Pod2g denies claims that jailbreak was stolen from evad3rs

jailbroken iphone 4s

If you’ve noticed a shortage of jailbreak news on iDB lately, that’s simply because there hasn’t been any to give. While the evad3rs are hard at work hacking iOS 7, we’ve heard little about their progress since planetbeing’s ‘all the pieces’ tweet in October.

This changed, though, last week, when reports began surfacing that someone close to the group had stolen a jailbreak from them and sold it to a private buyer. But evad3rs member pod2g has denied the claim, and says the iOS 7 JB is progressing slowly…

From International Design Times:

“I did contact Evad3rs team member Cyril Cattiaux, aka @Pod2g, to have the report verified. When I told him about the rumor of a stolen jailbreak roaming about social media, @pod2g was quick to laugh and say, “That’s complete bullsh–.”

As to the status of the team’s work, he added, “the jailbreak stuff is moving on, but slowly.” So, basically, no. There has been no jailbreak stolen from the Evad3rs and sold.”

And here’s a recent tweet from pimskeks:

So the good news here is that the evad3rs seem to be fairly confident that they’ll be able to produce a public jailbreak for iOS 7. But the bad news is, there’s still no word on a release. I think that’s the toughest part — not knowing if it’ll be in 6 weeks or 6 months.

Also likely adding to the anticipation is the fact that because iOS 7 was such a major update, we’ve seen a significant drop in major tweak releases in recent months, as developers look to create new stuff and update their previous stuff to support the new firmware.

As usual, we’ll let you know as soon as more information regarding the iOS 7 jailbreak becomes available. Here’s hoping we find something out by JailbreakCon next year, which we’re expecting to take place in the April/May timeframe. Stay tuned.