Apple released its OS X 10.9 Mavericks as a free Mac App Store upgrade on October 22.

As is the norm with new OS releases, while these things tend to address complaints and issues from the previous version they frequently introduce new ones as well.

For example, immediately after Mavericks went live a bunch of people started complaining about a new and annoying Gmail issue in the stock Mail app.

This past Friday, the company supplied its registered Mac developers with the first beta release of what would become the OS X 10.9.1 software update. The software focuses on graphics enhancements and is said to squash the remaining Mail bugs…

According to Marc Gurman of 9to5Mac, the beta labeled as build 13B27 asks developers to focus on Mail, Graphics Drivers and VoiceOver in their testing.

Graphics in Mavericks definitely feels smoother on my 2011 MacBook Air compared to Mountain Lion – especially in Safari and when scrolling long lists – so I’m looking forward to further performance enhancements.

Apple normally doesn’t wait too long before following up on an annual OS refresh with an update. With that in mind, those who’ve been reluctant to upgrade to Mavericks until the rough edges have been smoothed out should reconsider their decision as soon as OS X 10.9.1 gets let out of the cage.

It’s definitely due before year’s end and I think it could be out in time for Thanksgiving.

Responding to the Gmail woes, Apple last week rushed out a fix for Mavericks’s Mail app. I don’t use OS X Mail much, if at all. From what I was able to gather on Twitter, it seems that particular update hasn’t patched all of the Mail bugs with Gmail accounts.

Just earlier this morning, the iPhone maker also released a pair of beta updates to iOS and Apple TV software.

iOS 7.1 Beta sports performance improvements, a new HDR Auto feature in the Camera app, the Dark Keyboard switch in Accessibility, the ability to upload burst photos to Photo Streams from an iPhone 5s, the refreshed Yahoo logo and more.

Hacker iH8sn0w noted on Twitter that the beta is set to expire on January 13, 2014.

As for the Apple TV 6.1 Beta, the software “enables users to mirror content of an iPad to an Apple TV using AirPlay”.

Apple is asking developers to test the functionality with their apps and websites.

Both iOS 7.1 Beta and Apple TV 6.5 Beta are available to registered iOS developers through Apple’s Dev Center website.

  • appleyay



    Does someone know how to fix MacBook Pro ?,, the pointer is kind of crazy , moves by it’s self and it’s creating folders .. I really need help!!!

    • Dennis Kharin

      I could be a virus. I recommend you do fresh install OS Mavericks, works definitely smoother and with less bugs and glitches.
      Personal experience.

  • Ian Jackson

    Waiting for the .2 update. Hoping it’s more stable than What’s out now. I hope. :s I have a 2012 MBA and it has worse enough battery life.

  • Manuel Oberaufner

    Is anyone else having severe lags with some animations like mission control or even scrolling?
    I have it on my MBP Retina and its really annoying.. Hope the update gets everything back to fluent animations

    • Joe

      I had major performance issues with Mavericks. Maybe it’s because I didn’t do a clean install, or maybe it’s just the OS itself. For a mid 2012 MBP, however, I found that to be pretty disappointing. If it was possible for my machine to install Snow Leopard, I’d do it in a heartbeat. I decided to just revert back to Mountain Lion for the time being.

      I was surprised to see Christian state that “Graphics in Mavericks definitely feels smoother on my 2011 MacBook Air compared to Mountain Lion – especially in Safari and when scrolling long lists”. I have my doubts about that, even if improvements are made to 10.9.1. It just seems like with every update, OSX gets more and more bloated, sacrificing performance. For the minority of us that really value performance over glitz, we should have the option to disable whatever features we don’t need/want. You can only do so much with Onyx/terminal commands, and Apple seems to take away more and more tweaking capabilities with every new release (the lack of a 2d dock option was the last straw!).

      • Manuel Oberaufner

        runs fine on my MacBook Air, but something has to be wrong with graphics on my macbook pro..

    • siddique

      same problem..
      my macbook mid 2012 non retina, poor performance after upgrading to mavericks.

  • Brandon Weidema

    ever since I installed Mavericks on my macbook pro retina, Photoshop performance has gone down the toilet 🙁

  • queen_ir3ne

    Apple needs to fix iBooks.

  • iOops

    I’ve found Mavericks to perform quite well, however Safari is a real sluggish piece of work – not the page rendering or scrolling, but the long wait time between clicking and getting your page. I am forced to use Chrome until that little gotcha is fixed up. Graphics wise, it seems comparable to ML, with smooth animations. GL Performance seems good (or at least comparable to ML) for my steam games. I am using a standard PC (Z77-HD3 / ENGTX465), not a mac mind you, so YMMV.

  • William Ellis

    I am finding that this upgrade has seriously slowed down my 2007 iMac. Very slow boot and Shutdown. Safari unresponsive to mouse clicks and running two apps at once makes the whole system crawl.

    Apple is getting like Microsoft with every update to the operating system resulting in a less responsive system .