ipad mini 2 touch id

While it’s still unclear if the next-gen iPad mini will sport a Retina display, it seems that it will feature a Touch ID Home button and gold color option. That is, if this pair of leaked photos showing the alleged tablet are to be believed.

The above image, and one we’ve posted right after the break, surfaced on Chinese site DoNews this morning. And as you can see, they show what appears to be a 7.9-inch iPad with a gold-colored shell and Apple’s new fingerprint sensor…

Apple first introduced the gold, or ‘champagne,’ colorway with the iPhone 5s, and it has thus far proven to be very popular. 5s configurations including the gold color option were the first to sell out during the handset’s launch weekend.

ipad mini 2 gold

So while it’s not surprising that Apple would want to bring the gold color over to its iPad mini line, it is interesting that it would bring over Touch ID. The last we heard, the hard-to-make sensor was the main factor in the 5s’ limited availability.

Perhaps more significant is that if the mini has Touch ID, the larger iPad 5 would likely have it to. And as we discussed on this week’s Let’s Talk Jailbreak podcast, that could open the door for some interesting things like multi-user profiles.

Of course, this is all speculation on our part, and there’s obviously no way to verify the legitimacy of these photos. But we should find out soon enough. Apple is expected to unveil its new iPads during a media event at some point during October.

What do you make of this? Will the new iPad mini feature Touch ID/a gold color option?

Update: frequent tipster and Apple product-leaker Sonny Dickson has posted a series of tweets regarding what he’s heard about iPad mini 2 specs.

  • batongxue


  • button

    WITH RETINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!

    • CA$H

      No Retina = No Sale even if they bump the price up like $30 for the Retina

    • Osama Muhammed

      i dont see a point about retina.. sorry

      • CA$H

        It’s like watching a Blu-Ray on a standard tv -_-

      • Nestea80

        You’re still using an iPhone 3GS aren’t you?

      • illK†Δ

        You obviously don’t have a retina phone and a non retina tablet… The iPad 2 screen compared to the 5s is awful

      • Sean Cua

        wtf you don’t compare like that. The iPad 2 screen compared to the retina iPad is awful.

      • illK†Δ

        I don’t own a retina iPad or have ever used one so I wouldn’t know how to compare…

    • rememberme

      sad that this is even a question..lol

    • Singed

      I don’t think anyone ever will regard you seriously if you post so many exclamation marks in an all-caps sentence followed by the letters “PLZ”.

  • FYI, these pictures were originally posted by ZOL…

  • Taf Khan

    Bring it On!

  • Sean Cua

    Apple’s not gonna do that for sure.

  • Joseph

    Looking forward to see this! 😀 Slow-Mo on iPads! 😀

  • אביאור רוקח

    iPad mini 2 will be with retina display?

    • Saeed Ghattas

      No one knows… Rumors!

    • Jonathan

      The iPad mini could be green and a blue front. No one has any idea for certain what it will be until it’s released, lol. 😛 But with all these constant rumors that are for the most part following the same direction, and everybody demanding a retina display, I’d give Apple in 85% chance of putting a retina in the Mini 2.

  • Kimberly Barnett

    if it doesn’t have retina im not upgrading my mini !

    • Diego Monroy

      maybe Apple will launch the Retina Display iPad mini next year, maybe in the 3rd gen iPad mini, just like they did with the full size iPad

  • Jonathan

    Typo above:
    the larger iPad 5 would likely have it to.


  • Jonathan

    If this is true, then 1 down, 2 to go! (A7 and Retina)

  • rariru

    If mini 2 released with that sort of up-to-date processor, not like when mini 1 appeared,
    it won’t be strange if it has a retina display I think

    • rememberme

      the retina will need proper power or it will end up with lame graphics performance like the ipad3 did so i will wait and watch closely to see what the iPad mini2 reviews are

  • Yujin

    I would gladly pay $400 for ipad mini with retina? A7, touch id. More Gold please I gotta impress my homies

    • rememberme

      i will sell my ipad4 for $350 and get the mini2 $350

  • Kyle Adams

    I can’t see apple doing that big of an upgrade from ipad mini to the 2.

