echofon 72

Those keeping track of major iOS 7 app updates can add another one to the list this morning. The popular Twitter client Echofon has received a major redesign in its 7.0 update.

For the most part, the app acts and runs like its predecessor. But the UI has received a fresh coat of iOS 7-inspired paint with flat blue text and icons, and ample empty white space…

For those unfamiliar with Echofon, here’s an excerpt from its App Store description:

“Lightning Fast. Super Powerful. Simple to Use. Echofon is wrapped in a beautiful, clean interface that delivers a punch featuring Twitter Site Streams, real-time Push Notifications and powerful extras to enable you to manage your busy social media life on Twitter.”

If you’d like to check out the redesigned Echofon, it comes in both free and Pro flavors. Click here for the free app, and here for the $4.99 Pro app. Both work for the iPhone and iPad.

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  • Kenrick Fernandes

    doesn’t tweetbot do all this and cheaper. except they haven’t updates to an iOS7 look and feel

  • weztimonial


  • Jonathan

    It still has the gloss on the icon? Ew.

  • D.

    I gave tweetbot a go ages ago, and as much as I loved it, I hated not being able to easily see who Starred/RT’d me. Does this app do that?

    • You can set it up to where you’ll get notifications showing who RT’d and/or favorited your tweets.

      • D.

        Oh that’s awesome. Thanks for that 🙂

  • Great!

    Tweetbot, your move.

  • Twitterific still looks better on iOS 7. Looks like an app Apple would make if they made a Twitter client.