Touch ID success

A group of German hackers called the Chaos Computer Club has reportedly figured out a way to bypass Apple’s new Touch ID fingerprint sensor using a variation of the long-running ‘fake finger’ technique.

The method involves taking a high resolution photo of the original user’s fingerprint, printing it on a transparent sheet with a thick toner setting, and then filling it in with pink latex milk. Here, watch the video…

And here’s the method used by the group (via ZDNet):

“The method follows the steps outlined in a how-to with materials that can be found in almost every household: First, the fingerprint of the enroled user is photographed with 2400 dpi resolution. The resulting image is then cleaned up, inverted and laser printed with 1200 dpi onto transparent sheet with a thick toner setting. Finally, pink latex milk or white woodglue is smeared into the pattern created by the toner onto the transparent sheet. After it cures, the thin latex sheet is lifted from the sheet, breathed on to make it a tiny bit moist and then placed onto the sensor to unlock the phone. This process has been used with minor refinements and variations against the vast majority of fingerprint sensors on the market.”

The group says the hack reaffirms the notion that biometric security isn’t foolproof, claiming it can be performed with “household materials.” However, it’s not likely that the average person has any of this equipment.

It’ll be interesting to see where this goes from here, but as of now, there’s no cause for concern. The method is just far too complex, with too many caveats, for there to be any real threat to the average iPhone 5s user.

What do you make of all of this?

  • omrishtam

    so ios 7.0.1 will be released in about a week to fix A LOT OF BUGS

    • Mohammed Sahib


    • Chliii

      It’s already out. It was an update for 5s users only…

      • omrishtam

        so 7.0.2 or whatever

    • Maxim∑

      And iOS 8 will be released in a year.

      you don’t know when it will be released

      • omrishtam

        how dafuq this is related to what i said? i ment it will be released soon….

      • Stephen Michael Simon

        Don’t mind him, he’s always trolling.

      • Maxim∑

        lol nice assumption read my commenting history

    • Joseph Thebigragu Plaza

      It’s already out. It’s only for the 5s

  • Willie

    Not surprised by all this flaws of the touch sensor.

    • Chliii

      How many flaws have you found???

    • Taf Khan

      So this is a Flaw? Someone creates a replica of your finger print pattern, texture and moisture included and the finger print reader can’t tell the difference… . Is this not just doing what it designed to. Surely a flaw would be if a different finger print allowed access or the print reading could be bye passed altogether??

      • If this is a flaw, than giving your password to someone it’s a flaw too.

        “I know my mom’s password.. im such a Hacker”

      • Jimothy

        Said every 12 year old ever.

      • Taf Khan

        No pleasing some folk. It’s the best way to lock your phone by far.

      • Singed

        It is a flaw, this method of bypassing is incredibly widespread and easy to make.
        If your new anti-virus *assuming you own a product that is a common target for viruses, like a PC or an Android* comes out but doesn’t catch the most BASIC types of viruses – how it isn’t a flaw?
        I’d understand if it was something super-complex, Mission Impossible complex, but this is pretty much the first thing you would do if you wanted to bypass fingerprint protection.

      • felixtaf

        Thats an illogical analogy. They are by-passing not by a flaw in the sensor, but by using a fake fingerprint that was actually registered in the sensor. How can you call it a flaw?

        Ex for flaw will be bypassing password lockscreen in ioS. Here they are not bypassing or hacking anything. Jus using a fingerprint to unlock it. Which I would say much more complicated than face unlocking with photograph.

      • Singed

        Again, if the workaround would be a completely new way, sure, I can’t call it a flaw.
        But when something widely known as this doesn’t get any treatment – I consider it a flaw.
        An oversight, a honest mistake, a human error, call it whatever you want, it doesn’t change anything.
        As for my analogy, try reading harder next time.

      • felixtaf

        I will not call it a flaw, unless its hacked to use an unregistered fingerprint or bypassing fingerprint by key combinations (As usual). Or steal fingerprint data from an iPhone 5s chip.
        The only way to detect a abiotic source of fingerprint is using a bio-based sensor. But thats unnecessary, coz you can always use substitutes to fake a bio-sensor too.

        And your analogy, no matter how many times I read – still doesn’t fit this situation. And fake fingerprint is not a virus, its more like a phishing scam, if u relate them…

      • David Huynh

        How do you expect the average person to take a high resolution 2400 dpi picture of your fingerprint without your consent?

