Earlier this week, high-quality photos surfaced picturing an alleged fifth-generation iPad shell in ‘Space Grey’, the very same finish Apple debuted with the iPhone 5s. Matching up with tons of previously leaked images and rumors, these piccies reinforce suggestions that the iPad 5 adopts the iPad mini’s skinnier side bezels and overall design.

An Apple-focused blog today posted what appears to be legitimate iPad 5 schematics, providing a glimpse into the iPad 5’s design. In months past, rumors have pointed to Apple shedding the fat by using a thinner display assembly and a smaller LED backlighting module.

Now, the most interesting aspect of today’s leaked documentation deals with the iPad 5’s thickness: the device appears significantly thinner and lighter than its predecessor, the iPad 4…

The image top of post, obtained by AppleInsider, indicates the fifth-generation iPad measuring 169.48mm in width, 240mm in height and 7.5mm thick. By comparison, the iPhone 4/4s measures 58.6mm in width, 115.2mm in height and 9.3mm in depth. The current fourth-generation iPad is 185.8 x 241.3 x 9.55mm.

Quick, do the math in your head: the iPad 5 should be 1.8mm thinner than the iPhone 4/4s and 2.05mm less than the iPad 4. Another way to look at it: the iPad 5 even manages to be a hair thinner than the iPhone 5/5s (7.6mm).


The iPad 5 isn’t as thin as the impossibly-thin iPod touch (6.1mm), but is dangerously close to the iPad mini territory (7.2mm). As for the width/height, the schematics suggests the device comes in 16.32mm narrower and 1.3mm shorter than the current-generation iPad 4. Apple was able to build a smaller, more compact device because its engineers have shrunk the side bezels, iPad mini style.

spacegray ipad
The supposed ‘Space Grey’ iPad 5 shell.

AppleInsider adds:

Aside from those changes, the new iPad is expected to be lighter than its predecessor, helping to make the 9.7-inch tablet more portable.

But the main elements of the device, including the home button, forward-facing FaceTime camera, lock button, and the location of the headphone jack and microphone on top of the device are all expected to stay largely the same.

In addition to the narrower side bezels, the iPad 5 is thought to include a power-efficient A7 chip alongside an updated battery technology, both allowing for a thinner and more portable device without sacrificing performance.

We’re expecting refreshed iPads  (likely running iOS 7.1) to be unveiled next month, with one rumor specifically mentioning the October 15 Apple media event date.

  • Ignacio Irigoyen

    That is thin indeed!! Very cool if this turns up to be correct

    • kayla

      It’ll be correct.

      • Rowan09

        I agree, it’s coming to the point where leaks means exactly what it states a leak.

      • kayla

        Yup, it started with the iPhone 5 rumors and now all…

  • Taf Khan

    Apple has really upped its game of late, hope the retina mini with finger print reader comes through..

    The larger ipad is nice, but I prefer the size of the mini for portability.. .

  • Singed

    Five years later, the tablets will be so flat and light, you might crush one while holding it in your hands.
    That’s why I’m staying with an iPad 2! You feel the weight of the thing and you know it won’t be blown out of your hands by the slightest breeze.

    • batongxue

      I’m sensing some humour?

      • Singed

        I think the humor levels in my comment were off the charts.
        Apparently, making a joke in this place means a storm of downvotes.

      • batongxue

        LOL, at least I got your back

      • Donglemecurious

        The up/downvote thing is generally regarded as nothing more than a worthless popularity count. If popularity mattererd to you in high school, then worry over it.

        You seem like an independent thinker, so just view it as a junior high rating.

        Sites should get rid of the damn thing but it’s trendy for now.

  • Apanizo2

    You guys, don’t be surprised next month when this thing is released. This is the 10th time I’ve seen these pics. No doubt that’s the iPad 5

  • Roger Rodriguez

    A7x 1,7 dual core 64bits 2gb L3 ram, it will fly.

    Finally a reason the upgrade my iPad 3

    • batongxue

      Oh, our poor iPad 3 cannot even handle iOS 7 properly.

      • SimonReidy

        After seeing how badly iOS7 runs on the iPad 3, I’ve decided to leave mine on iOS6, and buy an iPad 5 to replace it the moment it comes out.

      • ExRoot

        Bingo. That’s exactly how Apple plans it. Amazing! I must say I’m not losing my jb on my phone for it but it is on my Ipad 2 and aside from being ugly it runs fine.

      • SimonReidy

        True. The iPad 3 was really released too early really (and I rushed into buying it as I wanted that retina screen so bad 🙂 ) – Apple proved this themselves by updating it only a few months later to the iPad 4.

        As the iPad3’s graphics chip is underpowered (for running a 2048×1536 screen) the iPad2 runs iOS7 at a much better frame-rate and with less crashes (given its rendering 1/4 of the pixels at 1024×768). Even though its lacking in resolution, I’d say the iPad 2 has stood the test of time better than any other recent Apple product.

  • ɑղժɾҽա

    The design of the fingerprint reader is beautiful.

  • batongxue

    Now that the Amazon Kindle HDX is that light, let’s see what Apple can achieve.

  • HD

    nice.. now all I need is a leak image of the fingerprint scanner on the ipad 5 then Im all set. I highly doubt Apple will include this in the ipad 5.. but we can hope

  • Thinner, lighter, faster…all expected for newer gens of devices.

    Awesome addition of the fingerprint scanner. Unfortunately, still the same dumbed-down functionality OS…pass

    • Donglemecurious

      You read this site and don’t JB?

      My JB iPad 3 is a great little BSD Unix machine.

      • Oh, I know full well about jailbreaking, in fact, I wouldn’t be using a 4s right now if it weren’t jailbroken. However, we both know that takes a while to be possible (6 months or more), and jailbreaking only makes it almost as capable as the Surface RT, which also runs a dumbed down OS.

        Honestly, if they one day made it as capable as the Surface RT, I myself still wouldn’t consider buying one, nor would I recommend it to others, not when the option of Intel Atom tablets are on the market for the same price. The Vevo tab smart is an example of such device.

      • Donglemecurious

        But if even Dell has dropped RT it most likely means that RT is quite dead.

        No one will buy an already dead device that smells like Blackberries.

      • Windows RT may be dead on arrival (thanks to terrible marketing), but the fact that it offers more function than the iPad still remains. No one should be buying ANY ARM tablet when Intel Atom tablets (like the ASUS Vivo Tab smart) exist for the same price.

        FYI, those run the full Windows 8 OS, not the dumbed down RT OS.

  • seyss

    Rumor that looks very legit.

    Apple is trading secrecy for bigger release-weekend sales.