Looking for a way to protect that shiny new iPhone 5s you just purchased? What about your iPhone 5? Either way, if the answer is yes, you should definitely check out this new Spigen promotional bundle from Stack Social.

For a limited time, the deal site is offering the Tough Armor Case, the GLAS.t SLIM—which we reviewed back in March, and loved—and the Ultra Crystal Screen Protector at a significant discount. More details after the fold…

Here’s everything included in the package:

Tough Armor Case


Ultra Crystal screen protector

If this sounds familiar, it’s because we ran a similar Spigen bundle promotion back in July. And it was so popular that we had to run it again. This time around, you get the case and both screen protectors for just $36.99.

That’s 50% off the combined retail price of the 3 accessories ($74), or roughly the price of just the case by itself. So even if you don’t need the GLAS.t SLIM or the Crystal screen protector, it’s not a bad way to spend $37.

If you’re interested, you can purchase the bundle by clicking here. It looks like shipping is free for all US customers, and will run up to $50 for everyone else. And again, each product is compatible with both the iPhone 5 and 5s.

  • Tom Brady

    I am waiting for them to ship me my iPhone 5s and I really appreciate this site for holding me over with interesting news because I’d lose it waiting without y’all

  • chanpreet Singh

    @iDB where are you guys, it’s been two days since BBM for iPhone has been released. No updates from you guys? Surprised!

    • Lance Baker

      It hasn’t actually been released.

      • Ra

        It was released, but it got pulled out.

    • if it was news there would be a story about it

  • omrishtam

    can u do a comperasion between iphone 5 and 5s please? i do really like to see the difference and especially the graphics!

  • bllackghost

    Whats the difference between the GLAS.t Slim Screen Protection and the Ultra Crystal Screen Protector? and am I supposed to use them at the same time?

  • bllackghost

    what is the best Color for the case to use on iPhone 5 white ?! from the pictures i think “satin silver” but i don’t know it will be different when i use it in real!?

  • chumawumba

    I’m using a Spigen case designed for iPhone 5, and when I put it on my 5s, it fit perfectly. I thought the flash aperture would be too big, but it was perfect.


    How does the glas.t work with 5s? I’m not going to want to put a jelly button on because of touch id…