Apple has told India’s top retailers it plans to open 100 locations in India during this fiscal year. The meeting Monday was held by Apple’s top India executives who have tripled the iPhone maker’s team targeting the burgeoning smartphone market.

The plans outlined include entering the top 50 markets in India, selling phones, tablets and other branded gear. The report, from the Economic Times, follows a news earlier this year that Apple wants to increase three-fold its number of India franchise stores to 200, up from 65…

In the meeting with 20 CEOs and senior executives from India’s top telecom and electronics retailers, Apple senior execs “spelt out plans to enter the top 50 tier II and III markets in India by selling its phones, tablets and portable music players at their outlets in an exclusive corner or a shop-in-shop,” reports the Times, citing three people who attended the meeting earlier this week.

“Apple wants to set up 100 exclusive standalone stores under the franchise model in smaller markets. It’s scouting for franchise partners and has made proposals to some of the multi-brand retail chains,” the report goes on. Although Apple hasn’t established any firm deadlines, the company wants to roll out the stores this fiscal year.

Although today’s story doesn’t mention any official Apple Stores headed to India, the report echoes a report back in March that Apple wants to triple the number of franchise stores from the current 65 by the end of 2015. Apple this year has made great strides in entering a market which Samsung largely controlled and consumers felt ignored by the tech giant. Along with increasing its ad campaigns, Apple has changed its sales methods, adopting payment plans and discounts to attract India’s consumers now just catching the smartphone bug. As a result, the Cupertino, Calif. company has seen India sales triple and the country becoming a larger market opportunity.

Some of Apple’s added traction in India may be the result of hiring two former AOL and BlackBerry employees to head up that nation’s operations. Maneesh Dhir and Sanjay Kaul have in the three years since coming aboard Apple tripled the number of Apple people in India to more than 150. The two have also “strengthened the Apple exclusive stores network, shortened the gap between launch of new models overseas and in India and spearheaded the company’s thrust on iPhones,” writes the Times.

  • chumawumba

    Doesn’t make sense considering most people there cant afford an iPhone

    • Danny switcher

      India is also one of the richest countries of the world.

      • seyss

        india is a third world shithole. offended? go search for it.
        i’m saying it cuz i’ve been there.

      • Joe Binder

        Sadly it’s very true. India is a sh*t hole. Further proof apple has lost it.

      • H5ire

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      • manny

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      • manny

        So I am pretty sure they can afford iPhones in their country just like you can, look into your self before you talk shit about others because some people here can’t even afford iPhones so calm your ass down.

      • Burge

        India’s eduction is great.. If your not a street kid..but what has “India’s a shithole” got to do with eduction..there are some fantastic areas of India and yes there is a lot if wealth in India .. But there are some areas of India that even India turns it back know there real 3rd world parts of India . The parts that the rich turn there back on.. Just like most country’s ..

      • Akshay Waitforit Doiphode

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      • karan singh chhabra

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      • mrmaster198

        Are you from Pakistan? You sound like you are from Pakistan.

      • Evad3_Me

        Offended? Yes.

        I don’t need to search for it, I’ve been there and I live in the US. Not to mention, I’m also Indian.

        India is an emerging country, however it does have it’s flaws.

        We used to be very wealthy until the British came over and took all our shit.

        Now we’re just trying to get our act together, but government is very corrupt there so things are moving very slowly.

      • Kenrick Fernandes

        Wow where is all this hatred coming from. If there is any post on this site related specially to America, do you see any of is come and say crap about your country. We don’t right? Because we are very humble and we don’t believe in racism and degrading people. We are much better than this and we don’t need to start arguments here. Either your troll looking for fun or you genuinely meant that. You haven’t been to India and if you have then you haven’t been enough. Apple is not stupid and triple their investments in India. Thank god for a small percentage of people like you.

      • Kartikey Singh

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      • seyss

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      • Bob

        No it’s not. It’s actually classified as a developing or second world country.

        The poverty is very bad there, the government is corrupt and accepting bribes is the normal for government workers including Police Officers.

        There’s little kids with no parents walking the streets without any shoes, no food or shelter whilst the rich are buying the newest iPhones.

      • nmpraveen

        India is very diverge. There is market for everyone.

        Source: I’m an Indian.

    • Taf Khan

      India is a big place, maybe many can’t afford, but then again there is many who can. The country is an emerging economy with a large devide in terms of its wealth. It’s nots long since that people would have said the same about china, now in China they can’t get enough of luxury goods..

    • hmaan

      but many can. apple is not dumb!! they are going for it after proper market study.

    • karan singh chhabra

      ahan? could u afford one without contract?
      dnt judge india u dumbf**k !

    • Rohit

      Apple is not dumb ass company, people at apple know where to put money, and f**king don’t repeat the same sentence which you heard from someone long back. Mark my words in coming years thing gonna change even more, India will emerge as one of the biggest market for apple

  • Moi

    Let me know when they do it for North Africa , there are lots of money to spent on good products

  • Fam

    iphone lover are there in india, in future iphone will rule indian market

  • Joe Binder

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  • Anthony

    A better decision would have been to make those stores in Latin american countries.

  • Dev Shah

    “India may be a poor country, but Indians are not poor”.

  • Guest

    Indians appear to be poor, but they stock up good! real good . they are just appearing plain to the world.!

  • Akshay Waitforit Doiphode

    after reading such hetred for my nation from these ‘muricans , i just dont feel like switching to ios , i mean if your os is made from the foundation of hatred and racism , i’d better go with something that would complement us , wp8 has gone out of the way and bringing large indian services to their smartphones like banks and irctc apps , and guess what isheeps? wp forums actually respect us , and yes apple is not dumb to invest in india , they know the potential and thus they are in , no wonder these comments are coming from the same ones who cussed about the miss america , wow ‘muricans you really live and duy in your same shithole called ‘muricA

  • Kartikey Singh

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  • Yash Gorana

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  • John Jones

    If Contract based iPhone become available in India, India will surpass iPhone sales compared to US. Indians buy iPhone at more higher price than full price in USA. 5S 16G is suppose to be priced around 53K Indian rupee, close to US 900$.

    • Akshay Waitforit Doiphode

      that is so freaking true mate! iPhones here are exorbitantly priced

  • Harsh Sac

    With all this argument going below this comment
    I am just glad to say that Finally we can get the latest Apple products in at least within a month of their US store launch!
    Way to go Apple!

  • rajesh

    i want franchise of APPLE and want to start in jammu and kashmir
    please help me … can i get ?????