US President Barack Obama has been photographed, on a number of occasions, using an iPad. He says he loves the tablet, and was actually given a second generation model days before it was announced, by Steve Jobs himself.

But it looks like that’s where Obama’s Apple gadget usage stops. During an Obamacare speech he gave yesterday to a youth audience attending a White House Summit, the President said he isn’t allowed to have an iPhone…

Here’s part of the speech via ABC News (sorry, it’s in Flash):

“Now, I am not allowed for security reasons to have an iPhone. I don’t know what your bills are. I’ve noticed that Sasha and Malia seem to spend a lot of time on it. My suspicion is that, for a lot of you, between your cable bill and your phone bill, you’re spending more than $100 per month.”

While Obama’s remark was obviously meant to be a quip, it has sparked a conversation in the tech world about mobile platform security. After all, the President is allowed to use a custom version of one of BlackBerry’s handsets.

Interestingly enough, many other US government agencies have already ditched their BlackBerrys, or are in the process of doing so, in favor of Apple’s smartphone. More secure or not, the company is bleeding enterprise customers.

As for Mr. Obama, his involvement in the tech community extends much further than gadget usage. Earlier this year, he vetoed an ITC sales ban on Apple products, and he’s currently fighting (or says he is) for a new unlocking policy.

  • Mike Colacone Saal

    I’m glad that unconstitutional bastard isn’t allowed to use it.

    • Antzboogie

      Watch your mouth and replace Obama with Bush because that is clearly who deserves that statement.

      • Anthony Aaron Anderson

        Why don’t both of you stop your whining about the president, and go do a better job than him? If you are so damn excellent at knowing what’s best for the country, why might I ask, are you not out there trying to do something about it? All I see is the same crap every year, people vote for a president, then spend years hating them. The people voted both of those presidents in, TWICE. If you don’t like the presidents, stop effing voting for them. I didn’t vote for either of them, but you don’t see me complaining about them winning. Put your big boy pants on and deal with what you have; if you don’t like something, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

      • ehX

        It applies to both of them. They are both horrendously unconstitutional and the next president will be as well.

  • Ricky

    Probably because of M7 chip that track his movement and he was afraid that terrorist would track him down

    • XboxPS


    • XboxPS

      He could just buy an iPhone 5 then.

    • CC-Dog

      You don’t need M7 to track one’s movement. M7 just saves power when tracking.

      • Umut Bilgiç

        I think he was being sarcastic. (i hope)

  • Willie

    too bad he’s missing out on lots of good ios apps (and tweaks if he jailbreaks his phone)

  • itscb3

    Political chaos in 3, 2, …

  • CPVideoMaker101

    Brace yourselves, anti-obama people are coming…

  • J™

    he’s afraid other people will spy on him

  • trumpet444

    Who seriously gives a damn? I have friends that aren’tallowed to keep the health insurance plans that they had and liked because of this POS and his ilk in DC

    • Dani Hayes

      Off topic from the article but same here. I lost my insurance because of him. It was a nice plan and worked for me.

  • Sokrates

    Have you heard that the NSA tracks the usage of around 5 billion people around the world? 900 million DAILY??

    • Dude. If your not doing anything wrong, who gives a damn? What do you have to hide. NSA can spy on me all they want, I’ve got nothing to hide and it’s not hurting me one way or another.

      • Alex

        Wait until this extends to them watching your every move and comment 24/7 in your home with satellite technology, Keeping records of your actions, building a profile on you to one day use against you in any way they feel or as laws are being passed that retroactively go after individuals who violated these laws.

        This isn’t far fetched by any means and these things occur in steps. These sort of actions and policies open the floodgates to all sorts of things. What was fiction before is reality today.

      • Ok. Again, I’m not doing anything wrong. Why the hell would the government want to watch me? I mean, have at it but it’ll be boring for them.

        You can live in your Minority Report world all you want but I’d say if anything we are safer with the NSA keeping tabs on things rather than not. If you’ve got something to hide then obviously you may disagree.

        To be honest you really don’t have to be in the NSA to track someone. You can just go on Facebook and track someone yourself. Everyone makes it known to the world what’s going on with them anyway.

      • Alex

        You’re an idiot and your comment is offensive to every intelligent human being on this planet. It has nothing to do with having or not having something to hide or how pathetic your life is that you don’t care if you are spied on every minute of the day. Even if you don’t have something to hide, it’s about your civil liberties being taken away from you opening the door to more extreme measures you can’t even think of, because you live in a self-entitled world. If you don’t know what civil liberties are and what your forefather’s fought so hard for and countless numbers of people died to give self-richeous, pretentious, morons with similar idealogies what you have today only to so blindly give your rights away because you are an uneducated sheep, then you need to crawl back into your whole and do whatever it is you do until you end up in the position you so rightly deserve.

