iPhone 5s first look

Apple just said it sold nine million new iPhone 5s/5c units during the opening weekend and warned that many online orders will ship “in the coming weeks” as demand for the flagship iPhone 5s “has exceeded the initial supply”.

Supply constraints quickly became apparent as shipping estimates on the U.S. online Apple Store for all configurations in the US slipped from 7–10 days to October.

In an effort to help would-be shoppers save time, the company’s online store now offers the popular in-store pickup option for the newly launched iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c handsets. Additionally, customers can check Personal Pickup iPhone availability on a per-store basis…

Choosing an iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c at the online Apple Store in the United States (you need to select an iPhone model, storage capacity, your preferred finish and wireless carrier) now yields a new ‘Check availability’ link below the ‘Available for pickup’ section on the righthand navigation menu.

Upon entering your ZIP code, the web app will produce a list of all stores that offer a Personal Pickup option for new iPhones.

Apple Store (Personal Pickup, iPhone 5s)

“Simply place your order on the Apple Online Store, then pick it up at your favorite Apple Retail Store. When you arrive, we’ll help you set it up, so you’ll be up and running before you leave the store”, Apple writes.

If you see the ‘Available today’ message, you can pick up your brand spanking new within an hour of placing your order (Apple will notify you via email when your order is ready to be picked up. Also, you can pick up the order yourself, or have someone else pick it up for you.

The feature can be also found in Apple’s free Apple Store app by choosing your preferred model and hitting the ‘Check Availability’ link, which will produce a list of nearby stores that support in-store pickup for the new iPhones.

If you’re shopping for a new iPhone but hate the crowds and lines (there are still lines outside some Apple Stores, as recently as last night), Personal Pickup is a no-brainer.

  • klouud

    I shoulda’, coulda’, woulda’ done this – oh well – there’s always 2 years from now.

  • Joseph

    It’s important to at the very least note that this is also the first time the iPhone is available in China at launch, so the fact that it’s sold over 9 million during the weekend is suddenly less spectacular.

    • Rowan09

      9+ million for a weekend is spectacular for any company. Let’s say we compare last years 5 mil without China and assume they sold 3 mil in China this year (highly unlikely), that would mean they sold 6 million units which is 1 million more than last years iPhone 5 release.

  • Ken Oliver

    When is a Sale a Sale in Apple’s eyes?

    I ordered mine 5S in the Apple UK online Store just past midnight on the 20th and got a delivery estimate of 7th to 10th October

    So is this a Sale or an Order,

    My view is that it is an order, and only becomes a Sale when I have been charged and it is on its way to me

    I would suspect the vast majority of the 9 million Sales will fall into that category

  • FCBKris

    All the stores around me say ” Unavailable for pick up ” this sucks !!

  • FOFF

    there are never enough new iPhones