Henri Lamiraux, Apple’s top VP of engineering for the iOS platform has left the company after 23 years. Lamiraux started as a Mac software engineer in the early 90’s, and joined Scott Forstall’s iPhone OS team in 2005.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Henri’s reason for leaving is simply ‘retirement.’ But his talents will surely be missed, as he was in charge of a number of important aspects in iOS such as developing the stock applications…

9to5Mac has the scoop:

“He says that he retired from Apple a “couple of weeks” ago, following the release of iOS 7.0.3. Lamiraux decided a “little while ago” that iOS 7 would be his last release. 

Sources within Apple’s iOS division say Lamiraux is respected and he was in charge of developing the applications that come with iOS. The executive also led feature-implementation across the operating system, and he managed both bug-fixing processes and feature distribution to consumers. He also managed the frameworks within the operating system that power features and allow developers to build applications.”

Lamiraux’s departure comes just a year after Apple’s major executive shakeup which saw the ousting of Scott Forstall, and various role reassignments. It’s seen as a significant loss, at a critical time, with the recent iOS 7 redesign.

Despite this, however, 9to5Mac says that the iOS team is still ‘moving strong’ and has already begun work on iOS 8. The update, which is expected to debut in H2 of next year, is said to include new Maps and iOS in the Car features.

  • Armando Kit Kat

    It would be hilarious if iOS 8 brings another major UI overhaul.

    • on3simpleclick

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple completely overhauled the look for iOS8. I think that although iOS7 & the new hardware this year has been great, Apple has gained a new image that they won’t want to carry into next year.

      5″ iPhone with a new iOS8? Yes please.

      • marcus1324

        Is this a joke, why would Apple do a complete UI overall again? Mac OS 10.11 will probably have a UI overhaul with an iOS 7 like GUI.

      • Armando Kit Kat

        Because parts of the overhaul, I repeat, parts of the overhaul are complete shit and they deserve to be redesigned.

      • marcus1324

        I think that the reason people don’t like iOS 7 is because they have’t been using an iOS 6 device as long enough as to outgrow it and get bored. It’s probably just still fresh to you as where I have been using the old iOS since 2009 and I have gotten very bored with it even with a jailbreak theme.

      • Armando Kit Kat

        I’d used an iPhone 4 for two years before switching to the GS4 (should have waited for the Nexus 5) and trust me, I very much prefer the look of iOS 6.

  • Linton Findlay

    All I want from ios8 is, quick reply, swipe selection, a way to quickly empty multitasking, and a data toggle for control center

    • iBanks

      I have a really good feeling quick reply is coming. It’s now implemented in Mavericks, I feel it’s coming in iOS8.

      • jocastro

        or even sooner

    • marcus1324

      I would also like to see gestures, once I got iOS 7 it was weird to use the home button instead of Zephyr and Activator again.

  • Mohammed Sahib

    Too bad his last release was the buggiest. Is there a chance he was fired over this?

  • Smastphone hot!

  • I really admire his show. he’s really trying and talented work. I definitely think there is a certain arrangement of the company. They really slowly disintegrating due to changing market

  • good bye pal see u in hell

  • mav3rick

    No worries. Ive in charge of design can bring some more neon colors, new axis, idiotic icons or make screens even blighter.

  • JomanJi

    They should remake iOS from scratch, and this time, base it on linux, or at least make it more open

    • Falk M.

      Why would you go from a UNIX base to a Linux base?

      • JomanJi

        Since apparently, they took unik, and close it; linux would force them to be open

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    iOS 8 won’t be a major UI overhaul, it will be a refinement of iOS 7 for sure. Overhauling the whole system again will just cause more bugs like there were with the release of IOS 7 this year, and Apple doesn’t need that. Plus, I think iOS 7 (for the most part) is a great looking mobile OS. I think it’s time to start adding in some new features, though. Something we couldn’t even imagine.