Sebastien, Jeff, and Cody get together to talk about the latest news concerning the iOS 7 jailbreak. The trio talks about the cash reward being offered for an open source jailbreak, claims that a jailbreak was recently swiped from the team working on it, the upcoming JailbreakCon event, our most wanted jailbreak tweaks for iOS 7, and much more.

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  • Blinky X

    Greetings Sebastien,

    First of all, I’d like to thank you, Cotty, Jeff and the whole
    team at IDB for your insightful and informative posts and podcasts. You are appreciated. The other day I tweeted you about the status
    of, “Let’s Talk Jailbreak” and you informed me that the podcast was not dead, but
    that there simply had not been much to report on with regards to the status of
    the IOS 7.X jailbreak or any newsworthy Cydia apps or tweeks. I had initially considered debating you on
    your statement via Twitter, but opted instead to write you so as not to be
    misunderstood and to offer some suggestions you might consider incorporating
    into the podcast. I was also please to hear that you had released episode #36
    earlier today.

    I have been jailbroken for quite some time now and have
    blobs from 4.X. I should also mention
    that I am blind. While many of our sighted
    comrades in the jailbreak world do so in order to theme and jazz up the look
    and feature set of their IOS devices, for those such as myself, the importance
    of jailbreaking is greater than that.
    For us, our primary reason for jailbreaking is the increase in its
    accessibility. Tweeks such as, “Vibe
    Time” and “My Assist” gives us capabilities which most sighted folks take for
    granted and Apple (while it has done an excellent job with Voice Over and Siri)
    still doesn’t offer. Consequently, while current eventswithin the jailbreak
    world are important, information on newly released apps and tweeks as well as
    the LTJ’s teams opinions on them are invaluable. I’d especially like to thank Jeff for his countless
    videos and walk thrus. I’d love them
    even more if you guys could mention whether or not an app or tweek was VO
    accessible so that myself and others like me would know in advance instead of
    having to download it only to discover that it wasn’t such as, “XBMC.”

    I will admit that news on the status of the latest jailbreak
    has slowed along with the release of new apps and tweeks, but I think this
    provides an excellent opportunity to discuss some of the history and
    personalities within the jailbreak community.
    For example, I recently read an article you’d written on your
    experiences at Jailbreak Con a few years
    back and was fascinated by your impressions of some of the personalities of the
    elite hackers you met. I also think that
    during slow periods you could also discuss some of the history of jailbreaking
    and/or a summary of how a jailbreak is done.
    Did you know for example, that the first hacker was blind and that
    without him not only would the iPhone not exist, but neither would Apple itself? I realize that the elite hackers are
    deligently working on the jailbreak and wouldn’t be available now, but I’ve heard
    you mention in the past that you were trying to interview some of themas well
    as noteworthy Devs. Such as RyanPetri and others and would really love to hear
    such interviews.I sincerely believe that podcasts on topics such as this could
    help to fill the void during slow times.

    Since having discovered the benefits of jailbreaking, I have
    been encouraging other blind folks to do so as well. Being that I’m good at explaining the process
    of jailbreaking and navigating Cydia from a blind perspective, I am strongly considering
    putting together a podcast specificly for this population of the jailbreak
    community, but would also be interesting (I hope) to sighted people as well. If
    in the future you’d ever consider interviewing someone such as myself to
    discuss how we jailbreak our devices and what we do with them once we’ve done
    so, I’d love to give you a sight “hearing” tour of my wonderfully accessible
    iPhone. If not, I’d love for you to
    consider doing a cameo promoting IDB and your sponsorship of Jailbreak.Con 2014
    so that I could incorporate it into my podcast.

    Finally, thanks again for the wonderful work you and the
    folks over at IDB do and best wishes throughout the holiday season and New Year.

    • Thank you for the thoughtful email and your suggestions. You definitely make some good points about how we could “fill the gap” when there isn’t much jailbreak news. I’ll definitely take that into consideration.

  • ourcore

    I don’t know what’s up with your phones, guys, but my iPhone 5s has crashed 3-4 times max since I got it on launch day. I don’t even manually reboot it

  • Guns

    Comments more quiet, people are getting bored…..

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    Its back