Apex is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that allows you to nest app icons on your Home screen in a way that may eliminate the need for folders. It’s an especially cool tool for grouping like applications such as the stock Mail app, and many of the other popular 3rd party Mail apps.

Apex is from Sentry’s a3tweaks, which has been responsible for a long repertoire of awesome jailbreak tweaks, including Auxo. Indeed, Apex works as awesome as it looks, and I’m confident that many will enjoy this upcoming release. Have a look at our brief video preview inside for more details.

Apex is still being worked on, but should be available shortly on Cydia. What do you think about the overall concept?

  • Jonathan

    I love that tweak.. Do you know it’s going to be free or not?

    • not a spark

      Wow you got downvoted a lot.

      • Jonathan

        Yeah, weird. I wish it would show who lol. Ouch, got another one as I was typing this. What’s with it people? It’s just a question!

      • Benchmark Apps

        Yeh… Why is that a thumbs down comment, or question I should say.

      • L00PBack

        It’s 0.99 $

      • Benchmark Apps

        Okay. But why does it matter? Definitely, .99 cents is great for a tweak like this, but if it was free, that would also be great!

      • L00PBack

        It’s 5100 lines of code. And it’s actually a generous fee to pay.

      • Benchmark Apps

        I do know where you are coming at, and that is 100%, but it’s okay I it is free or paid

      • John Sklikas

        I made a tweak with over 3000’s of lines of code and guess what? It’s FREE! Why? Because I care about the jailbreak community and believe that we’re still a community and not a store! I mean it’s ok for devs to charge for Auxo, Celeste, AirBlue, YourTube, these tweaks take way too much effort. I could accept Apex and my rant is not specifically about it, but for tweaks that cost 0.99 and can be made within 3-4hrs (I know many of those). But even for Apex, I know App Store apps with way more lines that are free and the reason is simple. Many devs now believe this community is a store, not a community 🙁

    • Ballziton Shnaps

      Why would you /not/ want to pay $3 for something as awesome as this?

      • Ballziton Shnaps

        yall suck

  • Jordan Carter

    That looks pretty sick

  • Prasoon Singh

    The name reminded me of an Android launcher I used before I got my iPhone 5. This looks like a nice jailbreak tweak though.

  • Dany Quirion

    They are ppl still using ios6? Common..

    • -__-

      Don’t be that guy. Seriously..don’t

    • Markus Hudobnik

      For the jailbreak… Yes

    • Joe

      Yes, because I can still customize my device with tweaks such as, well, this one via jailbreak. I don’t see enough reason to forego my jailbreak just for ios 7. You’ll probably be clamoring for a jailbreak soon once the shiny new ios effect wears off. I don’t have fingerprint scanner capabilities and most of the other new “features” of ios 7 can be implemented through tweaks anyway. The difference is I can actually turn off features I don’t like, or, at the very least customize them.

      • QuarterSwede

        Native back and forward gestures that are super smooth did it for me. I don’t _need_ a jailbreak but I can’t go back without that now. It’s that good.

      • Joe

        Are you referring to gestures that allow you to go back/forth most any pages? For example, you go into settings, then hit general. Rather than hitting the tiny back button, you gesture to go back to the standard settings page? If so, I didn’t realize that ios 7 had integrated back/forward gestures that integrally into the os. I use SwipeBack and SwipeNav to perform back/forward gestures virtually everywhere, and while they’re not perfect, they are a big improvement over relying on every app’s tiny back button. I came over from Android and immediately missed the dedicated back button, so as soon as the jailbreak was made available on ios 6, that functionality was one of the first things I looked for. In addition to SwipeBack and SwipeNav, I use appslide to go back to an application that opened up an additional application. I find this to be a big step forward, but truly integrated back/forward gestures (that can be used anywhere) would give me reason to think about updating to ios 7 before it’s jailbroken.

        I also think control center is a great addition, but they released it (in my opinion) before prime time. The toggles and shortcuts should be customizable, and since they currently are not, it doesn’t peak my interest too much.

        One other thing that I missed from Android was the ability to just disable transition/screen animations altogether. I might be in the minority, but animations get really old, really quick to me. As of now, I use tsSpeeder, which doesn’t actually disable the animations, it just speeds them up to the point where it just about appears that they are disabled. It’s not perfect, but it drives down my OCD every time I have to wait for some stupid screen transition eye candy that gets old after 10 minutes of use.

        The other thing about ios 7 that I’m really looking forward to is the ability to have apps running in the background. While I use Background Manager now, it is somewhat glitchy at times (my guess is due to memory issues). While I have a ton of apps installed, there are probably less than 15 that I absolutely need to use several times on a daily basis, like Gmail, Reeder, Downcast, and Chrome to name a few. Without Background Manager, if one of those apps isn’t used within a certain amount of time, opening it basically re-opens it as if it was killed, which is frustrating at times (particularly with any mail app). I’m hoping ios 7’s native backgrounding works even better than Background Manager, because true multi-tasking is basically a necessity once you’ve used it.

        Got a little off-topic there, but it was nice to vent my frustration with being in limbo between a jailbroken ios 6 and a stock ios 7.

      • QuarterSwede

        Yes. The gestures are akin to the back and forward gestures in Safari (OS X). The entire UI is pushed or pulled off or on screen. Great stuff. No need for a back button.

