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Like several of our commenters joked about, today’s release of evasi0n7 could be summed up by this quote by Steve Jobs, relating the stolen iPhone 4 episode.

“So this is a story that’s amazing. It’s got theft, it’s got buying stolen property, it’s got extortion, I’m sure there’s sex in there somewhere. So someone should make a movie out of this. This whole thing is very colorful.”

All jokes aside, today was a day full of surprising events. The release of evasi0n7 itself was a surprise, especially in regards to the upcoming release of iOS 7.1. Then there was of course the suspicious addition of TaiG for Chinese users, and the long silence from the evad3rs about this all until they finally cleared the air. All this left us with the sour taste of a jailbreak that may or may not really be ready for consumption, as we summed up here.

Now that we have all the pieces together, we’d like to find out if you have, will, or will not jailbreak your device…

Please take the poll below and make sure to share your point of view in the comments section.

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  • Othman


  • adipatel

    Okay…I’m on a happily Jailbroken iPhone 5 running iOS 6.1.2 with every little tweak in place (NCSettings, Springtomize 2, WeKillBackground Pro, etc).

    What would I gain (or lose) upgrading to 7.1.4 and re-Jailbreaking?

    PS, Sarcasm-free, serious question…

    • XboxPS

      You will kind of lose.
      Most tweaks are not supporting iOS 7 yet.
      Cydia will not have a redesign in the jailbreak.
      You will get bugs in your iDevice.
      So you probably need to wait,If you want a 100% stable jailbreak 🙂

  • suzdawg

    I haven’t yet, but I will soon. I’ve been holding on to my iPhone 4 and iOS 6.1.x jailbreak because of the delay. In the next few weeks, I’ll purchase a 5s since I can now jailbreak. That’s what I’ve been waiting for.

  • Dylan Tyler

    I have upgraded. It’s sad how much doesn’t work with the new iOS. But steady movie box works! Curious if there’s a way to make cydia look like iOS 7. Or even make all my apps look like iOS 6!

    • mehrab

      There is a way acroll down the comments on this page someone did it
      Cydia ios 7 efyed

    • XboxPS

      There is a way…
      I have a DEB for it in my computer…
      Want it?

      • XboxPS

        Here is a picture:

      • Hugo

        those 3 changes are coming up on me to…are they up-dateable? or just ignore

      • XboxPS

        You can ignore it,But it’s your choice.

    • XboxPS

      The second one is possible too…
      You can download older versions of those apps for iOS 6.
      There are applications in /Applications (pre-installed+Cydia),and /var/mobile/Applications(From the app-store).

  • RetinaMini

    I jailbreak my iDevice but not advisable yet.Too buggy on Ipad Mini Retina. Hangs on Apple logo after installing some cydia tweaks. Need to restore my iDevice. =(

  • Charley Harper

    I want that wallpaper in the post photo. Link please

    • Siddharth Desai

      He took a photo of his table.

  • Freak Cleverman

    I’ll do like I always do – wait for the public to test it out, ounce all problems aside and I feel it’s safe – I’ll jailbreak

    • Siddharth Desai

      You selfish bastard.

  • Sandeep Roy

    On iOS 6.1.2 & JBroken. But 7 is laggy on iPhone4, so staying here.

  • Filip Langer

    Staying on 6.1 until more tweaks are compatible.

  • H5ire

    Untether Package for iOS 6.1.3-5 : iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod Touch 4G Released in Cydia.! 😀

  • Hassan Walid

    my music is not showing after jailbreaking :(, can anybody tell me that they have the same problem to know that it might be fixed in an update?

  • Guilherme Silva

    done on my iphone 4 and ipad air

  • Bangali

    Should have another option – No I haven’t, and wont until Cydia and all other sections are updated!

  • Darwish

    the chinese stuff is only for those who put chinese as default language.
    Calm down i mean some of you download form cracked repos and thats okay?

  • Dylan Ng

    I have not update to iOS 7 because some of my tweaks (that I heavily rely on) doesn’t work on iOS 7

  • Jude Wu

    with so many unstable factors, I decided not to jb my device yet. I don’t feel like any incompatible situations on my device.

  • Girish

    finally 🙂 🙂 🙂
    to make the ios 7 look even more beautiful with more functions 🙂

  • Cal J

    There should be a third option that says undecided!

  • *WSPD*LieutenantGeneral


  • Thatkidddddd

    I have and it was worth it 🙂

  • Scott Curry

    I’m waiting for the article that says BiteSMS is compatible, then I’ll JB. Other than that, I think I can do without everything else for now.

  • gittlopctbi

    Confused over the wording of the poll in context of the article. It’s not very clear what you are polling. Jailbreak ever, or jailbreak iOS 7?

    • Josh

      Obviously ios 7…

  • Moses

    Iphone 5 ios 6.1.2 with untethered jailbreak… not intending to upgrade! Just hoping new tweaks won’t be uncompatible with ios 6 lol!

  • John Smith

    I have but I haven’t been able to get any tweaks to work. I’m guessing it’s because I have a 5s (65 bit)??? Idk.

  • Jeff H

    When saurik updates mobile substrate and cydia then i will jailbreak.

    • Jeremy

      Agreed. I don’t see the point of jailbreaking right now if I’m just going to have to fix it in a week/month once Mobile Substrate and Cydia get upgraded.

  • cd d

    I jailbroke my phone and I know it will make IOS7 better 🙂

  • Abas Ahmad

    Having had an iPhone since the original release, i’ve decided its time for something different 🙂 Nexus 5. Im still an apple fanboy with my iPad Mini and MacBook air.. I just want to try something new!

  • Bjorn

    I just did. I can’t do anything though because I’m on a 5s. Mainly to be safe. Cydia and substrate will probably be updated this week/year and when that’s the case I still have my JB!

    I just hope there’ll still be a 7.1 JB, since I hope for a lot of performance upgrades.

  • Jay Kay

    asking one thing guyz please reply, if i do JB, then my iphone will be restored with custom ipsw file, means i have to sync it again for my apps and rearrange every setting i had, please reply am i right?