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I’ve never thought that there was anything wrong with Dropbox’s iPhone client. It works well enough for me. But there are some folks who think the app lacks features, is tough to use, and isn’t visually appealing.

Well if you happen to fall into that category, you may be interested in Boxie. The app, which launched today, promises to ‘prettify’ your Dropbox with a clean, easy-to-use user interface and several handy features…

Here are some of Boxie’s more notable features:

– navigate quickly across folders;
– drag and drop to move an item in a folder;
– use contextual options to share, copy, delete, rename, move, paste items, with undoable actions;
– save bookmarks: fast shortcuts for files and folders which can be accessed from a dedicated section;
– store offline files to access them even when your internet connection is not available;
– see a list of revisions for files and restore previous versions;
– thanks to new iOS 7 background features, you can receive in-app and background notifications for file system events: additions, modifications, deletions;
– see the list of deleted files in a folder, and restore them;
– upload files to Dropbox by sending them to Boxie from other apps;
– transfer files and folders to other Boxie users using a sharable custom URL scheme link;
– view images in an enhanced image gallery with animated GIF support;
– listen to audio files and watch videos using a beautifully crafted audio and video player.

Of course, you’ll need a Dropbox account to use Boxie. If you already have one, you can input your login credentials, or authorize Boxie using Dropbox. Otherwise, you can create a new account within the app itself.

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In June of this year, Dropbox announced that it had crossed 175 million users, and I’d imagine that they’re now well past the 200 million mark. That means that the potential audience for Boxie is fairly significant.

But whether or not you think the app is different enough from the official Dropbox client to warrant paying for it is up to you. If you’d like to check it out, you can find Boxie for iPhone in the App Store (on sale) for $1.99.

  • F P

    Still not gonna upgrade.

    • Flow

      Good job bro. iOS 7 is disgusting.

    • Tsavo Walker

      You can wait it out, be strong man, be strong.

    • Cesar D

      Jailbreak to joke these apps

      • Nobody (except maybe Apple) restricts their apps to a particular firmware because they feel like it; the app relies on a new API added in the new firmware. An example: being an iOS 7 app, it should support Dynamic Type (the fancy name for the global font size setting – Settings -> General -> Font Size). The APIs used to achieve this do not exist on older firmwares. Therefore, the app will crash right off the bat.

      • Cesar D

        So we can wait until Jailbreak Hackers do something to add those APIs.

      • Unlikely to happen to be honest; I don’t think this sort of thing’s been done before.

    • HairlessShampoo

      Hold strong man, sooner rather than later hopefully ios7 jailbreak will come out and we will all be liberated from the terror of no apps, the fear of screwing up, and auto updates

      • What do you mean by “the terror of no apps” and “the fear of screwing up”? I’m not sure I understand your comment.

        By the way, auto app updates is a setting; it isn’t a requirement. πŸ™‚

  • JulianZHuang

    I wish asp store has refund function then I can test it out.

    • βœͺ aidan harris βœͺ

      As much as I hate Google if I remember rightly they have something like a fifteen minute refund policy that allows you to try out apps and then if you don’t like them get a refund. If Apple adopted this policy or a similar policy then there would be less spam apps on the AppStore…

      • David Villamizar

        Why do you hate Google?

      • Daniel Eliasson

        Because hes an Apple Fanboy. Now don’t take me wrong- I am too…but I think its good that Google exists. That way we can compare iOS to the fragmentation-suffering clusterfuck thats called Android.

      • Dan

        On the flip side, android users get to compare all the features they have and be glad they didn’t make the jump to IOS πŸ˜‰

        On a serious note, the fragmentation-suffering clusterfuck is a lot less present nowadays. It’s basically the highend phones vs the cheap ones (and who cares about those anyways).

      • βœͺ aidan harris βœͺ

        Because they’ve built a business model around disrespecting people’s privacy. Does that answer your question?

      • David Villamizar

        I thought it was based on ads in its search engine, the money they earn from those ads allows them to let other projects grow bigger before making money out of them(using ads). I think Google is one of the tech companies that contributes more to the world. Just think of how different the internet wold be without Google, not just the search engine, the company itself.

      • Dan

        yeah they do, quite useful

      • mehrab

        You can get a refund from the app store within 90 days of the purchase its very simple too.

    • Andrew Roth

      You kind of can. Buy it, then open iTunes on your desktop and follow these steps: http://www.imore (dot) com/how-request-refund-itunes-or-app-store-purchase

  • Matthew Cooper

    Who stays on Dropbox long enough to care what it looks like? Drop in upload or download what you need then exit app. Dropbox does what it does and doesn’t do what it doesn’t do. Simple enough

    • Dan

      I agree, Dropbox is perfect at what it does.

      I can imagine that some people who don’t have a lot of memory on their phones (and can’t keep their pictures directly on their internal memory) would like to use it as a gallery though.

  • Kessler_8

    I kinda wish BOX was more like Dropbox in terms of features and ease of use. That app needs a revamp asap.

  • Winski

    You CANNOT shine feces…

    • Dan


  • Ted Forbes

    Thanks but I’ll stick with Dropbox, its free and free space for sharing links, simple and easy.

  • Ted Forbes

    What I would like to see included in Dropbox is to edit a file directly to Dropbox without creating new files regardless to the application. For example: If someone shares a Dropbox file using Evernote it would be nice and easy to open and edit the same file with whatever application is already on my device such as Apples Notes, or Plain Text or Notebooks, etc, etc and save it without creating a new file or without downloading Evernote or whatever app. the person used.

  • Ted Forbes

    There are so many applications especially in the social networking apps, I don’t need more social networking apps to find where my friends are especially if they are in China or Russia, etc. where they use apps popular to their specific country. I should not have to download more and more apps to my device because of this.

  • Ted Forbes

    Apps are not that big of a deal anymore especially if there are already a huge variety of apps in the same category. I think most of us are board and tired of so many of the same especially when we have to download to communicate with some other app. It is pastime these applications communicate with each other.

  • Ted Forbes

    Nimbuzz was the start of a good idea, what I see is a rollback version from previous and earlier versions. What happen? Why this didn’t workout? They try combining all social networking apps in one app. To me this was a great idea why didn’t it work?

  • Ted Forbes

    1. More integration of apps in the same category is necessary.
    2. More apps of the same category is not really necessary without integration.
    3. Apps of the same category should communicate with each other together.

    Example 1. Facebook should communicate with Twitter, Flickr, etc and vice verser without downloading all these apps.
    Example 2: BBM should communicate with Viber, Yahoo, WhatsApp, etc and vice verser without downloading all these apps, etc, etc.

    It is paasssssstime, we should be there already!!!!!!!!!
    Or am I the only one that think so?

    • Donglemecurious

      It would require open standards. It’ll happen when one becomes so dominant that the remaining competitors have no choice but to rally around a standard in order to just survive.

      I’m an open source guy and agree with you, for what it is worth.