      • Joe

        Thanks for the response. Do the native back/forward gestures work with only stock apps, or with user installed apps as well? Can you customize where the gestures are enabled/disabled on a per app basis? I could look this up but since it seems you might be online, I thought I’d ask you directly. That feature, if done properly (enabled in all apps unless manually disabled, etc.), would potentially be enough for me to update to ios 7.

        Also, and I haven’t seen this anywhere, other than that motion can be “reduced”, but is it possible to natively disable all animations in ios 7?

      • QuarterSwede

        Gestures work system wide and in apps developers have written it in for (the major ones already implement it).

        Animations can’t be turned off just like they can’t in iOS 6.

    • Singed

      You have managed to make 5 mistakes in 7 words!
      A personal best, eh?

    • Blip dude

      I wasn’t going to be that guy but, an iOS 6 Jailbreak is WAY better that what iOS 7 currently has to offer. I am glad people are complaining about iOS 7, because maybe for once Apple might realize not all of its users are stupid and give them SOME control over how his or her device functions.

  • Saria Hajjar

    really nice jailbreak tweak. it’ll look even more awesome on iOS7

  • jocastro

    looks cool but ill pass

  • Royce Otero

    Nice 🙂

  • LeePattison

    I like the look of this tweak, im sold how long before release.

  • Zeno

    Dude!! You are SO late. You’ve missed a bunch of tweaks. There’s some real decent ones too like FindMyDervice which you didn’t review………

    • Steroc

      FindMyDevice has left my phone unfindable. Since installing it the GPS now no longer works for Find My iPhone. Works fine for everything else. And removing it hasn’t fixed the problem.

  • Intricate

    Lol I dunno if this is good or not. I think i might forget which app was where or that I even had it installed.

    • Lol, why not nest stock apps under their “better” third party alternatives? Like Safari (and homescreen bookmarks) under Chrome, Camera under Camera+, etc..

  • Chuck Finley

    Or y’know, just use Infinifolders which is miles better.

    • Tom

      I disagree. I think this is cooler. Anyways, with iOS7, there is no need for Infinifolders.

      • Joe

        Yes, but with ios 7, you can’t do 100s of other things made possible through tweaks in cydia. Shrink and More Icons alone are enough for me to stick with ios 6 for the foreseeable future, let alone more integral tweaks like Activator.

      • Chuck Finley

        But there’s still a need for practically every other useful jailbreak tweak out there.

  • pat_ads

    Hey Jeff have you ever considered making a video explaining how you make your videos? I would love to make some tutorials like yours. Things like what software and hardware you use would be great! Thanks!

    • Al

      Not to seem negative or anything. But the idea is to be original… People will take notice if it’s different and interesting. Jeff had a podcast awhile back explaining how others were applying the same methods of his jailbreak videos which he was not necessarily in favor of.

      • Then he should improve on it if he wants to keep that difference…can’t just sit on your a$$ thinking others wouldn’t improve.

      • QuarterSwede

        It’s not like he’s doing anything super special. He follows an outline which most youtubers don’t (yes, they work high schoolers) and applies some After Effects which both add polish. He’s definitely not unique, just not lazy which makes a big difference.

        Keep it up Jeff as I’m too lazy to produce the same quality videos. 😉

      • QuarterSwede

        Hardware is all easily searchable online.

        *Edit isn’t working on mobile

  • Georges kanaan

    Useless. Not that it dowsnt look awesome but them why do we have folders?

  • bigtalk

    same as that other one that show once icon as folder icon..

  • Mark

    That’s nice, Oh I need to reduce the paging & scrolling on my springboard.

  • Interesting, now I could nest all browser apps under Chrome’s icon, all camera apps under the stock camera icon and all angry bird apps under Angry Birds Space.

    Wonder if it’s fully compatible with FolderEnhancer (unlike Velox devs that scammed users into thinking it’ll be compatible), and what happens when you get a notification from a nested application…

  • bobby_turner

    I can see myself nesting google apps under the google search app.

  • Burge

    Will it work on ios 7 ? ..if not it’s needs to be free.. But because there is no jailbreak yet it’s a gamble if you buy it..tweaks that come out after a new OS comes out should be free. Just in case they don’t work and never will work.. i.e. celeste, wifi sync , sborganizer, these were pay tweets that never got updated. Well one did but it took over a year and it might not work on ios 7

    • QuarterSwede

      Nobody is making you upgrade.

      • Burge

        So if/when a jailbreak comes out for ios 7 your going to stick with ios 6 right.. Of cause your not .

  • Shalev

    more than awesome.

  • Is it compatible with Velox?

  • Steroc

    I’ve been using a combination of FolderEnhancer, TapTapFolder and FolderIcons (beta) to achieve a similar thing but with unlimited apps nested. (eg. I have 6 pages of games that can be accessed by double tapping the GameCentre icon).

  • Question

    I want this tweak so bad! I think jeff previewed this a long time ago and it was called caughntflux something like that but i remember there was a tweak.

  • Dao Sasone

    This is y I jb my idevices. Cuz bad a$$ twks lik dese

  • Theara Sokun

    when we can jailbreak ios 7

  • Barry

    Hmm.. I like the idea, but I’d probably get confused that certain apps are folders.

  • L00PBack

    It’s an epic tweak. I had the beta version and it’s just awesome.

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  • Paul Meneshian

    when is this shit out.. im tired of going into cydia every hour