    • BoardDWorld

      Really? iPad 1 vs iPad 2 vs iPad 3 were all considerable upgrades.

      • rememberme

        ipad 3 was a bum wrong GPU specs

    • Singed

      Most likely it will be either TouchID or Retina, I really doubt it will be both.
      I mean, they have to keep some upgrades for next year.

  • Maxim∑

    Of course Apple wont put 2GB of RAM.. always putting a little amount

    • Markus Hudobnik

      Yeah mostly because iOS doesn’t need that much ram

      • Maxim∑

        iOS 7 does use more. iPad mini and ipod 4 get many low memory crashes

      • Markus Hudobnik

        I never said iOS 7 uses more or less. I’m just saying iOS, in general, doesn’t need a lot of RAM to function.

      • rememberme

        and he is saying it needs more that it has..lol

      • Markus Hudobnik

        Yeah, on older devices… But that not even my point. I’m saying that iOS doesn’t need a lot of ram to function. Of course with each new iOS it will take up more resources… Which includes more ram, but like I said, iOS doesn’t use a lot of ram.

      • rememberme

        true but new IOS versions usual bog down older devices in some way thats how apple makes folks feel like they need to upgrade

      • Markus Hudobnik

        Yeah I agree with you.

      • Matt Taylor

        Yes, but running multiple apps that function in the background using official APIs do! Such as music creation apps! If Apple sticks with 1GB yet again, they will be left behind!

      • Markus Hudobnik

        OMFG. I’m not saying that apple shouldnt upgrade! All I’m saying is that iOS doesn’t require that much RAM! You people keep taking my comment out of context!

      • Lol, I think you had a hard time with your English Language Arts junior-high class, no?

      • Markus Hudobnik

        …okay? Why do you say that.

      • Jonathan

        *iPod 5

      • Matt Taylor

        Depends what you use it for! IOS doesn’t, but multiple apps backgrounded simultaneously, do! There is a big market (and getting bigger) for pro use, from musicians and graphic designers to name a few! Apple would be stupid to leave the iPad5 with 1GB!

      • Markus Hudobnik

        I 100% AGREE WITH YOU! sorry for the caps. I NEVER said that Apple doesn’t need to upgrade the RAM. All i am saying is that iOS doesn’t require a whole lot of RAM! Now, please stop taking my comment out of context. Thank you!

      • Jonathan

        I’m not arguing with you here, but I think it’s wise that Apple upgrades the RAM. Coming in future iOS, they may be even more of a RAM eating machine, so that little extra GB might come in handy big time. 😉

  • Attom

    Excited about all these ipad mini rumors 🙂

  • I will absolutely pic a mini up if it’s got TouchID and the retina display, which is they key factor. I won’t get gold, though, haha.

  • Tony

    Ah man, if the new mini has touch id with retina even though I just got a mini about 6 months ago I’ll probably get it.. that is if the price point is around the same.. something tells me they’ll up it.

    • quitcherbichinn

      why would they increase the price? they didn’t increase the price when the retina iPad came out…they didn’t increase the price of the iPhone when the retina screen came out. there is no precedent that supports your fear so i wouldn’t stress it. the only increase in price i expect is if they add a 128gb version like they did with the 9.7″ iPad. so a $329, $429, $529, & $629 version for the 16, 32, 64, and 128 gb.

      • Jonathan

        Did you by any chance have that all in your head?

  • rememberme

    i will sell mu hug he ipad4 and get the retina mini2

    • Maxim∑

      betr sell ur hughe upad4 nd soon to gt mor monay

  • Matt Taylor

    “And the iPad 5 will have 2GB.”

    Yeeeeeeeeeess 😀 At last…

  • Jonathan

    If what it said above is really true, Touch ID, A7, retina, oh goodness, I will do whatever it takes to convince my family to let me buy an iPad Mini 2!!

    Also, what’s with the M7 chip? I’m not going to strap an iPad mini to my arm and take a jog..


    Can’t say I want a gold one, but I wants me an ipad mini 2!!! I already got a buyer for my mini 1. By far my favorite gadget ever.

  • kkld

    apple will launch the new ipad with bigger screen (11″ or 13″)
    – trusted sources..