your computer and then run the process, if you get stuck on that conf. 2/2, open the task manager and set the priority of evasion7 to high. It got past the conf. 2/2 within seconds. Hope it helps.

  • Brian Dye

    Im running 16GB’s of RAM and Six-Core @ 3.8GHz….Still stuck at Configuring System 2/2…

  • yoshif8tures

    I’m having the same problem on my MAC, anyone know what to do? I’ve got 2.7ghz and 4GB memory

    • yoshif8tures

      fixed. turned off restrictions and now its fine

  • Sumeet Gandhi

    my wifi goes to sleep after jailbreak. anyone else facing this? have iphone 5s.

  • Brandon

    I have 8GB Ram with an i5-2500k at 4.2GHz on Windows 8 and have been stuck on 2/2 for an hour. Not a fix.

  • Jason Cruz

    Tried it on all 4 of my computers, none worked. Evasi0n 7 1.0.3 continuous error on configuring 2/2.

    What worked for me was downloading version 1.0.2. Worked the first time without error.

    Hope this helps.


    • Oscar López

      I managed to fix this issue just running the program in compatibility mode set to “Windows xp (Service pack 2) under Windows 7 Ultimate on a DELL INSPIRON 6000 (is not a fast computer, PM 1,6 Mhz and 3,00 GB RAM) i hope this helps you all…

  • Christian Birberg

    have a windows machine with 16gb ddr3 ram, a 8 core processor and a pretty high new grapic card. 4 mbit up and 20 mbit down and running evasi0n 7 as administrator with noting else running still get failed during configuring system 1/2. please run the program and try again. on my ipad 2 ios 7.0.2 !!! so the “get a better pc to do it” doesnt work. tryed on my slower pcs to but yeah.

  • skottie jay

    That’s not the answer, sorry.

    I jailbroke my iphone the FIRST time with an Acer that had 2gb of ram and maybe at most 1.6ghz using evasion7 and everything worked fine, do you want to maybe pay for the new machine? I mean I tried this 3 times last night, with all the advice I’ve read, (put in dfu mode restore try again, run as admin, put in xp sp2 compat) and none of those worked. I doubt a faster machine is going to magically make this jailbrake a phone I know was already jailbroken using the same computer.

  • Chloe

    Whenever I try to open evasi0n 7 it crashes on my phone so I can’t finish jail breaking

    • Timi

      Same here

  • Jacob McKinney

    Nope. Screw this I’m sick of waiting on this bullshit getting stuck

  • Ryoga Hibiki

    It’s not the power of the computer that matters, it just doesn’t work under some configurations, I’ve been successful jailbreaking on an Atom netbook with just 1gb of RAM without any problem, and then I’ve had this problem on an obviously more powerful i5 system

  • ©Cristian Garcia⚽️

    if i originally tried the jailbreak and i had the “evasi0n7” app (havnt clicked on it) am i required to restore? or can i just leave as is and try on a friend’s mac?

  • Timi

    this shitty one evasion never worked for me -.-

  • MeTaL187

    I have an iPhone 5s, I had to change it to win 98/win me & when it got stuck reboot (home & powerbutton 8 seconds)
    My laptop is running on Vista.

  • bob

    did everything and theres no cydia on my phone

  • nonchalont

    It tells me I’m already jailbroken when I plug in my i4 (Of course I’m not already jailbroken). Then it failed during configuration 1 of 2. Any suggestions on how to get passed that would be appreciated.

  • dan

    MIne is stuck on 1/2 HELP!!!! Ive already jailbroken twice but know its stuck

  • Hello guys. I have that error and my Pc is not a slow pc i’ll promis here is the Specifics. No virus on the Pc scanned it like 89324798239842398472389473248823947234789 times 🙂

    Specs: Process: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3350P CPU @ 4.10GHz Extreme Version (Extra CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3350P CPU @ 3.60GHz Titan)

    Graphics: GeForce GTX 780 Titan

    Harddisk: 4,3 Tb Harddisk2: 5 Tb

    Gb-Ram: 32Ram

    OP: Windows 7 Ultimate

    Integrated LAN/Wireless 10/100/1000/10000/120000

  • Jamie

    One other thing. I have just spent 2 days, and multiple computers, trying to sort this out. I ended up running evasi0n from the command line in mac and watched the stdout from the app. one of the last things i saw was “Upgrade – Error occured: InstallProhibited”. Finally figured it out. I had restrictions turned on to disable installation and deletion of apps as my kids use my phone as well. Since the jailbreak installs the WWDC.app to perform the jailbreak, I had to turn off “Restrictions”, which finally allowed me to get passed the “Configuring System 2/2” issue.

  • Jesse Page

    mine gets stuck on config 1/2

  • Kaitlyn Ivy Drew

    I have an absolute brand new touchscreen Toshiba laptop that runs Windows 8, and it is faster than lightning! The jailbreak keeps getting stuck at the configuring stage saying “Jailbreak failed during step Configuring 2/2” and I can’t get it to work. It downloads the evasion app, but nothing else comes of it. Any advice?