iDB Holiday Gift Guide

It is the Christmas time of year and we are having a small celebration here on iDB. With the newly released Evasi0n7 jailbreak, there is plenty of reason for merriment. To share the Christmas excitement, we teamed up with a few companies to offer little stocking stuffers to a lucky reader.

From a small screen cleaner to aluminum earbuds, there is a little something in here for everyone. However, we will picking only one lucky winner to stuff their stocking with all of the items included in the details below…

Toddy Gear: Pocket Toddy


The Pocket Toddy is an iPhone and iPad cleaning accessory that aims to provide dirt-free and smudge-free iOS devices. A double sided cloth, one is microfiber and the other silk, making it good for items other than devices, like glasses. The small design includes an elastic tab for easy portability that will attach to a keychain, backpack, or purse. Additional portability is made easier with a built-in pocket. The 5×7 Pocket Toddy retails for $9.99.

Case Scenario: Pantone Universe iPhone 5c Case

Case Scenario Pantone UniverseCase Scenario produced the Pantone Universe case as a hard, transparent shell to highlight Apple’s colorful iPhone 5c. As a standard brand in color, the color chip that made the company so popular is printed on the cover back, making the device look like a color sample. The TPU bumper comes in matching 5c colors, green, blue, yellow, pink or white. The Pantone Universe retails for $20.

Satechi: X-Presenter

Satechi X-Presenter

Stay professional with an app controlled Bluetooth laser pointer, gone stylus. X-Presenter by Satechi provides Keynote presentation control through iPhone. Slide the laser pointer controller into the headphone jack while a USB dongle pairs with the MacBook for presentations. The mouse and keyboard can also be controlled from iPhone through the app. The headphone insert is 1.6 inches, which stores easily in the Stylus Touch Pen. X-Presenter retails for $29.99.

Rapoo: A3060 Bluetooth Mini Speaker

A3060 Bluetooth Portable Mini Speaker 01

A cylindrical, the Rapoo A3060 portable speaker fits where you need it when traveling with a small 63mm x 70.9mm footprint. Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity prevents battery drain and connects with all iOS devices. Voice feedback provides pairing status with confirmation of connection, also battery life and volume change. Onboard controls give access to volume, pause/play and next track. A microphone allows pass through voice calls and lithium battery is rechargeable. Available in six colors, A3060 retails for $40.

id America: Spark


id America’s Spark earbuds are modeled after an engine spark plug. With a chrome and black matte finish the buds are attractive and reminisce of the auto industry. Spark’s have a high definition acoustic filter and performance 8mm dynamic driver. With a highly preferred feature, the in-line microphone allows push button control for call answering and music operability. Six colors are offered, including aluminum silver, rally blue, jet black, champagne gold, and rose pink. The Sparks starts at $25 on Amazon.


What do you have to do to win?

Sorry to our international readers, this one is for US residents only. A winner will be selected on Friday, who follows the next steps:

We look forward to selecting one lucky winner by week’s end. You will be contacted via Twitter DM if you have won!

Winner announced

Thanks to everyone who entered our Christmas stocking stuffer giveaway! Thanks also to our sponsoring companies! Our holiday winner is @KKline4. Stay tuned for more giveaways in the coming weeks.

  • Eddiepradom

    Rapoo: A3060 Bluetooth Mini Speaker to sing in the shower with!

  • KingR


    headset or bluetooth speakers…..use em for music/movies

  • Sean Senn

    The thing I could use the most is the pocket toddy. I am always having to clean my screen with my shirt. @s3nnder

  • Dan Leman


    If I win hopefully that awesome laser pointer could help land me the job I’m wanting so I don’t have to be poor anymore!

  • estefan

    @deleon460 I could use some new headphones (spark) or mini speaker

  • ofir0013

    Bluetooth speakers!

  • Alberto Reyes

    Rappo speaker

  • Devin


    My favorite item is the A3060 Bluetooth Mini Speaker because I love music.

  • Nashafa

    Now that in think about it… I would probably never use any of these awesome toys that often. But they would definitely make darn good gifts for some friends. @Nashafa

  • Wyeth Dion

    My twitter username is @admiral0912, and I know exactly what I would do with each item:)

    1) The Pocket Toddy would go on my keychain and I would use it all the time!
    2) The iPhone 5C case would go to my sister, as I just recently bought her an iPhone 5C (which she loves!)
    3) The XPresenter would go to my mother, as she is a high school art teacher and would find it very useful!
    4) The last two, I would hold on to as well, as the A3060 Bluetooth Mini Speaker would be great when I am hanging out with my friends, and the Spark earbuds would be perfect for when I go to the gym!

    So anyway, I just want to say that I love you guys! iDB is by far my favorite blog on the internet. YOU’RE the ones I go to for news! Well, you and Reddit, but only for /r/jailbreak!

  • |EricAmazin|

    A3060 Bluetooth Mini Speaker they’d come in handy to watch movies on my iPhone at work @arreckk

  • heyitzmoni

    All the items seem great, but I’d really love the Bluetooth speaker.

  • Chun Ho


    i could def use the bluetooth speakers. i had the wired ihome speakers and the wires are very frustrating to untangle

  • Miskeen

    Rapoo: A3060 Bluetooth Mini Speaker

  • Minker

    I would use the laser pointer for school presentations and to play with my dog. I’ve always loved laser pointers.

  • T.H.E.

    I’m always throwing mini house get-togethers with relatives and friends, and the speakers’ portability and quality would be perfect!

    Thanks for this awesome opportunity, iDownloadBlog