      • Fabio Rodrigues

        so… what would be if you get your key and make a copy of it and use that copy to open your house, what could that be by your analogy???

        now… if your door opens with ANY key or pick lock with a persons who haves low or medium skills THAT IS A FLAW!!!


      • Singed

        Alright, the lock example is pretty reasonable.
        Thanks for being the only person in this site who would give me a great example instead of writing nonsense.

      • Fabio Rodrigues

        thanks 🙂

        sorry if my comment was a little harsh with “c’mon..” on the end, but I can say that the Activation Lock for me is a better tool than the fingerprint sensor, but I am afraid that a LOT of good devices will render useless by people who don’t remember their apple ids or who sell/give their phones to another persons 🙁 a lot of people will lose a lot of money unfortunately

      • Taf Khan

        I could send you a hi res picture of my pinky… But even then you still wouldn’t be able to track me down, take my iPhone 5s and take control.

        If by some miracle you did, find my iPhone would soon wipe your access out.

        Apple is onto a winner, accept it. It’s the best security that we could have hoped for on a mobile phone.

        Maybe though, a combination of fingerprint and pass code could be developed within the jailbreak community. That’s if and when the iPhone 5s is jail broken.

      • MIke

        looking over somebody’s shoulder as they type in their passcode … proves that passcodes are “flawed” …hahahaha …. idiot’s logic

      • Singed

        I’m sorry, did you read anything that I wrote?
        Wait, I got a better one.
        CAN you read?

    • workin

      “We hope that this finally puts to rest the illusions people have about fingerprint biometrics. It is plain stupid to use something that you can´t change and that you leave everywhere every day as a security token

      Biometrics is fundamentally a technology designed for oppression and control, not for securing everyday device access.” Fingerprint biometrics in passports has been introduced in many countries despite the fact that by this global roll-out no security gain can be shown

      • Taf Khan

        It’s the best security option right now, right?

        Phones are personal devices, they stay in our pockets or our homes majority of the time.

        So sometimes we may lose a phone, or a opportunist thief may rob you of a phone. Either way I would be happier knowing the phone is locked with my fingerprint than a pin code.. .

      • workin

        thyat’s quaint but accepting false security and being duped into biometrics is not just bad for security freaks(as idb calls it often) but bad for society.

        Ben Franklin- those who are willing to give up freedom for security deserve neither. but beyond that, it’s not paranoia to think.

  • not a spark

    We need retina scans instead!!

    • Raashid

      By the time we have such stuff in iDevices, we’ll probably start seeing Loki’s eyeball drill in every super store…

      • not a spark

        Haha just watched avengers again recently 😉

      • Singed

        Some phone maker (might be Samsung, can’t remember) said that they will counter Apple’s TouchID with a retina scanner. Huh.

      • Yash Gorana

        go lick samsung’s ass. not here.

      • Singed

        Love it – mention Samsung once in this site, doesn’t matter if on a positive, negative or a neutral note and the shitstorm by mindless cunts like you ensues. Woopity-hoo.

      • CryptoCoin420

        He said “might” Singed was not supporting samsung or bashing apple so please get off the internet now if you can’t be a grown up about things.


    They also said that the fingerprint sensor isn’t anything new technology, the only thing that makes it different is that it takes higher resolution picture. Nothing more

    • Rowan09

      It’s a fingerprint scanner and there isn’t anything new about a fingerprint scanner, it’s just the first used to take a high res picture to my knowledge instead of swiping your finger you just touch the sensor. I had a fingerprint scanner on my Sony Vaio Micro PC.

  • Rashid Ismail

    so for apple
    “operation was success but patient died”

  • leart za jmi

    sponsored by Spamsung

    • Maxim∑

      has nothing to do with Samsung

      • Yash Gorana

        why are you butthurt ?

  • Apanizo2

    I’m just wondering why he was shaking

    • Martynet

      because samsung ceo was pointing a gun at him 🙂

      • Raashid

        Hahaha, thanks for the early morning laugh.

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      I most likely high or nervous

  • ….

    • Apple said that 50% of people don’t use any kind of security, because they don’t like to put a password every time they want to use the phone, so the Touch ID was the easiest way possible to make more people having their devices secure. There’s no 100% secure systems, but much better using something than nothing. This gives us time to track the device if its stolen.


