The iPad Air launched online and in retail stores around the globe this morning, and like clockwork, the folks over at iFixit have already ripped it apart. The teardown gives us a closeup look at the components inside the tablet.

And this is particularly interesting this year, as Apple has completely redesigned the 5th gen iPad to be thinner, lighter and more powerful than its predecessor. You’ll find photos of its A7 chip, 5mp camera and more after the fold…


The A7 chip has a part number of APL5698, which differs from the APL0698 chip found in the iPhone 5s. The Air’s processor is likely the 1.4GHz chip spotted in benchmark results earlier this week. And yes, the M7 is also on board.


The iPad Air features a 32.9 Whr two-cell battery, which interestingly enough is smaller than the 43Whr three-cell battery found in the iPad 4. That Apple managed to keep the 10-hour battery life is a testament to the A7’s efficiency.


As expected, the Air utilizes a 5-megapixel iSight camera and 1.2mp FaceTime camera—both of which are very similar to their predecessors. There microphone placement has changed though, with both now found at the top of the tablet.

So not many surprises, but it’s still interesting to see what parts Apple put together to achieve the iPad Air’s size and performance. iFixit gives the device a 2 out of 10 repairability rating, and you can read the rest of the teardown here.

  • Jonathan

    That was fast.
    And, they probably improved the battery so that they could make it smaller, allowing them to reach their goal, 1 pound.

    • Sean Clark

      Battery is not really improved, just smaller. Everything around the battery has been improved (i.e. drawing less power).

      • Jonathan

        How? the A7 would require more power, right?

      • Martynas

        No. Have you seen the keynote? Apple says it requires LESS battery.

      • Jonathan

        I guess that goes to show what I remember, lol.

  • Jackson Grong

    It sucks that is has only 1gb or ram, that’s the third generation now without improvments -.- Also no touch ID, and no improved camera.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      iOS has such good memory management 1GB is probably plenty…

      • Dylfo

        wouldnt it be even faster if they upgraded the ram though?

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Your forgetting how iOS memory management works though. I may be wrong but my understanding is that when an app running in the background uses too much resources iOS saves a snapshot to physical memory (somewhere on the solid state storage) and then when you launch this app again the snapshot is loaded back into memory and other resources put into storage as a snapshot to compensate…

      • appleyay

        tru but more ram is always better

      • Jim Hart

        More RAM = more power needed.

      • mav3rick

        Yeah, and memory is so expensive, they’re charging 100$ for 16G and iPad profit margin is so small, they’re basically selling it tight close to manufacturing cost.

      • Nipasaurus

        Not that kind of memory 🙁

      • Beta382

        More RAM != more speed. All that more RAM means is that you can have more applications active at once.

      • Umut Bilgiç

        Not at all. The optimization works it magic :p

  • Kurt

    Can’t wait to get mine

  • appleyay

    its like a big ipod touch 5G..

  • sz9ytd

    With a 64 bits processor CPU. It’s efficiency increases n uses less power than its pre-ancester.

  • Sejad Jr Sejdic

    Sorry but had to correct a typo, not bashing you, “There microphone placement has changed though” to “Their microphone placement has changed though”.

    • Matt Taylor

      It’s not their microphone though is it! It’s who ever owns each device!

      • BoardDWorld

        He is correct, correct placement for “there” in a phrase would be if you were speaking verbally to someone while gesturing and said “the microphone placement has changed to over there”. “Their” is needed as it is their design.