Ex-Wall Street Journal tech reporter Jessica Lessin recently launched a new technology news site called The Information. The site promises to provide the inside scoop on technology news and trends, and thus far it’s made good on that.

Today the site is out with a report that helps answer the frequently-asked question: “what has Scott Forstall been up to since he was ousted from Apple last fall?” The former iOS Chief has been extremely quiet since he left the company…

According to The Information’s Amir Efrati, Forstall has spent the last year advising startups and becoming involved in philanthropical causes focused on education, poverty, and human rights. He’s also done a lot of international traveling.

Here’s the report, relayed by Business Insider:

“Amir Efrati at new technology site The Information is reporting that Forstall spent the year traveling to Italy and South Africa. He also advised a few startups, and became more philanthropically involved, focusing on education, poverty, and human rights. 

As for what’s next, Efrati doesn’t have any news, but he says VC firms like Kleiner Perkins and Andreessen Horowitz have stayed in touch, but Apple employees think Forstall’s next move will be starting his own company.”

The Forstall story has always been interesting to me. Almost overnight, he went from being a very public figure in charge of some of the most successful products, for one of the world’s most successful companies, to being very quietly unemployed.

WWDC 2012 keynote (Scott Forstall, turn by turn)

Why has he been so quiet? Did Apple pay him to keep a low-profile? What’s his next move? I like the theory that he’ll likely start his own company. It seems to me that he has far too much money to go work for someone else and take orders.

For those that missed it, Forstall was ousted from Apple in October last year following the iOS 6 Maps debacle. Unofficially, it’s been reported that he was pushed out of the company due to his abrasiveness and inability to get along with other execs.

Scott Forstall originally joined Apple through its acquisition of Steve Jobs’ NeXT, and led the software development for the original iPhone. He played an instrumental part of the iPhone/iPad success, and was believed to be next-in-line for CEO.

  • ClaudieX X

    Good for him !!

  • thetomthebomb

    He is so dumb looking lol

    • Yash Gorana

      Still has more brains than you.

      The basic reason for iOS to be iOS is Scotty.

      • Cameron Chao

        im sure he knows that, he said ‘dumb looking’, not dumb.

    • jp2002

      You have no idea who he is 🙁

  • Cameron Chao

    not sure why people still care about him.

    • jp2002

      Lol, because you just know of his maps fiasco. Do you know his contribution?

  • El Arqui Tecto

    A modern Gandhi

  • mehrab

    I miss the optimized as FU** ios 🙁
    Now ios is just a tiny bit more optimized then android and in somep laces andeoid is even more optimized but YAY ios 7.1 fixes that i just cant wait for ios 7.1

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    Now there’s a word you don’t see (or hear) everyday…

  • Matt

    In wonder if he uses an iPhone 5S and f so what would be his thoughts on ios 7

  • mav3rick

    “…he was pushed out of the company due to his abrasiveness and inability to get along with other execs.”
    Translate into he didn’t want to give up on the eye candy rich user experience of iOS6, which made iOS famous and brought the crowd to the walled garden, and he didn’t want to go for the blinding white or candy colors with idiotic icons of neonOS7.

    • jp2002

      Apple software will not be the same 🙁

  • jp2002

    Got a perfect 5 in Stanford, made what apple software is today. Wrote the whole cocoa framework without which you can’t see those beautiful apps. had a lil bit of head weight but that would be natural when your contribution to that company is so massive. Feel really sad for his departure. Look at the inconsistency in iOS 7. So many bugs. RESPECTS to you Scott – You still remain a great hero to me.

  • chumawumba

    So basically he’s unemployed

  • Luis M. Maldonado

    Please come back and get rid of the shitty iOS 7 design!!

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    He lacks something steve jobs had. Charisma and stage presence. Next Steve jobs candidate please

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