        Yeah time for Obama to track the whole world

      • What? because of the Touch ID?

        I don’t know where you live, but in my country the Gov have already our fingerprints since the 11 years old when we make our ID. And btw, they don’t need your fingerprints to know who you are.

        Cell phone number.. iP address…your bills… your e-mails… the cellphone tower where you’re connected…

        If you are that paranoid, just don’t buy a phone…any phone.. even with a old Nokia 3310 they can track you!


        Haha, u mad bro because u know it’s true.

        Our government don’t have our fingerprints and even if they did I wouldn’t want a foreign countries government to have my fingerprint. Yeah the US can track you using cell phone number, ip adress (noob, it changes everytime, they are not personal anymore), you bills , your cellphone tower where you are connected to.

        They CAN’T do that to people living outside US and fingerprint is the easiest way for US to track other citizens. Apple is owned by a US company and they are working together with NSA like google .

      • I just promote you the dumbest guy I ever met.

        “Ip adress (noob, it changes everytime, they are not personal anymore)”

        The name is “dynamic iPs” and just because they change everytime you connect to a network, they know from what time, to time, who have used that IP Address…

        something like this:

        “This IP Address, that access this account, in this day, at this hours, was used by “this client” using our ISP.


        they can track you with that you who live in US but not me. The companies here wont give anything to US. You are really dumb

      • Don’t be silly and ignorant. All governments share information to each other. If you think not, you’re very naive.

        FBI, CIA, FSB… Interpol… Airports, and many more. The governments work together to control all people! Worldwide.

      • Rowan09

        If your joined the army, are an immigrant and are a resident in the US, been to jail, work for any state or federal job, cashed a check by the check cashing place, your fingerprint is out there. The fingerprint used on the touch ID isn’t sent to Apple according to reports or even accessible by them at all so stop being paranoid.

      • Kaptivator

        In addition to all that you have said…At birth they take your prints. Hands and feet. Was given a copy of my daughters about an hour after she was born. Also, my mother has mine in a scrap book. Im in my early 30’s. So all that are afraid of giving up their prints…9 out of 10, you gave them up just minutes after your first breath. At lease here in the states. Really dont know why ppl are so paranoid.

      • Tom Brady

        Here come the conspiracy theories

      • Singed

        *Th-the penguins… th-they control… they CONTROL us!*

    • :/

      I wonder why you come to this site. You come across as a person that genuinely despises and has a deep deep hatred of apple, their products and their os. You relish any oppotunoty to throw in snarky and snide comments and post your favourite meme as often as possible. I just don’t see why you even come here at all. Let me guess I am just obeying my herd master right?

      • Raashid

        Yes you are; you seem to have a hard time accepting any negative facts about Apple. So, there’s no questioning you being an iTard; an ignoramus and biased Apple fantard.

      • :/

        I didn’t say that at all. It’s that harsh extreme defensive attitude that you are displaying right now which is what I’m talking about. You sound very very very angry for some reason. Throwing out insults and what not… I don’t have a problem with discussing whatever good or bad. I’m not a fanboy I don’t really care at all about this whole Apple vs Samsung bla bla itard shamsung stuff. Just doesn’t seem to make sense that if you possess such a passionate and powerful hatred.

      • Raashid

        Neither does it make sense to have such a bend-over attitude for ANY company, Apple is no different. When Apple does something positive, they get praised. When they do something negative, they get negative feedback. That’s how it should work, but that’s clearly not the case here on iDB; the bias is totally shifted to praising Apple unconditionally. This is what encourages Apple to keep degrading in quality…

      • Chindavon

        Uhh. No. When Apple does something positive they get lashed. When Apple does something negative they get Android users dancing in the rain. It’s never good enough.

      • Same thing can be said about you Apple fanboys. When competitors release a better competing product, they get lashed, when competitors get a flaw in their device, you Apple fanboys starts cheering calling Apple is the best.

      • Chindavon

        It goes for all the fanboys of every single product.

      • Chindavon

        If you mention Surface RT he will defend it to the death.

  • sh1ny

    Seems he’s very nervous hacker. Or excited, at least.

    • Yup

      He’s shaking because he won $20000.

