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We are now on day 2 of Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts event, meaning Apple has removed the Justin Timberlake EP and has posted a new free item for download. Today’s gift is an episode—the pilot episode—of ABC’s hit television series: ‘Once Upon a Time.’

For those who haven’t seen it, it’s an American fairy tale drama that takes place in the fictional town of Storybrooke, Maine, where the residents are actually fairy tale characters. It sounds odd, but it’s currently the #1 non-sports show on Sunday nights.

Update: interestingly enough, it looks like Apple changed the free download item mid-day. It now shows the game Tiny Thief here in the US. Get it while you can!

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From the iTunes description:

“Emma Swan wonders if the residents of Storybrooke, Maine are somehow actual characters from legendary children’s tales. Parallel worlds unravel in this modern take on classic fables where a curse has trapped famed storybook characters in our world.”

Again, the free episode will only be available for 24 hours, then Apple will replace it with something else. It’s also worth noting that this is different for almost every region, so you may see something different (we know some are seeing the Tiny Wings game).

Folks in European countries have become accustomed to Apple’s yearly gift-giving ritual, but it’s never been available to those of us here in the United Sates until now. If you want to check it out, you can find the 12 Days of Gifts app in the App Store for free.

  • Martin

    So far, these gifts suck.

  • Roystan Ang

    I guess different time zones receive different free gifts.
    Free “Tiny Thief” for the Day 2 in Malaysia

    • Mozaik

      It was already free before gift event.

    • MHCsk

      Tiny Thief also in Slovakia.

    • Fikri CanCankurtaran

      Also in Turkey.

    • Grande PHD

      Tiny Thief also in Brazil.

    • Jesus Oliva

      Tiny Thief also in Spain. Greetings from Spain 🙂

    • weztimonial

      Also in Singapore

    • Tiny Thief in Norway too.

      • Andrew Ve

        Russia and Ukraine too

    • tomaz92

      Also in Slovenia Tiny Thief

    • JomanJi

      in sweden 2 :/

    • Luke Mulholland

      Tiny Thief also in Canada.

    • Jason Gratiot

      I got tiny thief and once upon a time in the US.

    • Fret NoMore

      Tiny Thief is an app that has in-app purchases … hardly “free” any way you look at it. Apple is really bombing here, iOS 7 only (booo!) and giving away things that are already free, or in effect not free at all. Lame, lame …

    • leo garcia

      also in philippines

  • Christian Mejía

    These are lame

  • Brandon Higgins

    Yeah this is freakin stupid.

  • Reyas Mohammed

    In India its “Tiny Thief”, but I found it was free from 21st December.
    Apple is giving some bad gifts this year 🙂
    Also if possible, read the reviews in app store India for apple’s gift app.

  • Brandon Weidema

    people are complaining about free stuff, hahahaaha

    • dpacemaker

      People are complaining because everything so far was free before it was put on the app.

      • Andrew Roth

        Tiny Thief is the only one like that so far and that wasn’t free when it first launched. 🙂

      • dpacemaker

        Yeah but it’s been free since December 21st.

  • batongxue


  • InfinitePlusOne

    One episode of bbc 1 series called Africa. In UK.

    • SSouter

      I have that but when I click on it it’s £12.99!!

      • InfinitePlusOne

        Need to click on first epidode

      • Duc T-ra

        For the first episode only.

  • dpacemaker

    This is lame, Apple is trying to make people think that they are giving away free stuff, when so far the stuff was already free before the 12 days app. Everyone knows that the pilot episode to almost every show is free, actually I don’t recall ever seeing one that wasn’t. Pretty bad that one of the richest companies in the world won’t give something away to its customers in a show of thanks.

    • Maxim∑

      So now you have to give away things for free to show thanks. Incredible

  • So all this fuss over nothing. Apple was making big deal out of it and also for making “12 days of gifts” iOS7 only.

    What should Apple need to do, is to select popular app, music, book or movie from top 10 paid apps, music, books or movies. Not just pull stuff randomly.

    Big fail so far.

    • Rickm_jr

      Honestly I doubt it’s random. I think they’re looking for stuff that will ensure they don’t lose money in an way, shape, or form. If they chose anything from the top paid charts they’d lose a lot of revenue

      • Maxim∑

        Yeah imagine them giving away a 2$ app to 500 million users… They would go bankrupt pretty quick

      • Jeramy Retallack

        No one would go bankrupt from giving away digital content. It’s the permissions from the original owners that would be hard to obtain.

      • Approval should not be a problem. Because I am sure a company like Apple (has a army of lawyers) must have added some legal clause in terms or license agreement letter for app developers. But I am not completely sure.

  • Freak Cleverman

    Once upon a time is a US only.
    The UK, Australia, Germany and France get the first episode of BBC’s TV show “Africa”.
    The rest of the world get Rovio Stars’ game “Tiny Thief”

  • Clement Yeo

    Gift me mobile substrate of A7’s JB

  • Leonard Wong

    Not cool when Apple replaced it with something that is free

  • rosssimpson

    Here in the UK we have A free episode of Africa, the BBC wildlife documentary! Hmm/

    • SSouter

      Mine isn’t free! Mines £12.99! Thanks for that apple!! 🙁

      • Duc T-ra

        First episode only!

      • rosssimpson

        I thought that at first, but it’s only the first episode that is free! Oh well! Lets hope tomorrow!!

  • SSouter

    Day two for me is something called Africa… And I’ve got to pay £12.99 for it!!?? What the hell apple!!

    • Question

      Dude the first episode is only free… Read thru the comments.

      • Hoomiel

        How? When I click on the first ep it does nothing

      • Hoomiel

        Ok got it. Restrictions was on. iTunes Store was disabled

  • Jarryd Richards

    In Australia we got the first episode of David Attenborough’s Africa.

  • Xee

    Apple should stick to apps. Anyone can get music/books/movies/documentaries from anywhere.

  • Singhavi Vaibhav

    Tiny thief was free a week ago, apple think we don’t notice this gift are lame.

    • Frozen Bee .GFKS

      Right? i got it when it was free so i have nothing gifted now 😀

  • Ariel

    In canada.

  • S2k03

    Why is it giving me a price; Shouldn’t it be free?

  • Ugh. What a terrible show. I think I can “act” better than the cast of this show. Bummer. Wasted gift. Looking forward tomorrow I guess.

  • Romonaga Wowshister

    So far in 2 days I have received my free item from apple. However, the 2 items have always been free so not sure what exactly I am getting.

  • Samauria Kelly

    I got once apon a time and tiny thief on day 2

  • iRy757

    Couldn’t figure out how to download my episode lol. I got Tiny Thief too though. So far I’ve gotten Lorde, JT, and a game. Not too bad. Thanks a lot Apple!

  • I was able to get the link to the first gift to work but since it keeps saying unable to download and check my country settings. Well I setup my country settings when I reinstalled the app 3x and still nothing. And btw, I just went into iTunes app and got Africa free here in the States as well. I love David Attenborough’s stuff so much!

  • Kenny

    This is just lame… I’d rather like the BBC Africa episode. 1 free episode of the drama series is just useless.

  • ediblepixels

    I’ve been changing my regions to see which country gets what but to no avail since redownloading the app takes a long time. I found that Vietnam got the halftone 2 comic book creator though if anybody wants it

  • Brannon Mascarenas

    Did anyone else get two free gifts today? I got Once Upon A Time This Morning and then I checked again this afternoon and got Tiny Thief game

  • Nirvana

    The majority of users are getting Tiny Thief, not this one, or gifts vary on regions, presumably!

  • Aaron de Silva

    Singapore store got Tiny Thief for day 2