iOS 7 teaser (iPhone 5s ad 009)

The iPhone has come a long way since it was first introduced in 2007. Now generating more than 30 million sales per quarter, the popular handset has become a large part (over half) of Apple’s business.

With that in mind, we found this infographic of how the iPhone has grown over the years very interesting. Not only does it show the hardware and software changes it’s undergone, but also its increase in sales…

Here’s the infographic by Top Tien Mobiel (via The Loop):

evo of iphone

While overall iPhone sales aren’t increasing from quarter to quarter as rapidly as they were say, 2-3 years ago, they’re still very impressive. Apple’s opening 5s/5c weekend was nearly double that of the iPhone 5.

I also find the hardware and software changes from year-to-year interesting. Note how different the iPhone 3G and 4 appear—just 1 generation apart. And then of course there’s the iPhone 5c and iOS 7.

It kind of makes you wonder how next year’s iPhone will evolve from the current models. Recent reports claim the handset is set to receive a big makeover with larger screen sizes and possibly curved displays.

  • Simple yet beautifully done infographic 🙂 Looking for more.


  • Willie

    Love how the 3GS shows iOS 5 instead of iOS 3

    • christodouluke

      And the 4S shows iOS 4 instead of iOS 5.

      • iBanks

        The iPhone 4S shows iOS5

      • christodouluke

        no it does not.

      • bn326160

        Rather iOS 4.1

    • vs511

      Nice observation, haha! I think get they got the stock wallpapers wrong too (default ones)!

    • iBanks

      I think you are mistaken. I see iOS 3

    • Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal

      You are right. I think there is a Newstand icon there

  • Rick Hart

    Notice that nobody except AT&T in the U.S.A carried the iPhone until the 4s launch!

    • iBanks

      I think the graphic is based on launch details. I don’t believe the i4 launched on Verizon the same day it did AT&T. I think it was after, but I may be mistaken.

  • Nirvana

    To me, iOS 5 is really the most significant change in design. I just don’t care ’bout the newly designed UI and type faces on iOS 7. Who agree?

  • Truffol

    Infographics are always awesome! It’s insane to think it’s only been 7 years since the iPhone’s launch. It seems only yesterday when Steve Jobs announced “an ipod a phone and an internet communicator!”