  • Dev Shah

    The video shows the man had his finger on the Touch ID, So there is a possibility that the iPhone Unlocked Due to his finger on it, & not due to the “Fake Fingerprint” :P. It would have been much clearer if another person had unlocked the iPhone with the “Fake Fingerprint”.

    • Notice he registered his index finger and used his middle finger for the “Fake Fingerprint”. Though, no proof of the middle finger not being registered already…

      • iThinkergoiMac

        Can you register multiple fingerprints? I’m not familiar with TouchID, but I imagine you’re limited to one print.

      • I recall hearing on stage that you can register ALL your fingers.

      • iThinkergoiMac

        Ah, interesting. I didn’t end up watching the keynote this year. This means, in theory, you could register someone else’s finger(s) as well.

      • Correct, but I don’t see that being a good idea (unless with your wife) as iOS still doesn’t support multiple user account per device. So, whatever you (the owner of the device) are authenticated for (purchases, websites, etc.), the other person is also authenticated.

      • iThinkergoiMac

        Yeah, I agree. It would generally not be a good idea. I don’t think it’s even a good idea to authenticate more than one of your own fingers. That being said, I’d likely add my wife’s fingerprint for convenience.

      • Matthew

        Up to 5 Jeff said it in his video.

      • Chindavon

        Yes. You can register your toes too.

      • Kurt

        A cat’s paw works also.

      • CryptoCoin420

        Yes, you can register up to 5 different fingers, i am registered on my wifes phone and my son is too. (yes my wife and I completely transparent about our phones and data, we nothing to hide from each other)

      • Dev Shah

        Hahaha You are right, didnt noticed that.!! Btw video showed that ony 1 finger was registered, So Yes I Guess Touch ID Is Hackable :/

      • M Last

        got point
        exactly what I was thinking about it

    • iThinkergoiMac

      He unlocked it with a different finger. Each finger has a unique fingerprint, so it’s just as effective to use a different finger as a different person.

  • iThinkergoiMac

    “It’s not likely that the average person has any of this equipment.”

    I think this is incorrect. Between myself and my parents, I have all of the equipment necessary. You need: a good camera, a laser printer, a transparency, decent image manipulation skills, and some wood glue. This is honestly not hard for anyone to do this.

    Also, the logic behind this statement is fallacious. Even if the statement is factually true, it doesn’t amount to anything because the equipment is readily available. It would not be difficult or cost very much for someone who has none of this equipment to purchase and rent what’s necessary. A 5 or 8 MP smartphone camera with a macro lens is probably high enough resolution.

    • JKnetz

      Show us your skills then bud. Post a video of you doing it.

      • Chliii


      • Waiting for : “challenge accepted”

        But just in case he won’t accept, I accept that challenge… just find a way to send me one iPhone 5s… any color.. Im not picky. lol

      • iThinkergoiMac

        Unfortunately, I don’t have a 5s to test on or I would. It’s simple enough.

        You know what?


        I know a friend from church that has a 5s. If he’s up for it, I’ll try it myself. I only see him on Sundays, so it will be a little while before you see the results. I’ll post back here if he’s up for it.

      • ClaudieX X

        So… Waiting… Tell us what day The video is going to be ready

    • Singed

      I have to agree, the majority of people who can access this site will have, or at least will have easy means to acquire, the proper equipment. Most of us have this stuff at home.

  • Maxim∑


    “Person looks over shoulder finds out 4 digit pin”

    “Person gains physical access of computer and cracks it”

    If a person gains physical access of your device they have 48hrs until touch ID is disabled or if the person reboots. By the time they do all of this you can do a remote wipe and still use find my iPhone with iOS 7.

    • Raashid

      They’ll probably have knocked you out to gain a high res scan of your fingerprint…so, you’ll be using find my iPhone in your iDreams.

      • Maxim∑

        yeah people get knocked out for 48 hours

        another non original joke…

  • Matthew

    Guys this involves getting a picture of the original users fingerprint. If this person is a hacker that you don’t know trying to get into your phone how would they get a picture of your fingerprint?

    • Raashid

      It’ll have to be a targeted attack, kinda like what happened to Bruce Wayne in the Dark Knight rises…which of course has a tiny probability of happening.

      • Matthew

        Yeah. All I’m saying is it’s hard for someone to get a picture of your fingerprint without your permission. I mean how would a random stranger convince you to let them take a picture of your print.

