iPad mini (landscape, in hand, display)

Apple may not be planning to release an iPad mini with Retina display alongside its next-gen iPad 5 next month, according to a new report, which claims that there’s little supply chain evidence suggesting otherwise.

The news comes from market research firm IHS iSuppi, who is reporting that while the iPad 5 looks to be on track for its expected October launch, manufacturing volumes for the Retina mini point toward a 2014 debut…

CNET reports:

“While Apple’s iPad 5 looks to be on schedule for an October release, that’s not the case for the Retina version of the Mini, according to Rhoda Alexander, director of Tablet and Monitor Research at IHS iSuppli.

“The Retina Mini looks less certain for that time. Manufacturing volumes on that would match better with a Q114 [first quarter 2014] launch,” she told CNET.

Though she quickly qualified that saying, “But given that it’s Apple, one never knows” — meaning that Apple could announce a product but not necessarily ship it at the same time as the iPad 5.”

We’ve heard conflicting information regarding the Retina-flavored iPad mini over the past several months. And while initial reports claimed there wouldn’t be such a tablet this year, recent reports allege it’s on the way.

iPad mini 2 (backplate, space gray 001)

Here’s a September note from the well-respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo:

“But we now believe that iPad mini 2 may be pulled in for launching in late 2013. Since other brand vendors are all expected to have a line-up of new high resolution 7-8” tablets to launch over the next 3-6 months, we think iPad mini 2 may lose its opportunity in the market if it is slated for introduction next year.”

What Kuo suggests, and what today’s IHS iSuppli report seems to corroborate, is that Apple has decided to go ahead with the Retina iPad mini this year, despite poor panel yields. So expect low launch inventory, late availability, or both.

Regardless, the steady stream of shell leaks over the past several weeks indicates that we are nearing a next-gen iPad mini unveiling. It’s believed Apple will debut the new tablet alongside a redesigned iPad 5 next month.

  • Bob

    iPad 5 where you at, sold my old iPad months ago, still waiting for you.

    • Jon20

      @Bob: I hope you don’t mind me asking but which gen iPad did you have and how much did you get for it. I was thinking of selling my iPad 2 64GB but I don’t know what’s a good asking price. Any suggestions???

      • Al

        Im in the process of selling my 3rd Gen AT&T Model, it’s hard to say at what price because you have to monitor the going price in your area.

      • Jon20

        @Al: mine is WIFI only but a guy told me that he bought one for $260 on Craig’s list around here. Does that sound about right

      • Al

        260 sounds low given that it’s a 64 GB Model, but there might be factors… Such as no box, not in great condition, no charger.

        Your refurbished iPad model runs for 500 at Apple. Yet, I wouldn’t pay that much for that model. But If I was in the market to buy that specific model… It would be in the range of 350-400, could be less all depends on the condition of the iPad and driving distance.

      • Jon20

        I thought it was kind of low too. He said that in the secondhand market the gigabytes don’t matter as much but I think that’s BS. And my iPad is in very good condition. I’m just afraid the values going to go down even more soon as the new iPad 5 hits.

      • Al

        Yeah, better sell it ASAP.. Cause the value is going down daily, I might be selling my model lower than what I was intending to, but I waited to late..

      • rememberme

        my ipad4 16 gig wifi only is going for $350

      • Jon20

        Oh damn. I guess there’s not much hope for my gen 2 iPad. And to think that an Apple iPad 2 refurbished is going for about $400+

      • Bob

        I had the iPad 3, 32GB WiFi, there was rumours of the iPad 5 being released in April which is why I sold it. How wrong I was.

        On the bright side I sold it for a very good price.

        I use my Macbook atm for when I’m in bed and on the sofa and stuff but I miss my iPad quite a lot.

        It was very heavy though, the iPad 5 is a first day release buy for me.

        I don’t know what kind of price you’d get for it tbh, considering it’s 2 gens, nearly 3 gens old. Check on eBay and you’ll be able to see what price they’re going for and use that as a guideline. Apple products hold value really well.

  • Kurt

    Maybe they will have another announcement in 6 months? I’d love to see a 13 inch iPad and a retina mini. I want a larger I pad-I know most don’t

  • Apanizo2

    Apple loves to surprise, you never know….

  • mehrab