SlowCam 3When Apple announced that the iPhone 5s came with slow motion video capture, I was immediately envious of everyone that would be upgrading this year. Slow motion video is almost as awesome as high-speed video.

SlowCam – Realtime Slow motion Video Camera is a video app that turns my green envy into gold. With it, you don’t need a brand new iPhone in order to create slow motion videos. All you need is iOS 7…

The app is very easy to use. As soon as you open it, the viewfinder appears. Start recording by tapping the red record button. The app records video at the highest framerate capable on your device. If you have the new iPhone 5s, you can record at 120 FPS. The iPhone 5 and 5c, plus the iPad mini are capable of 60 FPS. All other devices can record at 30 FPS.

SlowCam 2While recording, hold the blue snail that is just above the record button to slow things down. Hold the button until you want to go back to normal speed recording. If you want to change the app’s settings so that you can tap the snail instead of holding it, select SlowCam in your Settings app and toggle “Single Tap to Start SloMo” on.

You can zoom in 5X on the iPhone 5, 5c and 5s. Touch and hold the plus/minus bar on the side of the screen to change the zoom. There is a “torch” feature that turns on your camera’s flash while you record so you can get better video in dark lighting.

SlowCam 1You can also set the camera’s focus and exposure separately or together. Tap the screen to bring up the two targets. Then, drag the focus to the subject you want clear and drag the exposure to the area you want the lighting to capture.

You can record slow motion multiple times in the same video. All you have to do is touch and hold the snail whenever you want to slow down the action. If you are recording a race, use SlowCam every time the cars pass in front of you for a cool video trick.

When you are done recording, your video will be rendered and immediately sent to your iOS device’s camera roll where you can share it through SMS, email, YouTube, FaceBook, Vimeo, or iCloud.

This app is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for $1.99. Download it in the App Store today.

  • Moi

    It will be real slow-mo but only on the 5s

    • Moi

      Do you have one ?

      • Moi

        No I don’t

      • Moi

        Why ? , every body is getting one

      • Moi

        Bcuz the first iPhone 5s will drop in my country in at least May and it will be like 950$ or more and it won’t drop to its original price until the iPhone 6 available in my damn country ( and you buy the one you found , you don’t have the choice to pick up a model ) , so since I’m going to pay more than 1000$ for an iPhone , I will wait till summer of 2015 and buy the 6

      • Moi

        That’s pathetic , where do you live ?

      • Moi

        In Algeria … Apple why don’t you make a retail store in every damn capital in the world ?

      • bn326160

        What the..?

      • Vijay Panjwani

        What the Fu#k…. U mad bro?

      • Burge

        It’s called demand .how long would it take apple to get back a profit in that store..don’t forget a store has just doesn’t happen over night..

      • Harsh Sac

        1) It actually has to happen overnight as in most of the areas the con truction can only take place at night
        2) Some people are just damn lucky that their country is a Apple retail site
        3) If Apple really loves their customers and want them to be actually happy
        They should take some risks and losses in order for he foreign ‘rein’ to spread over
        [no offense intended]

      • Moi

        Thank you , I wish apple was like Samsung they support my country very very well , they even offer services like apple care ….. But still I can’t change to samsung …

      • Jay Kay

        buy any samsung phone and rub it between ur butts, u super idiot

      • Moi

        Hey nerd ;

      • Burge

        Find a site , train the staff..
        Build a store ..get the product to the store . And get the outlay back from the store in less than a there enough demand to do this ? In other words if there is not a store within a country there is not enough demand. And that demand has to be constant..

      • Obaydok

        Wooooooooow! I live in Iran and now I can buy an iPhone 5s space gary for about 800$. I can not believe this! Iran is so great now!!!!!
        we could buy an iPhone 5s just the day after US release for about 1300$.

      • Moi

        No offense , but although this I still prefer my beloved country …and there is nothing can attract me to “Iran “( no offense )

      • Jay Kay

        no one is inviting u there, u super idiot

      • Moi

        Are you obsessed of me or something , stop replying to me nerd

      • Jay Kay

        U idiot planning to buy iphone 6 in summer 2015 near to the release of iphone 6s.

      • Moi

        U idiot , read my comment again and you’ll see why I’m going with iPhone 6 , idiot !

      • Jay Kay

        u super idiot

  • dpacemaker

    I use SloPro. It was more expensive, but I liked its UI. That and I can edit the slow motion afterwards and choose when to fade it in and out. With this you have to hit the snail, I see a more shaky video because you have to hit a button while filming. Try SloPro, I think you will like it.

    • seanodotcom

      +1 for SloPro. Despite holding everyone’s IAP money for a year while 60fps support lacked in iOS 6, It’s back in 7, and the interface is great for selective editing and multiple speed selections.

      • dpacemaker

        The only thing I wish I could do is take the sound out. If I don’t allow it to use the microphone it won’t work.

    • Edvard Rølvaag

      I agree with you!

  • Saria Hajjar

    i hate the kid that’s saying “cha cha cha”

    • Roland Adi Nugraha

      chhhaaaaaa chaaa chaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan

    What’s with the glossy icon..?

  • Bob

    Happy birthday Colin

    • Moi

      Thank you ?!

  • Edvard Rølvaag

    This isn´t something new -.-
    The “SloPro” app has been affording this for a long time!
    SloPro is free too!

  • ExRoot

    **SloPro. Been using it for a long while.

  • Hunter

    I prefer to use an app called Mogul. It has the same interface as the iPhone 5s plus it has the slow-mo scrubbers.

  • anonymous

    SloPro still better !

    • Jonathan


  • JinOnyxMusic

    If the developers of CameraTweak would develop this for their Cydia tweak, that would be the only thing missing from completing their add-on. I love my stock camera app now because of this tweak.

  • Diego Gastón Milano


  • n00b

    30fps is slo-mo now? this blog’s quality is sinking

    • From the app description: “Support of 120 FPS (iPhone 5s+), 60 FPS (iPhone 5/5C, iPad mini), 30 FPS (other devices)”

      Please stop being such a downer. If you’re not happy with this blog, I’m sure Google will help you find many others that will fit your high expectations.