      • Raashid

        Oh that’s easy, it’s called a knock out. Though it wouldn’t be anonymous of course…

      • Matthew


      • Raashid

        Lol, the random stranger could convince you with their fist; knock you out and you’ll be giving your fingerprint without any questions…

      • Matthew

        Or someone could knock you out and put your print on the home button.

  • Taf Khan

    Watch where you put your fingers ppl… 😛

    Only an idiot would allow someone to take a hi res picture of there finger!

    • Tom

      their finger**

    • Raashid

      In other words, only an idiot can get knocked out? Must be a big dude to think that…

      • Taf Khan

        You must be speaking from personal experience.. Tut tut

      • You must be lacking english comprehension…

      • Raashid

        Yeah, speaking of the experience of laying my fist on your face. That way, you’ll be giving me your fingerprint without questioning while you’re unconscious on the floor.

      • Taf Khan

        Now I’m scared, Errrr NOT!

        The only thing on the Floor will be your Dumb Ass!

    • iThinkergoiMac

      A fingerprint left on a bottle or glass will work just as well, it doesn’t need to be a picture of the actual finger.

      • Taf Khan

        I wouldn’t imagine much success if the surface is rounded.

  • Slammamon

    Dumb video is dumb.

  • Jimothy

    I won’t be impressed until they use a cat to do it.

    • anonymous

      i’ll not believe that untill thay do it with a wood stick rather than another finger !!

  • Rich H.

    My man has some shaky hands!

    • It was a living or death situation bro…
      Wrong validation could make the phone explode like Mission Impossible movies….

  • Singed

    I can’t believe it, this method is so old and almost everybody know it, but they can’t handle such a widespread bypass?
    Really, Apple?
    Well, this has to be said, anyway:
    …wait for it…
    Aaaand it’s cracked!

  • Al

    Pink latex milk?!!! I gotta go through all this for access?! Counterfeiting money is easier!! I’m not saying its not possible just thought it would involve fewer steps.

    • Singed

      Woodglue costs about a dollar at your local supermarket. :3

      • Al

        Sorry, still too many steps. You can brute force a password quicker.

      • Singed

        The entire process takes like twenty minutes. :/

      • Al

        Still too long. Just my opinion though.

  • iancarld

    Ignored.. apple is the best #1

  • Kurt

    I guess this would work on the Pantech Vega LTE-A UX fingerprint scanner on that phone too?

    • Kurt

      down voted? Sorry, should I pretend the iPhone is the only phone with a fingerprint scanner? Should I pretend that Samsung had been working on a 64bit chip well before the iphone announcement. It’s in the final stages of development. But I’ll say they copied Apple so you won’t down vote me. Deal? haha Losers

  • Couri Sherow

    Umm he uses the same finger he unlock phone why not use fack print on some one else finger, suspect…

    • iThinkergoiMac

      Nope, he uses his middle finger to unlock it, but it’s set to his index finger.

  • Eni

    and what, we assume that someone robs me and takes my phone, where the hell hi is going to find my finger print?? oh whait, before the rober goes he asks me getilly for a picture of my finger print? :/ bullshit

    • Singed

      There’s plenty of fingerprints on your everyday items – even you phone has many fingerprints scattered around. It isn’t all that impossible to find the matching finger’s.

      • Eni

        ok, you’re sayng that the rober is going to follow me into my house to find my fingerprints. that is covenient :p

      • Singed

        No, I’m saying that when the robber gets your phone, there is a huge chance he will get your fingerprints as well – and that is even worse if you are female and get your handbag snatched.

      • Eni

        it must be a smartrobber :p

      • Singed

        It doesn’t take a genius to snatch a purse, does it?

      • Eni

        ask a rober ore a girl, i am a guy, dont use a purse :p

  • jocastro

    lol i figured they go all 007, seriously i had a feeling someone would hack it sooner then later.

    • Singed

      It took them what, a week?
      Some serious 007 hacking and equipment there.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Except it’s not a hack. The fingerprint sensor is working as it should. It is detecting a fingerprint, reading it and seeing that it is a match so unlocks the device. I don’t see how Apple could prevent this from happening other than by adding iris recognition so that in order to unlock the device you need both a fingerprint and an iris…

  • @dongiuj

    Didn’t idb report that the fingerprint censor needed a live finger to use it. So how is this explained? It’s
    Neither a live finger nor an actual finger…

    • Kartik Dhawan

      You know what?
      Go get a brain!
      There’s a live finger behind it which the sensor detects -.-

      • Josh

        Actually iDB reported: “the iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor uses radio frequency scanning to detect the sub-epidermal layers of your skin, a dynamic that requires the owner of the finger to be alive and attached to the finger being used.”, meaning this person’s question is perfectly valid. Check your facts before you call others out for not having a brain.

