An interesting tidbit of information coming from analytics platform Distimo about the App Store most popular category – Games – and how much that category generates in terms of revenue.

Looking at the Top 400 Overall Grossing, 48% of all apps in the Top Overall were games and those apps generated 92% of the revenue for Google Play in September 2013. For the Apple App Stores (average of iPhone and iPad), 52% of the apps in the Top Overall were games and these apps generated 79% of the revenue.

In short, half of the apps in the Top Grossing charts of the App Store generate 79% of total revenue. Note that these apps do not generate 79% of the total App Store revenue. They generate 79% of Top Grossing charts revenue.

If you extrapolate this data to the entire App Store, does that mean the Games category could grossly represent 80% of the store total revenue? That wouldn’t be surprising, but of course, it would require many more data points to get to that conclusion.

Another revealing data is that 92% of revenue generated by the Games category came from in-app purchases.

More details and charts at Distimo.

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  • Christian Mejía

    I want to know the top downloaded apps ever.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Just a hunch but Angry Birds? I mean who owns an iOS device and doesn’t have this game?

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        That’s very true, I thought that too. I even bought it and don’t buy many apps

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        Yeah I felt that too but who really knows.

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    IAPs crushing mofos’ wallets.

  • Jo

    They’re popular and profitable, but it doesn’t mean they are better or more liked.