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For those of you who were unable to see it in theaters, Ashton Kutcher’s much talked about ‘Jobs’ film is now available for purchase. You can either buy it or rent it in iTunes, and then of course it’s available in Blu-Ray and DVD as well.

After months of rumors and a lengthy delay, ‘Jobs’ opened to mixed reviews on August 16. It stayed in theaters for just 7 weeks, and only pulled $35 million worldwide. It was considered by many to be a flop, but now you can be the critic…

Here’s a quick excerpt from our review of the film:

“At the heart of the Jobs film is the story of how Apple was founded, which is a great one no matter how you tell it. It’s crazy to think that the world’s largest company (by market cap) started in a garage with a group of kids soldering circuit boards.

Speaking of which, all of the main cast members gave solid performances. While Kutcher probably won’t win an Oscar for this role, he was good, as was Josh Gad, who played Steve Wozniak, Dermot Mulroney, who played Mike Markkula, and the rest of the early Apple gang.”

And here’s the movie trailer for those who missed it:

If you’re interested, you can find Jobs in iTunes. It’s $19.99 to buy it and $4.99 to rent it in HD, and $14.99 and $3.99 to rent it in SD. And for those looking for discs, it looks like most retailers have the DVD at $17.99 and the Blu-Ray at $22.99.

  • GaugePrower

    Actually… I liked it. I was the only person in the theater, but i liked the film. Ashton put a lot of work and effort into his acting. He must have stalked jobs’ whole life to mimic him as well as he did. I was impressed. Probably not 100% accurate, but not a bad film.

    • on3simpleclick

      I quite enjoyed enjoyed it as well.

    • Diego Gastón Milano

      I watched the movie in the weekend and I TRULY enjoyed it. I wonder why it has been so underrated.

  • @sexyhamthing

    i though it was bad 😛

  • on3simpleclick

    ..or you know, there’s torrents..

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Sadly I may have to do just that…

  • Dani Hayes

    iSteve was much better. Lol.

  • Oscar Nigma

    A bit too cookie cutter for me. And the ending also felt really abrupt.

    • Diego Gastón Milano

      Yeah, well… I have to admit I was expecting better for the ending, like they could have plugged a minute of the real Jobs speaking or something similar. I liked the movie a lot though.

  • appleyay


  • Azam Ramly

    Loved the movie.. But I like Job less after that..