Angry Birds Go (teaser 003)

Angry Birds maker back in June teased its upcoming Angry Birds-themed kart racing game. Named Angry Birds Go, the game will be set on a 3D Piggy Island and include tons of characters with unique special powers and a fully rendered 3D world.

Then in August, the Finnish developer released more information, revealing the title will be a tie in with energy drinks maker Red Bull.

On Tuesday, Rovio gave us a release date and published a gameplay video which shows off game mechanics while revealing a bunch of bird and pig characters from the Angry Birds series. I’ve included the video and a few additional tidbits right after the break…

Taking a page from Mario Kart, Rovio’s upcoming downhill kart racing game will contain a number of different kart upgrades and power-ups, along with crazy stunt, air tracks and additional goodies, some of which provided as in-app purchase content.

In Angry Birds Go! you can feel the rush as you fling down the track and go head-to-head in a fast and furious race to the finish line! Look out for treacherous roads, mischievous opponents and unique special powers to put the race leader behind the pack. Plus you can go from homemade soapbox car to a super-fly car by upgrading your ride.

Check out the gameplay video below.

Angry Birds Go will be landing on December 11 as a free-to-play download for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 devices.

According to Rovio, Angry Birds Go will feature Hasbro’s interactive Telepods toys. Like with Angry Birds Star Wars II, you’ll be able to teleport your favorite karts into the game.

  • Modest

    Is it just me who doesn’t even bother to download Angry Birds anymore?

    • TeChNoStyLeZ

      I never really likes the angry birds game play although I find the characters and the graphics nice but this game is gonna be AWESOME and FREE !!

    • Anonymous Coward

      The graphic is better than Mario Kart. Its worth to try for free also. (IMHO)

  • Jonathan

    Free? One of my favorite words. 😀

    • omrishtam

      it is free?

      • Jonathan

        Watch the end of the video.

    • John

      Free…or freemium?

      • George Yfantopoulos

        Angry Birds Go will be landing on December 11 as a free-to-play download for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 devices.

      • John

        Thanks George, I can read, so your insult FAILED.

        Let me try and dumb it down for the new people, shall I: When you say free is the game 100% free, ad-supported or will it be use a freemium model like MOST games now-a-days do?

        So, take your reply and go away because it’s you who doesn’t understand..otherwise it seems this is a brilliant way to do nothing more then boost your post count.


    • hkgsulphate

      free means IAP hell nowadays

  • omrishtam

    YAY! about the same date i should get my iphone 5s 😀

  • chumawumba

    Great another angry birds game

  • abdullah575

    i think it will be freemuim !!

  • Turnt

    This is nice but everyone is waiting for Walking Dead Season 2. That’s where the epicness is.

    • John

      I’m waiting for Christmas but what does Walking Dead have to do with this review?

      • Flourish

        He means the iOS game not the tv show

  • Tarun Verma

    I might actually play this one.

  • VATekMan

    Is it December 11th r November 11th? The title says on and the article says something else…

    I would rather pay for it than get it free. since when it is free, they are getting their money some other way, which is normally really annoying!!!!!!

    • TeChNoStyLeZ

      yeah that upgrade your ride part of the video looks like some freemium stuff

  • Freddy Born

    Is it November or December?

  • Freddy Born

    What about multiplayer?

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Really like the icon. Rovie have some talented designers.. Maybe Apple can learn from them… :/

  • Royce Otero

    Does anyone knows why every time I tried viewing a video from my iPhone like this one wont play? It always says video unavaible. It always happen to me on idownloadblog .

  • NaSty

    Angry Birds Go….away

    See what i did there?

  • Royce Otero

    Does anyone knows why every time I tried viewing a video from my iPhone like this one wont play. It says video unavaible . It happens alot on idownloadblog .

  • flowjbx

    Finally an Angry Bird game that’s interesting…that throwing birds around its old school already…I’ll be downloading this one for sure!!! thankss iDB!!!!

  • Matthew Cooper

    Off topic, but am I the only one that thinks it be awesome if IOS 7 had “classic view”. I mean IOS 7 grows on u but sometimes I miss the old style. Be awesome to switch back and forth whenever u want

  • hkgsulphate