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Adding to our growing list of iOS 7 updates, the Kik Messenger client for iPhone received a refresh last night, bringing it to version 6.7. The update brings the app’s design more in line with the all-new firmware.

Kik’s entire UI has been given the usual iOS 7 treatment, with fewer borders, flatter graphics and text, and empty white spaces. And the developers also gave it a new sticker package and stability improvements…

Here’s the short 6.7 change log:

– Updated iOS7 look and feel
– My Little Pony sticker pack now available!
– Stability improvements

Unfortunately, it appears that iOS 7 hasn’t been too kind to Kik’s app community. In a blog post, the company notes that the update broke apps like AnyVideo and Fontself that allowed you to send stuff within Kik.

“With the release of iOS7, Apple introduced some big changes to the way apps communicate. One of the changes Apple made has limited the ability for mobile apps to share data with each other.

Why does this matter to you? Some of your favourite third-party apps relied on the ability to send data to our app, so that you could send videos, cool fonts, and more to your friends on Kik. Unfortunately, that means if you’re using iOS7, you won’t be able to continue using Apps That Kik, like AnyVideo and Fontself, to send stuff to your friends on our app.”

But the good news is, the Kik team says it’s working on implementing a lot of the features from ‘Apps that Kik’ into its Cards platform. Cards are like mini-apps that let you play games, watch videos, share photos, and more.

Kik is one of the most popular cross-platform messaging services in existence, with close to 100 million users. And if you happen to be one of those users, you’ll want to snag this update. Click here to grab it from the App Store.

  • Rahul Srivastava

    All the apps look the same on iOS 7

    • D.

      That’s the point. It feels universal.

  • Adnan Mosali

    waiting for WhatsApp update

    • Abdl


      • Johann Medina

        how soon is that?

    • Johann Medina

      Waiting also!

    • solai

      it will look similar except icon of user

  • ConduciveMammal

    I don’t understand why they never just implemented video sending into the app itself instead of relying on a third party app

  • Palmer Paul

    The update is gorgeous…I literally just stared at it last night for 15 minutes. Probably the nicest looking iOS 7 style app yet. It also appears to be a little bit faster loading chats and pictures than it was before.

    • Tsavo Walker

      I can just imagine you sitting there, not moving staring at the kik UI. “dat app”

  •  Rich 

    I’m gonna wait for the BBM release. I have the app downloaded, not many to talk to as of yet, but it’s set up nice. Only thing i missed from my BB. And I could never get into KiK or whatsApp

    • Prasoon Singh

      BlackBerry is almost dead. Don’t bother waiting an update from them.

      •  Rich 

        It’ll release, and even tho it’s semi buggy, it’s still put together better than KiK, IMO. But that’s just my opinion. I’m not the only one waiting on it. Look at the number of people who downloaded the app on android alone, before it was released. it’s a very large number. You can search on twitter, and see the amount of iPhone users who are also trying to get their hands on it. It’s foolish to say that it will fail, before it’s even fully out. Just like people said the iPhone was gonna fail when it was first released, and look at it now. Yes, Blackberry makes horrible devices. But on the software side, they weren’t bad. Devs just didn’t develop anything for the BB store, and that lead to the downfall of BB. Everyone wants apps, and the BB store did not have a great selection. I’m pretty sure if they had as many apps as the App Store, or Play Store, they would still be a large competitor.

  • chill

    will this update put photo bomb on my kik as it does not have it ?

  • Macaroni Toni

    There is nomore Photobomb on Kik . Where did it go ? Does anyone know