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Following a ruling in March which halved last August’s $1.05 billion verdict against South Korea’s Samsung, a retrial to recalculate the remaining damages is due later this week. In its opening statement today, Apple’s legal representatives demanded $379 million in pending damages. Samsung argues it owes Apple but a paltry $52 million for infringing its iPhone patents and design features.

And as the two parties gear up for a déjà vu retrial, its CEOs will apparently meet for a new round of peace talks – all over again – according to a new report out Wednesday from South Korea…

The Korea Times reports:

Samsung Electronics and Apple will restart top tier efforts to try and meet a court-ordered Jan. 8 deadline to find an amicable solution to their patent dispute, sources told The Korea Times.

An unnamed source told the publication that Samsung Mobile CEO Shin Jong-kyun will fly to the United States “next month or in January” for talks with Apple CEO Tim Cook, as per U.S. federal judge Lucy H. Koh’s order.

Thus far, the two parties officially met three times to negotiate a solution, to no avail.

Samsung issued the following comment:

We’ve acknowledged that Samsung Electronics is suggested by the judge Koh for substantial progress in peace talks. But we have no further comments about the issue.

An industry expert speculated that the CEOs will probably meet during January’s International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which is weird knowing Tim Cook rarely attends industry events.

As CNET reported today, Samsung’s position is that Apple is asking way too much in royalty payments.

The remaining damages Samsung owes to Apple after Judge Koh slashed the $1.05 billion verdict by approximately $410 million will be determined over the course of a retrial, which began today. An attorney for Apple in today’s opening statement reckoned damages at $380 million versus the original $410 million in vacated damages.

The Apple lawyer cited internal Samsung documents which serve as “conclusive evidence Apple lost sales because of Samsung,” adding:

We will hear a lot from Samsung, saying no one would have purchased Apple products. But in its heart, Samsung knew it was a two-horse race. In a fair fight, that money should have gone to Apple.

The Korea Times through the mouth of another industry source suggests that peace talks between the two CEOs may yield some visible returns should “Apple’s new offer protect Samsung’s pride”.

And the saga continues…

What do you think, are Apple and Samsung eventually going to settle out of court?

  • Peace talk?…yeah right, more like greedy capitalist talk…10 bucks Apple’s settlement would be along the lines of “pay us 53%/phone sold and we won’t sue you”…

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      It’s not greedy and is quite simple really. Samsung infringed Apples intellectual property so must pay them damages and agree licensing terms.

      • Raashid

        Yeah, Samsung infringed on Apple patents; patents for stuff Apple never invented….greedy was pretty kind in describing such act.

      • Shamin Aggarwal

        Do you mean Apple didn’t invent MultiTouch? Coz if ur really saying that then u don’t deserve to read iDownloadBlog.

      • Raashid

        Yeah I mean that, and it’s just a google away (http://bit ly/1cYPy5b). As you seem so naive enough to think Apple invented anything, you might not even know which link to click, so, here you go kid (http://bit ly/17tcOAA)….

      • Shamin Aggarwal

        Apple bought the company legally who invented MultiTouch and other such patents. On the other hand Samsung just waited to gain power and popularity till it had the support of HTC and others and then went on a spree of copying every aspect of the iPhone.
        For example, HTC is now putting fingerprint sensors in their devices, Samsung is making gold phones and planning to make 64bit processors.
        For god’s sakes even the concept of a full touch, multitouch smartphone was introduced by Apple.
        You still think Samsung and others aren’t infringing on “Apple-owned” patents?

  • Taf Khan

    Never make a deal with the Devil that is Samesung.. .

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Ever heard of the term frenemy? Sometimes deals have to be done whether you like it or not. For example I’m sure Apple would have loved to have got their retina display from Sharp or LG but because of problems they’ve fallen back to their frenemy Samsung (although these problems are likely solved now and if they aren’t they probably will be soon).

      • Taf Khan

        You have to have a certain level of trust, can the devil be trusted?

        I don’t see a deal until everything has gone through the courts and compensation amounts settled, once the dust has settled then some time in the future maybe they could move on..

    • Dan

      The devil?

  • Chris sosa

    I believe there will not be any peace between these two companies. Would love to see them work on a maybe iPhone/Galaxy phone all in one together but i know that wont happen lol. But i can already see there is gonna be more bumps in the road between these two.