It’s been a little over a week since we got our hands on Apple’s new iPhone hardware, and we have some deeper thoughts on the device now that we’ve had some serious hands on time with it. We also discuss the matter of simplifying our device cluttered lives, bugs in iOS 7, and our expectations for Touch ID implementation in future Apple products. Jailbreaking is also a hot topic as we discuss the iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4 jailbreak, the iOS 7 jailbreak, and a couple of new jailbreak tweaks that are making waves in the jailbreak community.

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  • Mohd

    When the jailbreak for 6.1.3 or 7 will be released ?

    • Stefan Jansen

      The jailbreaks will probably be released to public around februari-march.

      • Mohd

        Thanx Sfefan

      • IG:Yves_brownn

        Meaning we should wait for the jailbreaking around 2014! Hmm sound so stupid

  • blastingbigairs

    Still rockin 6.1.2 on all my iDevices and loving every JB tweak I have.

    • Matt Taylor

      Good man

    • Sarah Pecaskie

      lucky. I was rocking 6.1.2, till it was stolen. Now I am stuck on a 3gs on 6.1.3 tethered, and I have been searching for a month to find a 4s still on 6.1.2, craigslist, stores, no luck. So my advice hold on tight to yours.

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    I do love iOS 7, but a jailbreak is going to be great to capitalize on all of the great tweaks out there. I’m excited.

  • virlind

    may i ask what shall i do if my iphone 4s wouldn’t turn on again after i downloaded last night ios 6? my iphone was previously ios 5…please help

    • blastingbigairs

      Since Apple hasn’t been signing IOS 6.XX for awhile now, I’m not sure how upgrading is going to work out at this point. You may be stuck on having to upgrading to 7 for now. What method exactly did you use to upgrade?

    • Sarah Pecaskie

      Yeah, how the hell were you able to upgrade to ios 6 on a 4s. That time has come and passed. Even if you downloaded the ipsw and put it into dfu mode, you would have needed the shsh blobs and pwned dfu, and you can’t do that on a 4s, so chances are iTunes returned an error and you are just in dfu mode. Try holding the sleep/wake button and the home button at the same time for 10 seconds, it should pop it out of dfu.

  • Juan Cruz

    first release 6.1.3/4 in fall 2013 and IOS 7 in Feb 2014?

  • bigtalk

    i will wait for iphone6

    • adal.javierxx

      Apple just posted that the next iphone will be called “iphone X”….

  • adal.javierxx


  • jorge yao

    i agree with cody cuz I’m still one of the people who wants a 6.1.4 jailbreak for my iphone 5 haha. everyone else i know prefers ios 7 but i just prefer ios 6 idk why. anyone else with me? 😀

    • IG:Yves_brownn

      Yea am with you! I still prefer my iphone4s with 6.1.3 waiting for the jailbreak

    • Sarah Pecaskie

      Totally with you bro. IOS 7 is just too android like for me. And until there’s a public jailbreak for it, it might as well be android cuz I won’t be rocking it on any of my IOS devices.

  • Reya Huang

    I, was forced to try iOS 7 when iFile deleted the wrong file and broke my iPhone. I.Hate.It. My mom and her friend softened up towards iOS 7 though they still didn’t update… I stayed on 4 for half a year, another almost a year on 5 after 6 was released. But, give me another chance and I’ll stay on iOS 6 for life. With or without a jailbreak. I ended up getting my mom to buy my old
    iPhone so I can get a new one, either an old one on iOS 6 or a 5s.

    • bob akridge

      if you get an iphone 5s you aren’t going to be able to have ios 6 anyway dumb ass

      • Reya Huang

        Idiot… Duh. Why would it? Now off you go and relearn your manners kid.

  • Giovanni Paredes

    Hey Jeff… Mr Jailbreak,

    I just heard the latest podcast just as I have since you started many months ago. I agree iOS 7 is amazing and by far the most radical leap by any mobile OS. I love the colors and the new functionality that makes owning an iOS device a pain free experience. I should know, I spent 3 years in Android hell, rooting and modding 4 phones with at least 20 different ROMS and never reaching a level of nirvana that I reached the first month of owning a jailbroken iPhone 4s. I feel completely empowered. Compromise free and liberated. I have nothing against iOS 7 it’s lives perfectly fine on my iPad and I greatly appreciate how much better my iPad runs on iOS 7. I would love to get a 5s, but I flatly REFUSE to GIVE UP my jailbreak.
    I have even themed my 4s on 6.1.2 to look like iOS 7 and added hacks to replicate the same experience and keep my Jailbreak. You are dead wrong in thinking that giving up a jailbreak for the latest bug filled OS is better. I’ve read the reports and seen the bugs on my iPad. While I’m sure the bugs will be resolved in next couple updates. I will remain, just like many others, on my jailbroken 4s until there is a public jailbreak of iOS 7. I’m not alone. We listen to your jailbreak podcast because WE ARE JAILBROKEN! Not because we want to hear about how great you and Sebastian think iOS 7 is. I could care less about hearing your experiences with iOS 7. Frankly you and Sebastian need a reality check. We listen because we want to hear only about Jailbreak news. We want to hear about apps, tweaks and jailbreak news and experiences. I listen to the CultCast, Mac Cast and MacBreak Weekly for general Mac and iOS news. Please stay focused on Jailbreaking or change the name of the Podcast to something other than “Let’s talk Jailbreak”, because you are actively telling people that an iPhone is better on iOS7 than it is on the latest Jailbreak. THAT IS CLOSE TO BEING THE DUMBEST SHIT I’VE EVER HEARD! It makes you look like you have no clue of the power of a jailbreak and sound like total noobs. Please get back to Jalibreak News or you may find that alienating your target audience was a total mistake. Being the only Jailbreak podcast is the only reason your show is so popular, I tend to tune out when you and Sebastian shit talk those of us that refuse to upgrade. HELLO!!! We aren’t gonna upgrade to iOS 7 so cut that shit out. Stop embarrassing yourselves and stop insulting my intelligence! I will surely buy a 5s only when THERE IS A PUBLIC JAILBREAK OF iOS 7!! Got it?!?!?!

  • A-FAR

    Jeff I noticed you paused during the podcast when Cody was talking about how fast iOS7 is. You avioded answering if you thought iOS7 was faster than a Jailbroken phone. You guys should run a comparison between # of gestures and time it takes on iOS7 vs how fast things can be setup on a Jailbroken phone. I would be willing to bet that I can do a lot of common tasks faster on my iOS6 Jailbroken 4s then anyone could do on iOS7.

    • Giovanni Paredes

      I’ve already tested that theory. You are correct in your assumption.