        I’m sorry if that comes off condescending or arrogant, but it’s done rightly so in response to such a foolish comment as yours, not even knowing what is coming out of your mouth.

      • Alright well you just keep living your life in fear and I’ll go on actually living life without conspiring.

      • Steven Honey

        Just like the jews did…right?

      • iV1n5

        You should learn to listen and that people might have different opinions. I don’t like your way to offend at all.

        We choose to live in a society, and we choose to follow those rules that in some way we all agree to. That does not make us feel unfree. Being completely free means anarchy… so if I read you streaclty I might think that… But I don’t come to conclusion so quickly. Choosing to live in a society means we accept to thrust a government. Therefore, that government might know everything I do if that will make my life more secure. Does it sound so bad to you?

      • It’s not about doing anything wrong. It’s about privacy.

        No one have the right to know what you do in your bedroom or talk to your wife… this is just a tiny example.

        What people share on Facebook it’s totally different. No one is forcing them.

        I understand your point, you have nothing to hide because you didn’t anything wrong. But that’s not the problem. The problem here it’s all about private things.

      • Ted Forbes

        Your right and I don’t think any intelligent argument here disagrees with this. What you want is your government to give you their word that they will never watch you, you want their word…

        Well the only reality is respect, minus respect and everything crumbles. We can spend a heck of a lot of time fighting for something there or not there and chances are never get it an inch closer or make it any less invisible than it is.

        When no one is watching very few of us exercise respect for the rules. Politicians do this, this is what they are good at. They are watching us, while they are watching us who is watching them? No one ever is and thats the problem.

        I am sorry for anyone who for one second believe that our politicians cares and keeps us safe. There is not one thing the politicians are not willing to trade off to have things their way.

        You want their word and they might be willing to give you a bunch of words that means something else or nothing at all. Yeah, but you’ll never get the respect you are after. Politicians will never ever give up something like this. I am sorry if you are after their word.

        To me there are just other matters with greater chances of success that deserves my effort. If you don’t want any body to watch you you can keep fighting if you like or die trying…

      • Basically, for politicians, we live in a big “The Sims” game where they play with us the way they like and they only care about their interests, not ours, thats for sure.

        The only Presidents that cared about the us got killed. People need to realize that…

      • Ted Forbes

        Who cares, maybe they are bored and want to watch me chew my food 60 times before I swallow it.

        Watching (spying) is an art people practiced it for centuries (forever). The difference is they did so up close and today from miles away.

        Besides doing something wrong, your scared because you cant see them.

        But then again you don’t need to see them you already know they are there watching you any way. It not like you don’t know. You know. Just watch yourself, watch what you do.

        So what?

      • Carlos Gomes

        People like to feel like they’re the last cookie.

      • Fbyrd75

        My thoughts exactly. It’s foolish for so many people to think that governments everywhere haven’t been doing this long before it came to light.

      • Steven Honey

        We knew they probably were…but now we have proof thanks to whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, William Binney, and Thomas Drake. It took balls to do what they did…their lives somewhat ruined so we could see proof our government was tyrannical.

      • Fbyrd75

        It is what it is. We can choose to move on with our lives, or move to another country with the hope that things will be better elsewhere. I think I will stay put and not cry over spilled milk.

      • Raashid


      • Jo

        You don’t care if the government listens to your phone calls? Looks at your pictures of you?

        Also, even if you don’t think you have something to hide, it’s
        very possible the government thinks you do, or can create some concern about
        you (or your friends or loved ones). Also, One legal expert has argued
        that the average person likely commits three felonies a day without
        ever even realizing it. So, you may be technically breaking a law you have no
        idea about it.

        We all benefit from a system that allows privacy. You can’t just throw that away, people have fought for that, some countries do not have this, privacy is a gift. We should hold on to it.

        Finally mass surveillance leaves you at the mercy of not only the NSA, but also to the DEA, the FBI and even the IRS. The government gives your info to everyone.

      • 300 million people in the US. If they think that much of me then I’m doing something wrong. And if someone commits a felony they should be allowed to get away with it? Kind of hypocritical.

      • Jo

        What? I never said that if someone commits a felony they should get away with it. I’m saying that the NSA spies on a lot of people and can give your info to many organizations.

