iTunes 11 (Albums)

In addition to its wide range of other application updates today, Apple has posted a new edition of iTunes this afternoon. The update brings the content management software to version 11.1.2 and includes a handful of improvements.

Easily the biggest change in iTunes 11.1.2 is its support for OS X Mavericks, the big update Apple released today for its desktop operating system. But it also includes new language support and improved performance and stability…

Note that this isn’t a must-have update, particularly for folks who don’t have a Mac or don’t plan on updating to Mavericks. For those that have updated, though, you’ll probably want to include this in your list of maintenance tasks today.

Here are the release notes:

itunes update

You’ll notice that Apple has also released a new version of iBooks Author, which as you can see in the image above includes a new Preview Books feature for Mac, and a few bug fixes. Users of iBooks Author can find the update in the Mac App Store.

Folks looking to grab the newest version of iTunes can find it either on Apple’s website, or via the Mac App Store’s ‘Updates’ tab. If you have a Mac and would like to learn more about today’s Mavericks update, click here. It’s free and available now.

  • i’m_usB

    just upgraded

    • Bob

      Me too. Is it just me or do the icons look a different colour? As in the icons for imessage, safari, itunes, etc. Looks like the colour tone has changed.

      • chumawumba

        Thank goodness I’m not alone! They look a bit more saturated. Or is it just that Mavericks reset my color profiles?

  • Markus Hudobnik

    Now we need an iBook upgrade. 🙂

  • cybersat

    I just want to do simple thing, drag and drop .mp3 or any file to phone.

  • Mike

    My album artwork disappeared from the music bar across the top. Anyone else having this issue? In fact, there is nothing across the top except the Apple logo. The song title info is gone too!

    • Rickjedebeste

      Wow, exactly the same here. Dunno what it is, though.

  • Cliff B

    itunes 11.1.2 (32) is much much slower than the previous version for large libraries. It can take minutes for itunes to respond to updates. Even simple UI operations closing an albums track list in album view can cause the beach ball to appear, and can take longer than the current song. I am seeing no performance improvement.