Molto 1If you are looking for a new mail client for your iPhone, you will be happy to know that the popular iPad mail app Incredimail is now available for the iPhone. Only its been completely redesigned and has a new name.

Molto is a mail client designed for mobile access to your digital correspondences. Check your messages, send and receive communications, and experience email in a whole new way…

Molto 3This app was created to incorporate your productivity needs with entertainment and information consumption. You may be checking mail, but the app turns your messages into media. Your messages look more like a blog roll than an inbox with images the front and center of each item.

In addition to a clean and interesting-looking inbox, you can access your most used contacts quickly from the All Stars list in the menu screen. Send emails with one tap or check your most recent interactions with them. The smart contacts design makes it seem like you are chatting with friends, instead of emailing.

Smart filters divide your emails into different folders so you can stay focused on important correspondences, leaving others for a later date. Messages are viewed in full-screen to give you a rich experience.

Link your Molto app with Facebook and view your correspondences like you would see their timeline. Emails come to life with more imagery when you can see your friends’ pictures while sending them a message.

Molto 2Filter your inbox view by accessing messages that are personal, social, or services to weed out and prioritize your email productivity.

You can quickly reply, trash, star, or mark emails as read/unread by tapping the sender’s icon. The available actions will roll out as buttons that you can tap to access. Other actions are easily triggered by touch gestures. Swipe to the right to delete emails. Swipe to the left to select multiple emails to star, move, or delete. Pinch to shrink your inbox view to only show names and subject lines for a fuller view of your list of messages.

The app supports all major email providers, including Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, Hotmail, POP3, and IMAP.

Molto is available for free on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Download it in the App Store today.

Do you use a third-party mail client? Which one is your favorite?

  • Nguyễn Phấn Hoàn


  • on3simpleclick

    Still prefer the Gmail app over any other email client. It’s simple & does what you expect it to do, without any gimmicks.

    • Cameron Chao

      my favorite is Mailbox for its ease of use, the Gmail app has too many in-depth features that i dont need to use.

      • Nicky_Lanzz

        I use mailbox but I may check this out. Could win me over! Mailbox would be an auto win for me once it supports yahoo and such.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        “The app supports all major email providers, including Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, Hotmail, POP3, and IMAP.”

        If the app isn’t some web based service I think I’ll give it a try. Although apps like Mailbox look nice I’m not quite sure I’m comfortable with the idea of someone like Mailbox being a middle-man between me and my email provider though (and in the case of mailbox they still only work with Gmail)…

      • Cameron Chao

        I actually like how molto looks, but still not as easy to use as mailbox, i do have other email providers but i use the default mail app with that and turn off notifications as i get alot of unwanted spam in that, my important ‘business’ email is under mailbox. Would like to know what you think of Molto.

    • Elvin Topalov

      I’ve seen quite a few people with the pixelated avatars. Where do you make them?

      • Neil Sardesai

        I’ve been wondering that too.

  • Question

    This is nice but im so used to mailbox that i find other email clients hard to use lol i dont even know how to use the Apple’s stock mail app

  • Sound_Mind24

    This apps looks cooler than Gmail. I try it but is buggy.

    I will still use gmail for my work emails.

  • illK†Δ

    I’m not the kind of guy that has 12 email clients, seriously it’s 2013. But this is truly a beautiful and easy to use app. I tied it to my icloud account and works perfect.

    The notification noise is low quality compared to stock notification though.

  • Jonathan Foell ™

    It’s ok. I don’t like the featured people they show at the top. Mailbox is just an easier email client.

  • Gameboy213

    Big fan of this app. Has great promise and is really refreshing.

  • Timothy

    Beautiful app, great functionality, feels really smooth and just right on my new iPhone 5s and in iOS 7 🙂

    I’m a fan of Mailbox, but I may switch to this, largely because of the support for most if not all major email providers. The main thing it’s missing from Mailbox is “reminders” for emails, but it does have faster access to quick actions (tapping on the avatar).

    One thing I’d like to see implemented is iOS 7’s “swipe back” feature. Not having it makes the app harder to use on the 5s’s taller display, and leaves it somewhat inconsistent with iOS 7. I realize this wouldn’t be practical in some instances due to the swipe actions on messages in the inbox. However, I’d like the ability to swipe back out of an email and while in menus. This would make the app feel much better to me.

    • Shai Pal

      Hi Tim, thank’s for the feedback!

      I can assure you native swipe back method will be in for the next release.due to support for iOS6 we didn’t implement it yet.

  • Damian W

    Boxer app is the best. All other clients are mere shadows of Boxer.

    • Diego Gastón Milano

      Interesting, Boxer offers Exchange support; it must be probably the single third party app that adds Exchange support out there. I might try it!

  • Neil Sardesai

    Byebye Sparrow.

  • Pablo

    I installed it, but when I receive mail I only receive notifications from stock mail app and not from molto, all notifications and sounds for molto are enabled in notifications settings section

  • Shai Pal

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the feedback. As the UX designer behind this app it’s been a thrill watching the great support it gets, and we are just getting started.

    I can assure you many improvements are on the way, including the next level for reminders, and many more.

    Please feel free to give more feedback, what you didn’t like, what you did love, any feedback will be appreciated.

    • JulianZH

      I like this app except one thing. Not sure if it bug or not. When I first installed it, the app will give me notification when it received emails. But now, it doesn’t show or even sound alert. I checked my notification setting, everything is on, but now it just no alert. I need to manually refresh it. I even checked background app refresh and it’s enabled already.

      • Barca Mania

        is it working now?

      • JulianZH

        Much better, banner alert working too. Only down side is only 1 lock screen notification showing when i selected to show 5

  • mapetite

    I can’t get pinch to shrink working in iPad. Am I missing something? Is that an iPhone only feature? Pretty tedious deleting emails one at a time. Swipe right isn’t working either.

    • Barca Mania

      it will be in the next iPad update suited for iOS7.

      currently only for iPhone.

  • Patrick LeClair

    How do I make it my default email app as with Molto installed I cannot forward via email in any app?

  • Marion von Kobylinski

    What happened to Incredimail, we loved that programme and all the fun emails, is there anything similar these day?