  • The real reason on why he can’t have an iPhone it’s because he would spend more time using the phone than running the country. #addictive

    • adam coughran

      he’s running a country? haha.. maybe it will distract him from running it into the ground

      • running, ruining… you name it.
        Im not a US citizen 😉

  • It’s annoying he specifically mentions iPhone, not iPhone & Android. since it’s not like he would ever be allowed to use an Android.

    • Guest

      You think a president like him would mention such shit like android

      • That’s not what I’m saying with that. I meant, that he/they suggest that Android would be alright (/safer)

      • Jerwyn Feria

        Didn’t recent FBI activity sat that android is part malware. XD

      • Guest

        Or it’s not worthy to talk about

  • Alex Blaha

    LOL.. Just over $100/month?! That’s nothing! We Canadians pay double that! Goddamnit!

    • thetomthebomb

      (Singing) Blame Canada blame Canada!

      • Alex Blaha

        I am blaming Canada, at least for cellular services. The 3 big ones are total garbage, we need competition, not necessarily from a foreign country’s service provider but just small stand-a-lone companies here in Canada. And I’m glad to here that, finally, the government is doing something.

        I mean American’s pay $30-$50 a month for a smartphone (iPhone) ON A 2 YEAR CONTRACT. And the phone is still only $199 for the cheapest! Up here it’s a minimum of $50 a month with an UNLOCKED PHONE. And that gives you a whopping 250MB-500MB of data/month. And we can pay $65/month, $75/month, $85/month, and more if we want more data. And it goes for even more if you want a contract, yes the contract’s here are now 2 years (used to be 3), but now they charge you $30 extra to the regular price. Eg. $199 (3-year term) is now $229 (2-year term).

        It boggles my mind. Anyway’s I’m done my rant.

    • He was making a joke, it obviously meat more than 100 for both cable and phone service. Obama has a sense of humor believe it or not.

      • thetomthebomb

        He must think its funny to put a bullshit healthcare system in place

      • Carlos Gomes

        Why? Because it could lead the country into bankruptcy?
        Oh, wait…

      • blastingbigairs

        He must, look what he I did to our healthcare system. Real funny, but no ones laughing.

  • theotherRJH

    Blackberries are more secure than iPhones? Why I thought Apple iPhone were “secure”????!?!?! I am just joking. I can download a couple of pieces of open source hack ware and ANY iPhone or Android belongs to me.

    • Carlos Gomes

      Whatever lets you sleep at night, darling.

      • theotherRJH

        LOL. Just checked out your Disqus history and you’re a real character. It’s almost as if you’re a professional 50 cent blogger for Apple.

      • Carlos Gomes

        If you weren’t a troll, you would clearly notice that yesterday I was praising the Moto G.
        Thank God you’re not biased.

      • theotherRJH

        I guess the lesson learned here is never make a comment saying anything bad about a phone a GenY fanboi just loves. You are a useful corporatist tool.

    • Anthony Aaron Anderson

      LOL. Open source “hack ware”? kid, do you even know the actual definition of hacking code?? Hacking code is the process of writing code. I love to see peoples little misconceptions. What you are talking about is “malicious software” aka malware. Code injectors, loggers, monitors, R.A.P. Scramblers, and things like that are what you are talking about. “Hack ware” would be a tool used write software, such as Adobe dreamweaver or visual c#. I seriously doubt we need to worry about you and your non-existent “hack ware”.

      • theotherRJH

        I have been in the Security field for 20+ years and you little Apple Fanbois Tools never cease to give me a good chuckle now and then. Get back to class before the teacher sees you missing.

      • Anthony Aaron Anderson

        Awe how cute, he responded. I’m sorry to hear that you waisted 20 years of your life in an industry that obviously doesn’t suit you. You should probably do what I’m doing and go to college, it might help you make some better life choices. 20 years in an industry where you can’t even get the terminology correct, sounds like a lot of waisted time to me. Grow up, and stop being offended when somebody corrects you, or be prepared to know exactly what you are talking about. Talking to sound smart, looks stupid. I mean really? Hack ware? 20 years in the industry, and that’s what you came up with?…

      • theotherRJH

        ROFL! GenY/Millennials….the worthless generation. Tell me what are you in school for? Women’s Studies? African American Studies? .NET coding? HA! If I were you, I would get your PS4 using your student loans now. You’ll be using it a lot living in your parent’s basement after you graduate. Your EBT reloads every month should cover the games and your new iPhone every year. Oh and your welcome for myself and the PRODUCER class paying in taxes so you can live high on the hog because if you little GenY POS’s lived in any other country in the world, you’d have starved to death by now.