      • @dongiuj

        Wow! You’re not an annoying little boy, are you!
        Thanks for confirming that with your polite reply.

  • disqus_HYaXrnriLr

    Did the group claim the 16K prize that was being offered for this?

  • Dave

    A real test would be to hand someone the phone and say “here, unlock it”. Be a lot harder than what is shown in the video.

  • Sam ©

    so in order for them to ‘hack’ the Touch ID they needed a high res photo of the finger required? correct me if im wrong but in order to do this you would need to photograph the finger/s in question, wouldnt this require you to get close to the owner of the device or you would need to take the high res photo under duress either way surly it would just be easier to make the person i question just unlock the phone?

  • iOops

    I said it before, most of Apple’s marketing about how fool proof the TouchID is, is total bullsh.. I still love my 5s however.

    • Stefano

      I agree. But let’s be real, whose going to do this. More than that, it’s not as easy as described. Lol just makes me laugh.

  • Rehan Ahmed

    A while ago, I read an article(I don’t remember the source) which said that “Locks are for the Normal”. Basically, every household like security lock is hackable or breakable. For example, if you are locked out of your house, it takes barely five minutes for the locksmith to fix it. It’s just the extent to what you believe the thief(or the hacker in this case) is going to go.

    All your information is accessible to those who really want to access it i.e NSA, spies, FBI, Manufacturer(Apple), hardcore hackers. It’s just the effort one is going to put into breaking it that comes under concern. None of your friends would go through all the trouble mentioned above to just see the snapshots you got saved in your gallery or the messages you sent earlier. But if there is a big bug in the lockscreen(like Apple has in iOS 7) which lets users open up the gallery in a moment by just following a few simple steps, then it is a concern!

  • raymond U muogbo

    Seriously? if you have the time to take a hi-res of the victim’s finger, you might as well go ahead, using the finger too unlock the phone.

  • raymond U muogbo

    Seriously? if one has the time to patiently take a hi-res pix of the victim’s finger, you might as well have a go using the finger to unlock the phone.

  • FOFF

    nothing created by humans is fool proof to humans duh…lol silly humans

  • Whatever

    no, it was wrong because he hacked using his fingerprint and he put the copy of his fingerprint at his finger which the fingerprint is still transparent, which the touch id is the best things for secure still capture image of his copy also the real fingerprint. i can bet you for US$2000 for using copy of your fingerprint with someone finger, it wont open. have you tried it before you put it on youtube? sh1t?

  • Clement Yeo

    Saw some Japanese dude unlock their phone with nipples

  • J™

    how about using the toe?
    maybe that is foolproof

  • Byron C Mayes

    Geez! The thief could just sell the phone for crack money in less time than it would take to put this together. And he probably would.

  • Macdemon

    Who in their right mind is going to let complete strangers take photographs of their fingerprints without asking why???

    C’mon, that’s just being childish and pedantic.

    If you take an iPhone to the moon & back, the apparent ‘loss of gravitational forces’ will fool the accelerometer into thinking it’s falling, and it automatically unlock it. Yeah, right.

  • Fevostone

    Can anyone help me plz. Question when I get a message on my lock screen and I go to reply is there a will were I can reply without putting in my passcode first..? Like reply to message then me phone just locks again..? If ya no wot I mean LOL

    • Fevostone

      Way sorry.

  • GohWen Jian

    side track, Hmm maybe the Jailbreak community could make a cool tweak of the TouchID, since we can register all 10 fingers.
    I was thinking.. something like you can customize it,
    tumb – launch Facebook
    index finger – launch Twitter
    middle Finger – 9GAG
    and so on~(only applies after u unlock phone :D)

    Just a simple suggestion, it’s way faster than siri 🙂

  • xSim

    In a different thread on IDB it said that the sensor knows if the finger is attached to the body. Meaning, it knows if the person is alive. So i have no idea how this method even worked.