      • Anthony Aaron Anderson

        Lol I pay for college out of pocket. I’m the VP of BDT LLC, a company devoted to teaching others how to start businesses online. I’m going to Utah state university, studying aerospace engineering and fluid dynamics as a hobby. I’m 20 years old, and I can guarantee I pay more in taxes than your entire family. Your contributions to society amount to 20 years of waisted time in an industry you know virtually nothing about. I already have 3 patents, my own blog site, a successful company, and enough money set aside for you to retire on. Have a nice day.

      • theotherRJH

        HAHAHA! ROFL! Next you’ll be telling me your penis is huge. Get lost, boy. You don’t even have what it takes to play the game with obviously lies like that.

        Merry Christmas sweetie.

      • Anthony Aaron Anderson

        HAHAHAHAHA I’m sorry I hurt your feelings so bad that you automatically started defending your penis, I didn’t mean to make you feel that insecure.

      • theotherRJH

        Do the human race a favor, please don’t breed. Gen Y/Millennial trash is bad enough to deal with.

      • Anthony Aaron Anderson

        Lol that’s what you can come up with? Don’t breed? So that 45 year old high school drop outs like you can? Your making yourself look even more stupid by the second. Do you really think that telling me not to breed is going to do anything other than make my day? So far, all I see out of you, is biased opinions and prejudice against young people. Your arguments are fundamentally flawed, your opinions are narrow minded and biased, and instead of defending any one of your claims you simply jump to a new insult every time I shut you down. You are easier to argue with than a 7 year old. Go back to high school debate club, you’re a little rusty.

      • theotherRJH

        Yeah…don’t breed. And the only thing you can shutdown is your xbox. You are punk little b—h and a LIAR. I googled your name and bad news, you’re not black and I seriously doubt you manage a billion dollar VC firm….or work at a talent agency, take your pick. Linkedin? Nope. Then again, liars like yourself don’t waste time putting up “I am a total loser and liar and live in my mom’s basement” on Linkedin anyway. Not much of a market for that. You embellished way too much on your lies. If you have a job, which I highly doubt, it probably as something to do with making sandwiches or cleaning offices at 2AM….probably mine. 🙂

        Get real chump. I look at a dozen resumes a day and everyone under the age of 30 gets auto deleted. You give the human a bad image with your worthlessness. In fact, ALL OF GEN Y are sponges on the human race. Move to any other country and you’d be dead inside of a year. Only in America are people like you even tolerated.

      • Anthony Aaron Anderson

        And as for you, I never said billion dollar anything. That is certainly the goal, but we obviously haven’t reached it yet. I applaud you on the use of your brain though, Google can be a good tool for wannabes. However I would personally recommend the bbb for business information, as for personal information, I guess your best bet would be the USU directory. My days of looking at resumes are over, I pay somebody to do that for me now, but we certainly never overlook anybody just because of their age. We prefer qualified, trained individuals, that are capable of performing their job to the T, not individuals who got hired simply because somebody like you decided they were old enough.

      • Anthony Aaron Anderson

        I personally apologize to anybody this person has offended while trying to make me look bad. I doubt he seriously hates young people, he is just a little bum hurt that his intelligence was challenged by one. As a favor to all you who have been offended, my offer of a ps4 still stands, the first 30 people to email aj.anderson2008@hotmail with a valid us shipping address, will be entered into a drawing to win a new ps4. Winner will be selected on Friday the 13th. I will post the winners name here on the 13th, and will also respond to their email to inform them of their victory. GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY!

      • Anthony Aaron Anderson

        Ps. Tried the ps4 and the xbox one. Personally still prefer a good PC. Lol So if you’re in need of one of those ps4’s you seem to think are so terribly expensive, email me your PO box address, and I’ll ship you one of mine.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Well duh BBs have been known for security. Apple is lagging when it comes to security and the NSA is collaborating with apple. Lol

    • theotherRJH

      The NSA is making sure iPhones are LESS secure….so they can get into them.

  • Anthony Aaron Anderson

    Lol please go back and read everything that I wrote, not once did I mention an iPhone. If you thought this entire thing was over an iPhone argument, then i apologize for the misunderstanding. My dispute was with incorrect technical terminology. I have no problem with android or blackberry, I have a nexus tablet and have had both blackberry and android phones in the past. I am in no way a biased fanboi. As for the ps4 that is an active drawing, that you are welcome to enter in.